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  • COSMO COMPATIBILITY REPORT SAMPLE PAGE: This report is included in the Kepler program. Only about 5-8 pages long, this report compares the Sun signs and Moon signs, and interprets major aspects between 2 charts that involve an inner planet. Although short, this report focuses on some of the major issues in a realtionship, and is the same high quality text that is in the complete Compatibility Report. .


The Cosmo Compatibility Report for

Elizabeth Taylor


Michael Jackson

Data for Elizabeth Taylor: 
February 27, 1932 
2:15 AM               
London, England   
51 N 30     0 W 10  
Standard time observed 
Time Zone: 0 hours West  
Data for Michael Jackson:
August 29, 1958
11:53 PM
Gary, Indiana
41 N 35 36  87 W 20 47
Daylight Savings Time observed
TTime Zone: 6 hours West

Elizabeth's Sun in Pisces and Michael's Sun in Virgo:

 You are opposites in many ways, and yet you can be complementary. Michael is discriminating, precise, analytical, critical, and something of a perfectionist. Order, exactitude, and attention to details are important to Michael. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is more concerned with the overall feeling and can be quite lax, disorganized, and downright sloppy, compared to Michael. Elizabeth is also much less judgmental and difficult to please than Michael is. Elizabeth's accepting attitude can be very comforting to Michael, who tends to be too hard and self-critical. But Elizabeth's inability to set limits, stick to diets, budgets, or abide by rules in general may irritate Michael, especially if you two work closely together or live together. Both of you have a gentle and basically humble nature and you both need a lot of sympathetic understanding from friends. You can be excellent friends. Michael's clear factual reasoning ability balances Elizabeth's emotionalism, and Elizabeth's emotional sensitivity and compassion balance Michael's tendency to be too analytical.

Elizabeth's Moon in Scorpio and Michael's Moon in Pisces:

     You are both very intuitive and psychically receptive, and you sense what is going on inside others even when they try to hide it. You have a very sympathetic rapport with one another, and you may get so enmeshed with each other that it is hard for you to tell whether you are feeling your own emotions and responses, or those of your friend.

     Both of you are very, very sensitive, but the difference between you is this: Elizabeth will hold onto hurt feelings and may harbor unexpressed resentments, jealousies, secret fears, and guilt for a long, long time. Michael, on the other hand, is much more forgiving, tolerant, and ready to make excuses for the offender. Elizabeth is more of a fighter and wants to retaliate when injured; Michael is basically a peace-loving pacifist who would rather not create more conflict.

     Though you both feel very deeply, you may not be very articulate about your feelings and inner experiences. You share an affinity for music. Living near water would be beneficial for both of you.

Michael's Sun Conjunct Elizabeth's Neptune:

     You trigger one another's imagination and idealism. When it comes to practical matters and tangible, practical accomplishments, the two of you fail to coordinate effectively. Many times you fail to really understand each other, and it takes a long time for you to overcome superficial, stereotyped perceptions of each other.

Elizabeth's Sun Opposition Michael's Sun:

     Although the two of you have many basic differences in your personalities, you are, nevertheless, compatible and able to complement each other.

Michael's Sun Opposition Elizabeth's Mercury:

     Lively exchanges of ideas are common between the two of you. Fortunately, you understand each other well, but unfortunately you sometimes have opposite opinions and perspectives on an issue. Despite your differences, you work together very well in practical matters, planning, organizing, developing or communicating ideas, and your differing viewpoints are not likely to be a serious problem.

Michael's Sun Opposition Elizabeth's Mars:

     This is an active, energetic relationship and you can accomplish a great deal together. Be wary, however, of the tendency to butt heads when your combined dynamic energy makes you both feel impatient.

Elizabeth's Moon Square Michael's Venus:

     There is much warmth and kindness in this relationship and you are supportive and helpful to each other.  However, many times the expression of your affection or high regard for each other is frustrated by your differing tastes and values.  A classic example of this problem is one of you buying a birthday present for the other but unfortunately the present does not suit the taste and preferences of the one receiving it.

Elizabeth's Moon Square Michael's Uranus:

     The two of you can be eccentric and zany together.  You snap each other out of your usual habits and you act spontaneously and creatively.  Many times it is difficult for the two of you to focus on practical, mundane affairs together - you would rather spend your time together doing something more exciting and original.  This relationship follows an unpredictable course and you are likely to come together and then drift apart frequently and unexpectedly.

Elizabeth's Moon Trine Michael's Moon:

     Your moods, feelings, overall disposition, and personal tastes are very compatible and harmonious. There is a natural sympathy and appreciation that you share.

Michael's Moon Trine Elizabeth's Pluto:

     The two of you will grow to be very close friends.  You are able to really "feel" what the other is saying. For example, whether you are playing sports, watching a movie, or showing each other something you really like, you find that most often you can do it with an intensity and depth of feeling that you cannot express to most people.

Michael's Venus Conjunct Elizabeth's Jupiter:

     You enjoy each other's company immensely and you put each other in a happy mood. You make each other laugh and you feel very open, loose, and jovial around each other. There is a great deal of generosity between you, and you may benefit one another financially and materially as well as emotionally. A wonderful friendship!

Elizabeth's Venus Trine Michael's Venus:

     There is a beautiful flow of love between the two of you, and you are able to both give and receive affection, appreciation, and tenderness in this relationship. You enjoy the same pleasures and find it easy and natural to do those things that really please and make your friend happy. Your tastes in aesthetics is also very compatible.

Elizabeth's Venus Trine Michael's Saturn:

     There is a great deal of mutual trustworthiness, reliability, and responsibility in this relationship that makes you both feel that you can count on each other. You willingly make sacrifices for each other, and a deep friendship between you develops over time. You will assist each other a great deal over the years.

Elizabeth's Venus Trine Michael's Uranus:

     This is a lively, enthusiastic, exciting relationship. You feel very uninhibited with each other and are able to express yourselves freely with each other. If you both enjoy dancing, music, or similar sports, then you have found an excellent partner for these activities!

Elizabeth's Mars Opposition Michael's Pluto:

     There is a dynamism and energy in this relationship that can spur the two of you to work hard together towards a shared goal, but at times you are also likely to feel like adversaries. You can end up in bitter power struggles with each other, and feel like your friend is trying to manipulate you. To prevent these problems, you must be able to accept differences of opinion and differing goals and ambitions. Michael, especially, must avoid dominating or undermining Elizabeth's efforts. You can drive one another to extremes.

Elizabeth's Mars Trine Michael's Jupiter:

     The two of you form an effective, dynamic team in any venture or endeavor. You work together very well in accomplishing daily tasks, and it is likely that you will also successfully coordinate efforts on joint efforts as well. Michael provides the vision, the social contacts, and ideas, while Elizabeth provides energy, decisive will, and enthusiasm.

Elizabeth's Mars Trine Michael's Neptune:

     You enjoy watching movies, reading novels, discussing music and the arts, and pursuing religious or metaphysical areas together. You work well together in any area that involves a strong imaginative element. The spiritual bond between you is strong, and as you spend time together, your ideals and your sense of purpose in life becomes more refined and intertwined.

Michael's Mars Sextile Elizabeth's Pluto:

     You build one another's courage, and bring out the Hero in one another.  Together, you have an enormous amount of energy for working and accomplishing.  Elizabeth, especially, may drive or push Michael further than Michael could go or would want to go alone.

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