MEDSCAN: by Eileen Nauman. Optional Report Option of Kepler, Sirius or Pegasus: This reportinterprets elements balances, heavily aspected planets, and other astrological factor. Provides details about your health, including what vitamin and other defficiencies are likely. Homeopathic and nutritional recommendations are provided. Languages available: English, Spanish, Portuguese, & Russian


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Compatibility Report by Gina Ronco MEDSCAN SAMPLE PRINTOUT:

Medscan Interpretation for

Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967
12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia


Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Tendencies

NOTE: You will not be deficient in all the below. Instead, read
each deficiency and see if you have 2 or 3 of the symptoms. If
you do, then there is a possibility that you have a deficiency
in this vitamin or mineral. If you don't have any of the
deficiency symptoms, DON'T take the vitamin or mineral.



tiredness, loss of appetite, emotional instability, unexplained irritability, loss of mental alertness, labored breathing, cardiac damage eventually, erratic heart beat, bradycardia, cardiomegaly, ingestion, anorexia, severe and continued constipation, vague abdominal pains, stomach acidity, flatulence, heartburn, erosions and ulcers of the stomach, polyneuritis, neuritis (inflammation of nerve(s)), numbness or tingling of hands or feet, herpes zoster (shingles), cold sores or fever blisters, feet burn or itch painfully and iron-related anemia.

TOXICITY SYMPTOMS: none are known.

BEST SOURCE:  all tablet forms are synthetic and should be taken with meal for best absorption.



spongy gums, bleeding gums, pyorrhea, loose teeth, bruising easily, swollen joins, continual susceptibility to infections, fractured bones, anemia, respiratory or intestinal infections, wounds or broken bones that take a longtime to heal, nosebleeds, peptic ulcers, duodenal ulcers, erosion of hemoglobin that causes secondary anemia, or impaired adrenal exhaustion.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS:  diarrhea, skin rashes or burning sensation when one urinates. To halt: lower dose or frequency of taking the vitamin. Symptoms will disappear in 12-24 hours.

BEST SOURCE: rose hip or acerola cherries. A synthetic ascorbic form may be considered since it's not as acidic as the natural forms. Take with meals for best absorption.


easy bruising of skin, skin may be pale pink, splotchy red or purplish, general swelling in that area beneath skin, problems with bleeding, wound takes longer than usual to heal, irregular menstrual flow or pain associated with loss of blood.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS:   none are known.

BEST SOURCE:   several good natural sources in tablet form or can eat white inner flesh of any citrus fruit to obtain.


decreased blood clotting time, excessive bleeding in muscles, colon or other organs, susceptibility to bruising, nosebleeds, miscarriages, anemia, intestinal disorders such as diarrhea or colitis.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS:  synthetic vitamin K can be toxic at 30 mgs. Will experience flushing, sweating and chest constrictions. See a doctor immediately. Natural Vitamin K has no toxic side- effects.

BEST SOURCE:  K-1 and K-2 are derived from natural sources. K-3 through K-7 are synthetic sources. See a doctor for a prescription.


(sold by prescription only in U.S.) fatigue, general irritableness, headaches, depression, digestive disorders, constipation, eczema or aging of skin, pigmentation change in skin or vitiligo.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS:   no toxicity level has been established although some researchers feel high doses may negatively affect heart, kidneys and liver. Symptoms are nausea and vomiting. Cannot be gotten without a prescription because PABA interferes with any sulfa drugs being currently taken and neutralizes the drug in the body.

BEST SOURCE:   doctor's prescription only.


restlessness, nervousness, tremors of hands, muscle cramps, numbness or tingling of extremities, heart may race or palpitate erratically, stunted growth in children, wandering or crossing eyes in baby or children, rickets in children, osteoporosis, teeth problems, slow blood clotting time, insomnia, lack of courage or will power to live, difficulty in thinking or completing thoughts, forgetfulness, brooding, depression, afternoon headaches, sighing, excess saliva in mouth (particularly in babies), cramping of toes at night, or inability to relax. Low calcium levels may be linked with TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) in women.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS:  has not been established; may include calcium deposits settling in organs. It is also hypothesized that calcium tablets for the older people with high cholesterol may create a situation where a piece of the cholesterol clinging to the side of an artery make 'flake off' and then cause a stroke. People who have high cholesterol should first consult health practitioner before taking any amount of calcium.

BEST SOURCE: Vitamin D should always be taken with any kind of Calcium so that it is absorbed properly. There are many natural forms of Calcium available; perhaps one of the best is Dolomite, a combination of Calcium/Magnesium.


poor tooth development and subsequent decay.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS:   2-8 mgs. of fluorine will cause fluorosis (tooth enamel discoloration), calcification of muscle ligaments, uncontrolled new bone growth. To halt: stop taking. Poisoning can occur at 500 ppm.

BEST SOURCE:   naturally hard water.


problems with cartilage formations, stiffening and aching joints, hair becomes dry and dull. Fingernails split or break off easily, never growing t any length. Back and disc problems, or hardening of those discs, wounds take a long time to heal properly, recuperation takes longer, or skin ailments such as dermatitis.

TOXIC SYMPTOMS:  no known toxicity level although physician should be contacted before taking. Sulfur is available by prescription only in U.S.; although it can be bought over-the-counter in Canada.

BEST SOURCE: molasses (if not hypoglycemic or diabetic) and cocoa.

Quadruplicity and Triplicity

Earth Sign Emphasis:  (Score of 3,5,4,0)

Generally, you rarely get sick; but when you do, it's usually a chronic ailment that will take a long time to reverse and recover from. The reason why you rarely get sick is because you have the strength to control your emotions and bury them deeply within you. However, don't be fooled: old negative emotions consisting of anger, bitterness, hurt, etc.., will raise its head in the form of a physical manifestation commonly known as illness. And the more backlog of 'garbage can' emotions there is, the more apt you are to contract a long-term illness. There's a simple remedy to this situation: when your emotions are stung, express them immediately. Don't swallow them and pretend they don't exist. Learn how to communicate your powerful backlog of feelings to the other party in a positive way; not a negative one. There is also something healing about having a lot of living green plants around you or the earth in your hands or beneath your feet.

Your diet may suffer from being quite humdrum; more meat and potatoes than anything else, unfortunately. Try to add whole grains/fresh or lightly steamed vegetables because you need the extra fiber and roughage! You can derive healing energy by simply walking across green grass, or through a park or field. The link between you and Mother Earth is strong and unbroken. For good metal health, a small garden, a few potted plants around the house or office, is suggested. Flowers and green plants are your companions which help you relax. You're not one to go in for a lot of violent exercise or many sports; instead, puttering in a garden or flower bed or a walk is the extent of your type of exercise. Fresh air, sunshine, your plant kingdom and the earth beneath your feet will all benefit you for maximum health.

Fixed Sign Emphasis:  (Score of 4.70,4.00,3)

By nature, you need to eat meat. You're not vegetarian or fruitarian material. What kind of meat is important. Beef, pork, lamb, mutton and veal should be avoided. Oh, a steak once a month, is fine. However, 'heavy' meat such as these are very high in fat content and therefore, can give you high cholesterol. Not only that, but heavy meat is hard for the stomach to digest completely and that can cause fecal matter to begin to collect by the pound, in your colon, triggering ailments concerned with the colon, heart, eyes and thyroid in later years.

If you insist upon being a vegetarian by philosophy, then adding grains to your diet is an absolute must. You'll run a high chance of contracting pernicious anemia because you're not getting adequate B-12 from natural sources. Of course, a big source of B-12 is through meat. Just be aware of this glitch if you are a vegetarian.

The types of meat that are more palatable for the stomach to digest are: chicken, turkey/fowl of any kind and sea foods. And having meat 3-4 times a week is plenty! You don't need it everyday or health problems will crop up in mid-life; around age 42-49. Be sure to add a lot of fresh or lightly steamed vegetables to your diet and whole grains on a daily basis. By nature, you're not a fruit eater, so be aware of this and try to nibble on a piece of fresh fruit occasionally--it is a big source of Vitamin C; which everyone needs.

Your diet may become very 'meat and potatoes-like' if you aren't careful. You're not one to try many new things when the old foods that you like are always there; be careful. As you grow and mature, your body is going to want different foods at different times--try to be aware of these subtle changes. For instance, in your 20's and 30's, you may have had a very heavy meat diet with lots of carbohydrates. In your 40's, your body changes and slows down--you don't need that high requirement of meat and/or carbohydrates as before. Instead, the body will want 'lighter' foods such as grains, fresh/lightly steamed vegetables and maybe even a few more bits of fresh fruit than before. By the time your in your 50's +, your diet should be shifting to meat 2-3 times a week at the most, low in starches, high in fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains for optimum health.

Your worst enemy for illness is yourself because you tend to hold in pent up hurts, anger, frustration and so on, deep inside yourself. Don't bury and ignore these emotions. Yes, you have powerful control and are able to bury them; but they aren't dead. They're just lying back there simmering and waiting. Waiting to come out and ravage your physical body because you refused to release or express them at an earlier time. As a consequence, you get long-term or chronic ailments in mid- to late-life. Chances are, you were healthy as a horse from childhood on, with a few acute ailments cropping up now and then--but nothing really serious or debilitating. It will all catch up with you mid-life. This is why so many people have heart attacks 42-49 or contract some other disease during that time frame. Don't be one of them. It's easy to short-circuit this potential by getting counseling or therapy to help release this backlog of stored negative emotions. If you have been venting your powerful range of feelings over the years, you have nothing to fear in terms of disease or chronic ailments come mid-late life. The other is to moderate the type of meat you eat and how often you consume it plus the addition of many fresh/steamed vegetables and whole grains to your diet.

Influences of Planetary Aspects

    Listed below are the effects of various planetary aspects on the
health of this individual.

Sun Conjunct Mercury:

May have nervous tension that can be helped with homeopathic remedy Calm's Forte or B-1.

    and Sun and Mercury in Scorpio:

Possible bladder infections or cystitis helped with Vitamin A and/or potassium.

    and Sun in Scorpio Hard Sat, Ura, Nep, or Plu:

Possible Thyroid disorder.

Sun Hard Saturn:

Potential ailments revolving around bones, teeth or skin. Possible calcium stones. Deficiency in Vitamin D which will cause calcium leaching from bones, making bones brittle, cause skin ailments, osteomalacia, arthritis or rheumatism. Insufficient calcium and magnesium can cause hypoparathyroidism. Insomnia without calcium/magnesium. Cartilage and stiffening of joints due to lack of Vitamin A and D.

Moon Hard Neptune:

Potentially extreme sensitivity to any drugs taken. Very low tolerance to alcoholic products. Half doses of any drug should be considered instead of 'normal' dose due to body sensitivity. Possible loss of potassium if diuretics are used. For women, infections of a viral/bacterial/parasite nature and misdiagnosis of reproductive or bladder/urinary area. You may have a Candida fungus problem; be sure to get tested by a doctor for this as Candida creates many unrelated ailments such as swelling of feet/hands/abdomen, fungus-type infections of the nails, skin or vagina, severe and sudden allergies. There is a test available to see if you have it. If you do, homeopathic remedies can treat. Get a second opinion. B-2 will help vaginitis. Stressed emotions will lower immune system and allergies may crop up. Pantothenic acid will help. Swelling of lymph glands or lumps in them; for women in breast region, particularly. Drinking of coffee may cause cysts or fibroid tumors in breasts of female.

Moon Hard Neptune, and Moon or Neptune in Scorpio:

Potential infections involving reproductive or colon area.

Mercury Hard Saturn:

Possible chronic problems involving the nerves. May be helped with B-1 or Calcium. Skin disorders which may be helped with Vitamin A, E or F. Teeth sensitive to hot/cold if not enough B-1.

Mercury Hard Neptune:

A possible B-1 deficiency which goes undetected. Nerve related problems which are misdiagnosed. Get a second opinion. Nervous exhaustion which can be helped with pantothenic acid aiding the adrenal glands during a stress period. Weak nerve synapses. Infection of the nerves or nervous system.

Mercury Hard Neptune, Neptune in Taurus or Scorpio:

Potential general weakness of the thyroid due or lack of enough B- 1.

Venus Hard Uranus:

Potentially, a sporadic need of niacin; especially in high stress situations. Check symptoms. Blood pressure and the entire circulatory system including the heart may need Vitamin E during periods of stress. Check symptoms. Sudden craving for sugar products during high stress--don't over eat or up and down weight gains are a potential.

Venus Hard Uranus, Uranus in Virgo or Pisces:

Possible sugar problems involving the pancreas. Hypoglycemia or diabetes. May be caused by a blow to that area of the body or via an accident to trigger it.

Venus Hard Pluto:

Abnormal need for Vitamin E or niacin. Check symptoms. Endocrine problems in ovaries/reproductive area or testes. For woman, menstrual difficulties that may be helped with Vitamin E of, if profuse bleeding, the cell salt, Kali. Mur. will control. Possible sugar problems: from binging on sugar to ailments such as hypoglycemia or diabetes. Weight gain due to eating of too many sugar products. Chronic vein-related problems; varicose veins that can be helped with Vitamin E and F.

Mars Hard Saturn:

Blood ailments possible. Blood clots can be helped with Vitamin C and E. Anemia can be helped with Vitamin C, folic acid or B- 12. Bone and teeth problems due to lack of calcium availability. Easy bleeder may need more natural Vitamin K. Chronic muscle problems that may be helped with Vitamin C and/or calcium. Loss of hair due to lack of Vitamin F.

Mars and Sun Hard Saturn:

Lack of Vitamin D may precipitate calcium deficiencies which will cause bone and teeth problems. A calcium-phosphorus imbalance may create acidosis. Possible adrenal exhaustion due to lack of sodium in body.

Mars Hard Saturn, Mars in Capricorn:

Gallbladder inflammation maybe helped with Vitamin F or lecithin. Knee inflammation.

Jupiter Hard Saturn:

A possible problem in assimilating or absorbing vitamins or minerals from a pill source. Poor absorption of any synthetic vitamins and/or minerals in particular. Liver ailments such as jaundice or sugar-related problems as hypoglycemia. Skin, bones and teeth may suffer and calcium and/or Vitamin D is needed to help. Bone growth stunted in children if deficient in zinc. Lack of lecithin could inhibit fat metabolism and create digestive disturbances involving gallbladder and/or liver.

Jupiter Hard Saturn, Saturn in Aries or Libra:

Possible calcium stone deposit in a kidney. Vitamin A may help.

Uranus Hard Pluto:

Possible severe deficiency in orotic acid; but only in regards to nerve-related ailments. Check deficiency symptoms. Endocrine gland(s) may dysfunction suddenly due to accident or blow to that area of the body. Or endocrine gland may dysfunction due to severe stress placed upon you. Severe stress of a sudden nature may test nervous system structure. Try Calm's Forte, a homeopathic remedy, to feed nerves during that period of time in order to relax. Possible severe accident which may change life. Be sure to vent emotions outward and in a positive manner if possible.

Uranus Hard Pluto, Uranus in Virgo or Pisces:

Possible pancreas dysfunction which may trigger hypoglycemia or diabetes. Severe small intestine problems such a diarrhea or colitis due to 'nerves' and stress. Irritable bowel syndrome possible.

Influences of Midpoint Structures

A midpoint can be either an occupied or an unoccupied space between two other planets; it is the exact number of degrees between the bordering, or bracketing, planets. In Uranian astrology as well as in cosmobiology a midpoint structure within a very small orb-usually no more than two degrees if the Sun or Moon is involved and one to one and a half degrees for any other planet-is an astrological phenomenon that can affect a person psychologically and/or physically. A planet conjunct or opposition the midpoint is more powerful than a planet aspecting the midpoint by square aspect or other aspect, and a larger orb is allowed for these aspects. The middle point between the bracketing natal planets sets up a harmony or vibration; and when a natal planet, progression or transit "hits" that midpoint, the chord is struck and the vibration energizes into a physical; mental or emotional manifestation.

A yod, consisting of two planets sextile and inconjunct a third planet, is simply a midpoint structure, with the inconjunct planet sitting in the middle of the other sextile planets. For years astrologers have known that planets progressing or transiting that inconjunct planet or in opposition to it can cause many medical problems. A midpoint, too, is most activated by a conjunction or opposition.

Following are midpoint structures normally thought of as the most important in terms of health. The midpoint planet may either be natal or progressed, or another progressed planet may activate the configuration. A note of caution: one picture does not an ailment make. Midpoints, whether they are in a natal chart or on a 90-degree dial, are only part of the overall view. The presence of one medically suspect midpoint structure does not necessarily mean a person will contract a sickness. It takes further correlation in the chart to diagnose an illness accurately. The midpoint structures below are the most important ones from a medical astrology point of view: the only aspects used in these midpoint structures are conjunctions and oppositions and the allowable orb is 2 degrees.

Sun Conjunct Mars/Jupiter:

This midpoint structure could indicate birth, especially if progressed Cupido, Zeus or Uranus is present at the midpoint.

Mercury Conjunct Sun/Neptune:

Misdiagnosis is possible with this configuration: the possible root problem may be a nervous disorder or a hypo functioning thyroid gland. A person with this midpoint structure in a chart will probably be easily influenced, with a tendency to empathize with other sick individuals. So, for best recuperation, he or she should be placed with confident patients. Under the proper circumstances, such a person can probably be encouraged into getting well. Placebos may also work well.

Mercury Conjunct Mars/Uranus:

A person with this midpoint structure in a chart may be high-strung or continually nervous: the root cause may be a hyperthyroid. Progressed Saturn or Hades at the midpoint may indicate chronic nerve degeneration; progressed Admetos at the midpoint could trigger a nerve ailment that might remain hidden for years, with few symptoms that a doctor could diagnose.

Mercury Conjunct Mars/Pluto:

Major endocrine disorders involving the thyroid or adrenal glands are possible: malfunction may begin when progressed Saturn or Hades is at the midpoint. There may also be chronic nerve disorders brought on by excessive work or stress.

Venus Conjunct Uranus/Zeus:

Conception is possible with this configuration. (Some sources believe the child will be female.)

Mars Opposition Moon/Hades:

This midpoint structure can indicate ailments involving the reproductive organs. A hysterectomy is possible with progressed Uranus at the midpoint. Tubal pregnancy is another possibility.

Mars Opposition Saturn/Uranus:

This is one of the most active midpoint structures, indicative of major accidents. It can also imply sudden injury or operation with progressions of the Sun, Zeus or Hades to the midpoint.

Mars Opposition Zeus/Admetos:

Conception may occur without a woman's knowledge with this combination.

Mars Opposition Admetos/Zeus:

This midpoint structure may bring on sudden blockage or stoppage in the tubes of the body, including the arteries or veins.

Jupiter Conjunct Moon/Zeus:

Conception is possible when progressed Venus or Cupido is at the midpoint.

Saturn Opposition Sun/Zeus:

Progressed Cupido at the midpoint may indicate a difficult delivery.

Saturn Opposition Moon/Neptune:

Suppressed emotional reactions may suddenly manifest in the form of an accident or injury with this midpoint structure, particularly if progressed Mars is at the midpoint.

Saturn Opposition Moon/Neptune:

A woman with this midpoint structure in her chart may have a weak reproductive system. Furthermore, she may become sick because she has a low threshold for anxiety, worry or environmental pressures: she probably cannot take a great deal of stress or her body will succumb to poor health. This configuration also hints at depression, insomnia and pessimism. A person will probably be ultra sensitive to surroundings and should be in a positive environment for best results.

Hades Opposition Mars/Uranus:

Severe injury because of an unexpected accident, complications during surgery and the poor outcome of an operation are all possible with this midpoint structure.

Zeus Opposition Mars/Hades:

A person with this combination in a chart may be unable to conceive children. Progressed Saturn at the midpoint may indicate severe injury from auto accidents, guns or fires.

Admetos Opposition Mars/Jupiter:

With this midpoint structure problems during pregnancy, such as a miscarriage, complications during delivery or a premature baby, may occur.

Vulcanus Conjunct Saturn/Uranus:

A person with this midpoint structure in a chart may have to remain hospitalized because of injuries sustained.

General Lifetime Health Pattern

NATAL SATURN, URANUS AND NEPTUNE in your chart at the time you were born will indicate where POTENTIAL health ailments may arise. You will NOT have all of them listed below; usually only one possible ailment from one of the planets; sometimes an ailment from two of the below planets. But never from all three planets. It is necessary to list all the potential areas ruled by that planet and sign because different people can get different ailments from that planet and sign. Remember, good health can be achieved by releasing negative feelings such as anger and frustration, protecting yourself against too much stress and eating properly.

NOTE:  Sometimes, people will take on an ailment from the opposite polarity sign instead of their own sign. Read BY OPPOSITE POLARITY and check to see if you have had any of these in the past or are presently experiencing one of them.

If you have not had or presently have any of the below symptoms or ailments this means that the way you are living and eating is healthy for you. There is a small percentage of people who will not have had any of the below listed. Remember, these are potential health problems and if you're living your life correctly for yourself, none of them will appear.

Saturn in Aries or Libra:

Possible constriction or lack of blood to the head may cause headaches or dizziness. Small blood vessels may restrict amount of blood to head can cause a sense of dullness, loss of memory or apathy mentally. Earaches and/or deafness. BY OPPOSITE polarity: Possible problems involving clogged kidneys (with sediment, mucous or dead cell debris or cholesterol deposits) with seeming disassociated symptoms such as headaches, skin ailments misdiagnosed such as dermatitis, etc., allergies, bladder infections, kidney infections, high white blood count, a low grade fever comes and goes for no explicable reason, immune system becomes weak and bouts with colds/flu result, organic stress on the adrenal glands can force them into an exhaustion phase, as a result, heart must pump harder because blood is toxic with waste that hasn't been gotten rid of by kidneys, unexplained attacks of dizziness, forgetfulness, loss of memory, water retention in extremities, low blood pressure originating from a kidney source; kidney tubules clogged and excess water cannot leave the body, causing edema. Small kidneys or kidney related complaints which might include bladder or kidney infections (especially in women).

Uranus in Virgo or Pisces:

Possible onset of diabetes or hypoglycemia because of sudden stress--check liver and pancreas. Intermittent sugar problems. Spasms and cramping in intestinal tract. Twisting or telescoping of intestines. BY OPPOSITE POLARITY: unpredictable sugar problems; spasmodic release of insulin because of stress. Foot deformity or cramping/spasms of muscles in feet. Unexplained or sudden swelling or lumps in lymph glands--see a doctor, try massage and vegetable/fruit diet to help.

Neptune in Taurus or Scorpio:

Possible weak thyroid function will turn sluggish over a long, unsuspecting period of time. Test to find out. Weak voice or voice gives out after little use; hoarseness. IN OPPOSITE POLARITY: Possible weak colon and sluggish peristalsis can add up to constipation which can be helped with a high fiber/roughage diet. Sluggish thyroid condition, weaken heart action, high white blood cells count, anemia, weak female reproductive organs and low sperm count in males. In women, infections involving the reproductive organs. Infections involving the bladder.

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