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The videos listed below show you how the Sirius program works.

We highly recommend watching the first video. It shows you the layout of the program and how the user interface works. Kepler works the same way and in the tutorial some of the features that are not implemented as fully or as nicely in Kepler are mentioned, such as the Page Designer. However, at least 80% of the concepts shown in this tutorial apply to Kepler as well.

The other videos address more specific issues and topics. These videos teach astrology as well as how to use our software.

As you will see as you watch the videos, they are engaging and keep your attention. The information is presented in a clear manner and many tricks, tips, and details are given that you may not be aware of whether you are currently a user of our software or not. Warning: If you do not own our software, you may get so inspired, excited, and enthusiastic about what you can do with Sirius that you may feel the need to purchase it immediately! :) Click here to purchase the Sirius program.

Seriously, the dedication, perseverance, and brilliant work of our team of astrologers shines through very clearly in these video tutorials.

One thing that makes these video tutorials so good is the person who is giving them: David Cochrane. David is the founder of Cosmic Patterns Software, the head computer programmer, and simply one of the most brilliant people in the field of astrology. His breadth of knowledge is staggering and his ability to explain ideas simply and directly is a blessing. He is a genius and a genius who can convey ideas very simply and directly, a rare and marvelous combination.

We will continue to put links to more video tutorials on this website page so you may want to return to this page periodically. Also, let us know if there is a topic that you would like a tutorial on.

Lastly, we are deeply appreciative of your support. When you purchase our software, you make this work possible. None of us at Cosmic Patterns Software is wealthy and we put your hard-earned dollars to good use. We work hard, strive to provide you the best customer service, and simply do everything possible to provide the world's best astrology software. Our expenses in order to achieve this are high so we must charge a reasonable price for the software, but I think you will agree that the result is worth it: Simply Wonderful Astrology Software!

You can follow us on twitter at to keep posted on new developments. Please Like our Facebook page as this will help spread the word about our company and software. Thank you!

LINKS TO VIDEO TUTORIALS: Click here to view Sirius video tutorials by categories

  1. SIRIUS Superb Astrology Software: Introduction, the User Interface: The layout of the windows and the user interface are explained. We highly recommend watching this video before watching the ones below because this video shows the basics of how Kepler and Sirius work

  2. SIRIUS Astrology Software: Prediction with Transits: There are a huge number of features for forecasting in Sirius. The timeline format is the primary one that most astrologers use. This video explains many of the options available in the timeline format. Different options are important to different astrologers depending on your particular interests in astrology and the methods you find most interesting.

  3. SIRIUS Astrology Software: Advanced Prediction Methods with Transits and Progressions. Some exciting advanced features in the timeline forecast that were not covered in video #2. The use of midpoints, phase angles, and composite charts in forecasting are discussed. Also explained is how a listing of secondary progressed highlights can be used in conjunction with the timeline feature.

  4. SIRIUS Astrology Software: Composite Charts and Phase Angles in Astrological Forecasting: This tutorial is mostly an explanation of the theory and fascinating sacred geometry that suggests that composite chart conjunctions and oppositions and same phase angles have a very powerful effect. This video can be of interest to people interested in geometry as well as astrology. David Cochrane and some other astrologers have found these astrological influences are indeed very powerful and quantitative research is being conducted to evaluate these forecasting methods.

  5. SIRIUS Astrology Software: Forecasting with Primary Directions. Primary Directions were one of the most popular methods for forecasting for over a thousand years. Brilliant mathematicians and scientists like Gerolamo Cardano and Johannes Kepler made important contributions to the theory of primary directions. This forecasting method fell out of favor in modern times most likely due to the detailed calculations involved. Now with cutting edge computer software we can calculate and work with primary directions very easily.

    Van Dam primary directions were developed by Dutch astrologer Wim Van Dam. Many astrologers have found that Van Dam's primary directions are very accurate and technical astrologers have praised the theory behind these directions. We will devote a separate entire video to Van Dam primary directions.

  6. SIRIUS Astrology Software: The World's Most Accurate Daylight Saving Time Tables: Astrology software does not always calculate a chart correctly. This may come as a surprise to some astrologers because there are issues that are often ignored and avoided by astrologers. In this video we describe how our software programmers have gone the extra mile and done the tedious work of ensuring that Kepler and Sirius are the most reliable and trustworthy astrology programs in the world.


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