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Kepler Features in alphabetical order!!!

Kepler can be used by people with any level of experience, from novice to professional. Although this may sound impossible, we have made it possible by having well organized menus; novices can stick to the basics, and experts use the advanced features.

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  • 90° Dial:Learn More >
    • Regular
    • BiWheel
    • TiWheel
    • Quadwheel
    • Clearly marked and accurate placement in dial ruler.
  • Angular Distance Table
  • Ancient Western: Essential Dignities & Planetary Hours
    • Ancient Western Firdaria (new in version 7)
  • Antiscia, and Contra Antiscia Charts & Listings
  • Arabic Parts Listing
  • Arc Transform Chart
  • Art Gallery: Hundreds of Astrological Graphics
  • Art Wheels: Chart Wheels that look like works of artLearn More >
  • Ascendant:Learn More >
    • rotate the chart to put any planet or midpoint on the ascendant
  • Aspects and/or Midpoints Between Charts
  • Aspect Listings with Moon Details (VOC included)
  • Assumptionless Research
  • Asteroids:
    • 4 Major Asteroids and Chiron can be put in Wheel
    • 1000 other asteroid positions are in a list
    • An option to buy 38,000 more asteroids
  • Asteroids Wheels (new in version 7)Learn More >
  • AstroFontsLearn More >
  • AstroClock:
    • You can view the current positions of the planets in real time with Kepler's AstroClock feature. You can select the place so that it calculates an AstroClock wherever you are.
  • AstroMaps: Learn More >
    • Maps of any geographic area of the world with lines drawn through them which indicate areas of astrological sensitivity. Treasure Maps, local space maps, horizon maps, geodetic maps, and zodiac sign maps. Zodiac sign maps are AstroMaps that show where the zodiac sign of the Ascendant and MC change. A horizon map is a slight variation of a local space map; the horizon map plots the actual house cusps whereas in a local space map house Asc lines are drawn due east-west and the MC lines are drawn due north-south. The planet lines in a horizon map and local space map are identical. We also added the ability to print an AstroMap in larger sizes, with the information at the top and bottom in smaller type, and we added the ability to select the color of the water and land.
    • Geodetic Maps:
    • Horizon MapsLearn More >
    • Local Space MapsLearn More >
    • Zodiac Sign Maps:Learn More >
      • AstroMaps that show where the zodiac sign of the Ascendant and MC change.
    • AstroMaps with or without orbs
    • AstroMaps with blue-shaded orbs
    • AstroMaps calculated in longitude or in mundo
    • Asteroids, midpoints, and minor aspects can be included if desired
    • Flexible and easy to use
    • Zoom in and zoom out feature
    • Select any city and put it in the middle of the mapLearn More >
      • Options that can be included:
        • 4 Major Asteroids
        • Chiron
        • Major Aspects
        • Minor Aspects
        • Midpoints
    • Treasure Maps (a Unique and Exciting Feature):Learn More >
    • Set a default place to use in AstroMap
  • AstroSignature
  • Atlas:
    • Kepler comes with a complete atlas of the world with over 260,00 cities. easy-to-use: type in upper or lower case, see cities as you type, and narrow the search for a specific country or state desired. The time zone and daylight savings time information is complete and up-to-date; every year some countries change laws regarding daylightr savings time, and these changes are entered into our tables. This is absolutely necessary in order to calculate a chart accurately!
  • Ayanamsha:
    • Fagan-Bradley, Lahiri, Sri Yukteswar, Raman, JN Bhasin, De Luce, Ushashashi, Krishnamurti, Djwhal Khool, Yukteshwar, Babylonian, Kugler 1, Babylonian, Kugler 2, Babylonian, Kugler 3, Babylonian, Mercier, Babylunian, Huber, Aldebaran at 15 Taurus, Hipparchos, Sassanian, Galactic Center on 0 Sagittarius, J2000, J1900, B1950, Customized Value
  • Azimuth-Altitude
  • Chart Wheels:
    • Dozens of chart wheel styles with hundreds of variations to choose from!
    • Regular Wheel
    • BiWheel:
      • Any 2 charts (natal, progressed, return, etc. of same person or different people)
    • TriWheel:
      • Any 3 charts (natal progressed, return, etc. of same person or different people)
    • QuadWheel:
      • Any 4 charts (natal progressed, return, etc. of same person or different people)
    • 2, 3, or 4 wheels on one page or screen
    • Re-design and customize chart wheels.
    • Choice of colors, including ability to 50 pre-set exciting color schemes or
      create your ownLearn More >
    • Save chart wheels to file in BMP, PNG, PCX, GIF, TIF, and JPG format
    • Different wheel styles. Smaller wheel styles have grid explanations, etc.
    • Many options for how planets are placed in the wheel, font sizes, etc.
    • Heliocentric, altitude-azimuth, 90 degree dial, harmonic chart, and many other options
    • Place graphic images in background, change fonts, etc.
    • Many options like "out-to-in" placement of planets in wheel etc.
    • Print or view any chart wheel style in Portrait or Landscape format
    • Flexible Chart Wheels:
      • Wheel and other items in printout can be resized, moved, given different colors, change fonts and size, etc.
  • CoAscendant in chart wheel
  • Comparison Chart
  • Compatibility Profile Scores
  • Composite:
    • Asc Midpoint
    • MC Midpoint
    • Derived Asc
    • DavidsonTime-Space
  • Coordinate Systems: (some are new in version 7)
    • Normal (Zodiacal Longitude)
    • Heliocentric
    • Horizon
    • Azimuth
    • Horizon
    • Right Ascension
    • Mundoscope (prime vertical chart)
    • Declination Longitude Equivalent
    • Declination Longitude Equivalent Antiscia
    • Declination Long. Equivalent Contra Antiscia
    • Normal (not adjusted)
    • Draconic Mean Node
    • Draconic True Node
    • Tobey Secondary
    • Antiscia Chart
    • Contra Antiscia Chart
    • Dwadasamsa
    • Sun Zodiac Chart (Sun=0 Aries)
    • Moon Zodiac Chart (Moon=0 Aries)
    • Mercury Zodiac Chart (Mercury =0 Aries)
    • Venus Zodiac Chart (Venus=0 Aries)
    • Mars Zodiac Chart (Mars=0 Aries)
    • Jupiter Zodiac Chart (Jupiter =0 Aries)
    • Saturn Zodiac Chart (Saturn=0 Aries)
    • Uranus Zodiac Chart (Uranus=0 Aries)
    • Neptune Zodiac Chart (Neptune=0 Aries)
    • Pluto Zodiac Chart (Pluto=0 Aries)
    • Ascendant Zodiac Chart (Asc.=0 Aries)
    • House Zodiac Chart
  • Customer Support:
    • We provide fast, efficient service and excellent customer support. Virtually all of our customers are extremely pleased with both the performance of our software products and the level of assistance that we provide. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern time. If you cannot call us for customer support during our office hours let us know. We can set an appointment for you to call us off hours.
  • Data Collection:
    • A data collection of over 18,000 charts (people, businesses, earthquakes, athletes, etc.) is included.
  • Day-for-a-year Ingresses Rx/Direct
  • Degree Meanings
  • Declinations:
    • Transit to natal declinations, and progressed to natal declinations, and a list of declination positions in the chart wheel, as well as the parallels of declination. You can also obtain midpoint structures in declination and a graphic ephemeris in declination.
  • Draconic Chart
  • Dwadasamsa Chart
  • Email directly from KeplerLearn More >
  • Ease of Use:
    • While you enter the person's name (or place of birth), a list of names (or places) to select from automatically appears - no hunting around or pressing keys to tell Kepler to look up the data.
    • Handy features like the ability to remove the listing of famous charts so you can see only your own with 2 mouse clicks make using the program fun and easy.
    • Just do what you need to do: for example suppose you need to change the spelling of a person's name that has been saved on disk; all you do is change the spelling and the database is updated for you. Removing data is just as easy.
    • When entering the place of birth, you can simply begin entering the place, and then you also have the option to narrow the listing of cities to one country or state, a useful feature when you are unsure of the correct spelling.
    • Any printout being viewed on the screen can be printed by simply clicking the "Print This Screen" button. See also the discussion of "batch mode" and "interactive mode" above for more information on this.
    • If you are pre-selecting printouts ("batch mode") and need to un-select a printout, just un-check the box.
    • Seemingly complex requests like a BiWheel with Jack's natal chart in the center and Jill's progressed chart on the outside is very easy to do.
    • Visual previews that show you the AstroMap, wheel style or wheel feature that you are selecting make it easy to get exactly the printout desired before you view or print it.
    • Customize a wheel while you select it, and also make these selections the new default if you like.
    • Easy Conversion of Old Style Calendar (Julian) to New Style Calendar (Gregorian).
    • Edit the text in an interpretive report.
    • Translate an interpretive report into other languages.
    • Create your own interpretive report.
  • Education:
  • Electional Astrology
  • Electional / AstroSignature Forecast of 1 Chart
  • Eclipses indicated in transit-to-natal printoutsLearn More >
  • Eclipse Maps:Learn More >
    • Date and time, as well as eclipse path, is displayed.
    • Ability to display more than one eclipse path on a map
  • Eclipse, Lunation, and Ingress Charts
  • Educational and Learning: Avalon Lessons
  • Encyclopedia
  • Essential Dignities & Planetary Hours Table
  • Ephemeris:
    • Listing of planet positions for the time period desired.
    • Select tropical/sidereal, asteroids, transneptunian, etc.
    • Ephemeris Tables of Planets and/or Asteroids
  • Financial Astrology:
    • Graph financial data, such as stocks or commodities. Import financial data purchased from data providers. Automatically pick out and save in a file high and low days. Produce a gold price forecast and a silver price forecast. Use Kepler research tools to create forecasts for other comodities. Designed specifically for index and comodity forecasts (stock forecast are not available yet)
  • Fixed Stars
    • Fixed Stars Wheels (new in version 7)Learn More >
    • Gauquelin Sector (new in version 7)
  • FlexibilityLearn More >
  • ForecastLearn More >
  • Graphic EphemerisLearn More >
    • Natal, transiting, secondary progressed, and/or
    • solar arc positions can be combined together
    • Color coded lines help identify which charts are involved in an aspect
    • Customize by selecting planets, line thickness, and other options
    • Use Longitude, Declination, and Latitude positions
  • Graphics LibraryLearn More >
  • Harmonic charts, listings, or harmonic aspects, and harmonic patterns
  • Heliocentric wheel and other calculations
  • Horizon Chart
  • House Systems:
    • Now have 16 to choose from
      • Campanus
      • Equal
      • Koch
      • Meridian
      • Morinus
      • Porphyry
      • Regiomantanus
      • Sun-on-Ascendant
      • Topocentric
      • Placidus
      • Zero Aries
      • Planet on Ascendant
      • Whole Sign
      • Geodetic
      • Alcabitius
      • Neoporph
  • House System Comparison
  • Huber House WheelLearn More >
  • Huber Style Wheel
  • Huber MondknotenLearn More >
  • Ingresses
  • Interpretative Reports included in Kepler:
    • Cosmo NatalSample Report >
    • Cosmo Compatibility Sample Report >
    • Cosmo ForecastSample Report >
    • Major Life Themes ReportSample Report >
    • Live Mini Reading Multimedia InterpretationSample Report >
    • Profile Scores and Time Line Profiles
    • Live Mini Reading Multimedia Interpretation
    • Numeroloy
    • Lunar Phase Report
    • Harmonic Highlights
    • Nakshatras and Dasas
    • AstroLocality Report
    • Vedic Insight Report
    • Chart Explorer
    • Report Options:Learn More >
      • A large number of optional add on interpretative reports are available.

      The Major Life Themes Report and the Live Mini Reading Multimedia Interpretation use advanced harmonics and midpoints theory.
  • Kepler NewsLearn More >
    • New options and new versions of Kepler come out periodically, once or twice a year on the average. We mail out the newsletter, "Kepler News" to customers about once a year. We do not sell our name data base so don't worry about receiving junk mail. If you have an email address, we send out an email notice of new features about twice a year.
  • Kepler WorkhopLearn More >
      • Sky Map (new in version 7)Learn More >
      • Ashtakavarga ((new in version 7)
    • Graphic Ephemeris
      • Moon Calendar (new in version 7)Learn More >
      • Star Catalogue (new in version 7)Learn More >
      • Kepler Workshop AstroClock (new in ver. 7)
      • Chart Explorer (new in version 7)Learn More >
      • Vedic
      • Easy selection of multiple Vedic varga charts (new)Learn More >
  • Lilith (mean black moon) in chart wheel
  • Lilith (true black moon) in chart wheel
  • Lunar Eclipse ListingLearn More >
  • Lunar Phase Report
  • Lunar Return
  • Medieval Wheel (with Essential Dignities, almutens, etc.)Learn More >
  • Midpoints and Harmonic Patterns
  • Midpoint Trees and Midpoint Sorts
  • Midpoint trees between 2 charts
  • Midpoint Wheels
  • Moon's Node: Mean Node & True Node
  • Multi-Media: Live Mini Reading
  • Munkasey Weighting Analysis
  • Mundoscope Chart
  • Natal Chart
  • Numerology
  • Other Special Features:
    • Select multiple printouts for group of charts
    • Save current printouts selected as group of printouts
    • Select Current Printouts for other entries
    • Easily clear the Current Printout box
    • Get a group of charts from disk
    • Lunations and/or Eclipses
    • Ingresses into zodiac sign
  • Page Designer
  • Parallax corrected moon
  • Parallels of Declination:
    • Listed in wheel printouts, printed in transit-to-natal listings
  • Parans:
    • A list of the latitudes where parans occur, with major cities also listed.
  • Planet Return
  • Planetary Pitches (Music of the Spheres)
  • Polar Ascendant in Chart Wheels
  • Precessed Solar, Lunar, and Planetary Returns
  • Primary Directions:
    • List of dates when primary directed planets cross angular cusps
  • Printouts, Auto Select
    • Save a selection of printouts and auto-select it later.
  • Profile Category Scores
  • Progressions:
    • Progressed Chart & Listings
    • Day-for-a-year
    • Degree-for-a-Year
    • Solar arc directions
    • Day-for-a-month
    • Month-for-a-year
    • Direct or converse
    • Progress-to-Natal aspects
    • Progressed-to-Progressed aspects
    • Progressed and transiting midpoint structures
    • Methods for day-for-year progressed houses:
      • Solar Arc MC with corresponding Asc at the geographic latitude
      • Naibod Arc in Right Ascension
      • Mean Solar Motion
      • Time of the progressed chart
  • Quick selection of current transit
  • Rectification Assistance: Learn More >
    • You can enter the date when a person got married, was in an accident, or experienced other major events, and obtain a total score based on how many transiting and progressed aspects occurred that match the events. Then you can adjust the birth time and compare scores. You can, of course, change the astrological weighting for each transiting or progressed aspect. For the astrologer who is serious about chart rectification, this feature is a big help
  • Relocated aspects to Asc and MC
  • Relocated Charts
  • Report Options:Learn More >
    • A large number of optional add on interpretative reports are available.
  • Research:Learn More >
    • Advanced AstroSignature Research
    • Aspects
    • Aspects between 2 charts
    • Assumptionless Research
    • Astrological signatures. Discover them, create them, and test them!
    • "Assumption-less research": Kepler finds most frequent astrological factors for you.
    • Capabilities Learn More >
    • Complex and sophisticated astrological signatures.
    • Compare frequency that occurs in the chart being studied to the frequency that occurs during any time period when researching aspects, midpoints, or harmonics
    • Determine most common factors
    • Forecast Research of 1 Day
    • Harmonic Highlights Report by David Cochrane
    • Harmonic patterns
    • Match Making
    • Midpoints
    • Multiple factors
    • Other astrological factors:
      • planetary speed, elements, fixed stars, etc.
      • Planets in houses
      • Planets in signs
      • Match Making Research
      • Pairs Research
      • Pairs (Relationships/Events) Research
  • Right Ascension:
    • Positions listed in wheel printouts, or
    • Produce a wheel with right ascension positions
  • Sabian Symbols
  • Saving Chart Wheels and Interpretation to file:
    • Save interpretive reports in HTML, RTF, TXT, and PDF format
    • Save files to any directory that you wish to save it to
    • Give any name that you wish to use when saving a report or chart wheel to file
    • Save chart wheels to file in PNG, PCX, BMP, TIF, GIF, and JPG format
    • If you have the Adobe Acrobat Distiller driver installed on your computer, chart wheels can also be produced in PDF format.
  • Solar Return
  • Specific Astro Factors
  • Special Features
    • Select multiple printouts for group of charts
    • Save current printouts selected as group of printouts
    • Select Current Printouts for other entries
    • Easily clear the Current Printout box
    • Get a group of charts from disk
    • Lunations and/or Eclipses
    • Ingresses into zodiac sign
  • Synastry
  • Text EphemerisLearn More >
  • Tobey Secondary
  • Time Line Forecast Learn More >
    • Easy-to-read graphic presentation.
      Combine many methods and select them quickly.
  • Time Line FormatLearn More >
  • Time Line Profile: Learn More >
    • Forecast accident proneness, athletic performance, etc. with a customizable, sophisticated weighting scheme
  • Tobey Secondary Chart
  • Transit-to-Transit Stations, Zodiac Sign Ingresses
  • Transits or Forecast:
    • Transit-to-Natal
    • Transit-to-Transit
    • Transit-to-Progressed
    • Tansiting planet-to-natal-midpoint
    • Transiting midpoint-to-natal-planet
  • Transneptunians
  • Wheels:
    • Regular Wheels, 2 Separate Wheels, BiWheels, 3 Separate Wheels, TriWheels, 4 Separate Wheels, QuadWheels, Arabic Parts Wheels, Midpoint Wheels, Asteroids Wheels, Huber Wheels, Midieval Wheels, Blank Wheels, Fixed Stars Wheels, Square Wheels, Terrific ArtWheels.
  • Whole Sign Houses
    • (zero degrees of rising sign is Ascendant, zero degrees of next sign on 2nd cusp, etc. with Asc and MC placed in the wheel like planets)