Asteroid Signature Reportby Jacob Schwarz
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Did you know that many of the names important to you such as your personal name, nicknames, and the names of loved ones, children, and family, animal companions and species, plants and trees, high schools and colleges, cities, states, mountains, rivers, and nations, famous artisans like actors, singers, musicians, composers, dancers, painters, sculptors, architects, as well as astronomers, mathematicians, physicists and other scientists, plus literary and historical characters and more have been assigned to asteroids encircling our Sun, most between Mars and Jupiter. Many others are beyond Neptune and Pluto, and some are approaching Earth! About 12,000 have names assigned over two centuries! Asteroid Signatures identifies the position of any asteroids you chose at any date you chose! And more.

Strangely, the names of asteroids relate to Earthly events and persons with the names! For openers, when Bill Clinton was born, the asteroids Monica, Paula, and Williams formed a stellium opposite asteroids Hillary and Gingerich! When George W Bush was elected president in 2000 and 2004, the asteroid Busch conjoined asteroid Washingtonia! When Germany, Italy and Japan formed the Axis nations before World War II, representative asteroids Germannia, Italia, and Nipponia formed mutual harmonious aspects! And these names were assigned decades earlier! Asteroid Signatures provides access to all these connection through its unique indexing feature, describing the keywords of the original citations.

And that's for openers! Do you like cats, dogs, owls, horses, elephants, or finches? Just type the word, and Asteroid Signatures instantly identifies asteroids specially mentioning each species! And their position in the cosmos at any time you select! Yes, all 12,000 are indexed thoroughly.

Astronomers exclusively provide the names - they cannot be bought, and currently published in Harvard University's Minor Planet Circulars, to whom we are very grateful.

Do astronomers unknowingly tap into a universal condition that links the sound vibration of asteroid names with events on Earth?

We are also indebted to pioneers Zipporah Dobyns and Eleanor Bach for introducing their astrological significance in the 1970s.

Where are the asteroids relevant to you at significant dates in your life? The collective names in your life are as unique as your signature! That's why we call this program Asteroid Signatures! Type in your name, or any other name, and the program provides the positions of those asteroids at any time you select, the discovery dates and discoverers are listed, along with the keywords used in their original citation by the Minor Planet Center.

You'll discover an awesome level of personal connection between asteroid names important to you and important dates in your life when those names connected. The extensive index allows you to access persons, places, and things in the original citations, even when those names are not identified in the alphabetical listing alone. The asteroid Megryan for example is indexed under Ryan, Meg and actor. You can collect asteroid positions with your favorite artisans, historical or literary characters. There are many asteroids, for example, named for Lewis Carroll's literary characters.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The opportunities to connect the cosmos with human experience was never more specific than with these asteroids, these points of light, these rock stars! The collective names in your life at any time are your signature, that's why we call the program "Asteroid Signatures".

Language available: English.


Opening Screen of the "Asteroid Signatures" program:

We then typed the name, "Diana" since Diana is Prince William's mother. The name "Diana" is then listed in the "Words and Phrases" box as shown in the diagram below.

We then clicked on "Diana" (you can also click on on "Apply") and the Asteroid Influences" related to the name "Diana" are then displayed in the "Asteoid Influences" box (shown below):

Report Sample

June 21, 1982 9:03 PM London, England
Asteroids related to: "Diana":

1: ARTEMIS, 18 TAU 13, Speed=0°22', (#105)
was named for Roman name for Diana, daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of Apollo, virgin hunter, goddess of chastity, the unborn, infants, and fertility associated with the moon goddess, healer, patroness of unmarried girls and chastity, assisted her mother with birth of her twin Apollo moments after her own birth. Astrological interpretations relate to childbirth, animal husbandry, hunting and devouring as a form of emotional absorption and transmutation. In Rome also known as Lucina and in the Bible as Diana of the Ephesians (Acts 19)

Places: city in Cuba

2: CHIRON, 25 TAU 17, Speed=0°04', (#2060)
was named for wisest and most just of the Centaurs, son of Kronos and ocean nymph Philyra, beloved by Apollo and Diana who taught him botany, music, astronomy, divination and medicine; Jupiter placed him in the stars as Sagittarius; some astronomers report Chiron is not a true asteroid, but a comet. Astrological interpretation as the potential to be an educator and healer, one who challenges established views

Chiron 1/9 Moo 0°19' A
Chiron Conj Ven 0°23' S

3: DIANA, 19 LIB 26, Speed=0°08', (#78)
was named for goddess of the hunt and daughter of Jupiter and Latona; Greek name is Artemis; some authors consider Diana the equivalent of Artemis; resident of Ephesus. Diana is from the Latin meaning divine, Roman deity of the moon and virginity; astrologically interpreted as attunement to animal-nature, hunter-prey and conquest behaviors and attitudes; protector of whatever is contacted

People: Lady Diana Spencer as Princess of Wales, actors Diahann Carroll, Dyan Cannon, Diane Keaton, Dianne Wiest, French courtesan Diana de Poitiers; Ben Jonson's poem Hymn to Diana, Diana's Worshippers, Philosopher's Tree known as The Tree of Diana

Places: Dian lake in China

Diana 7/24 Moo 0°32' S
Diana BiQu Ven 0°14' S
Diana 3/16 Asc 0°35' S