AstroLocality Magic by David Cochrane

AstroLocality Magic presents a new synthesis of several relocation methods into a new system. With unusual clarity and simplicity, the author explains the theoretical foundations for this new system. The concept is so new that anyone with an interest in astrology, from beginner to practicing professional, will find this book to be enlightening. The material is presented as a personal story that is so intriguing and captivating that you are likely to find yourself fully engrossed from cover to cover.

The formula presented is remarkably simple, and yet it has eluded astrologers until now. The analysis is essentially a marriage of the AstroMap, a product of western 20th century astrology, with the 9th harmonic chart, also known as the navamsa chart in ancient Vedic astrology. Although the methods may at first sound arbitrary (why 9th harmonic rather than other harmonics) the author presents a thorough explanation of why these particular methods are important.

Note: AstroLocality Magic is available to purchase from Cosmic Patterns Software, New Leaf, and Barnes and Noble.

Author's comments: AstroLocality Magic was written for anyone, from beginner to professional astrologer. This book is neither highly intellectual nor is it "pop astrology". AstroLocality Magic is almost unique in that it includes supporting research. This research is not dry statistics, but rather a fascinating account of how the theories work in a consistent manner even with random groups of people. AstroLocality Magic presents a great amount of fascinating material, illustrated with maps to make the concepts tangible and understandable. AstroLocality Magic is a breakthrough: cutting edge research findings are presented in an entertaining and simple manner, and the reader is shown a whole new side of astrology which until now has been unavailable in the astrological literature.