Asteroids CD
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The 38,000 Asteroids

This set of 4 CD's provides you the ability to view the positions of up to 30,000 asteroids. You can select any of these asteroids to view in the Asteroids Wheel. You can also view a listing of all the asteroids or allof the named asteroids in zodiacal order or in alphabetical order.

The 38,000 Asteroids option provides you with the ability to calculate the positions of nearly 40,000 asteroids. The ephemeris files for this large number of asteroids is big and the files are shipped to you on 4 CD's and the hard drive of your computer needs 2 1/2 gigabytes of free disk space.

In addition to producing the list of these asteroid positions, you can also place any of these asteroids in the Asteroids Wheel Style in Kepler.

Also, if you purchase the 38,000 Asteroids Option, you might want to also consider purchasing the Asteroid Signatures option which allows you to see which asteroids related to many hundreds of different words, places, and names make aspects to planets in a birth chart, opening doors to researching and exploring the astrological influence of these asteroids.