Suzanne White


Suzanne, the author of the "Chinese Astrology Profile Report", and "The New Astrology Report, A Unique Blend of Western and Chinese Astrology".

Suzanne White was born, Susan Lee Hoskins, in Buffalo, New York. She attended The Buffalo Seminary, an all girls prep school and the State University at Buffalo. There, she obtained a degree in Education. Her graduate work was done in the teaching of French at Tufts University in Boston, Mass.

In 1961, Suzanne moved to Paris, France. Her work experience is extensive and varied.

In 1971, she began writing articles for women's magazines and by 1973 had written her first book, a novel called Ladyfingers that was published in both hard and soft cover in NY in 1974/75.

In 1975, White began writing books about Chinese Astrology. She has published four substantial best-selling books on both western and Chinese Astrology. White is well known and respected as an expert worldwide. All of her books sell steadily and remain in print.

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