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YouTube is an online video sharing service. This is where you will regularly find us. Our channel consists of two parts: the Cosmic Patterns and Matrix Software channel, and the Cosmic Connections channel. Subscribing to each of the channels will allow you to receive notifications when new videos are posted.



Michele Love



The Cosmic Patterns and Matrix Software YouTube channel is dedicated to providing video tutorials for our products. Among our products are Pegasus, Kepler, Sirius, Report Options, Win*Star, Day Watch, Matrix Search, Matrix Horizons, Blue*Star, Tarot Commercial, and Win*Writers.

It is the largest provider of astrology software, including programs for both novice and professional astrologers. All of our products have been thoroughly tested and have an accuracy of up to two seconds. The product we offer is suitable for students to learn astrology. If you are a professional astrologer looking for an astrology program to use, we have it for you. We also offer personalized astrology interpretations for those who wish to obtain only that service. In addition, we provide the best and most dedicated online customer service.



Fei Cochrane




Cosmic Connections interview with Fei Cochrane:

Fei is not just a successful entrepreneur; she's a Vibrational Astrologer, spiritual healer, and a mentor to all four of us here on the podcast. Her wisdom and insights have shaped our understanding of astrology, and we're excited to have her on Cosmic Connections to share her expertise with you.

In our conversation, we explore the 7 Vibe and 9 Vibe charts, and how Fei utilizes the unique tools to assist individuals on their healing journeys. Her approach is both scientific and spiritual, blending the cosmic with the practical in a way that resonates with people from all walks of life.



Michele Love

Cosmic Connections Pocast: Join us for an episode filled with wisdom, warmth, and a deep connection to the cosmic forces that shape our lives. Whether you're a seasoned astrologer or just beginning to explore the stars, Fei's insights are sure to inspire and enlighten.

Ready to dive into the fascinating realm of astrological compatibility? In this week's podcast, we're peeling back the layers on how we view relationships through the lens of astrology. We touch on everything from the contemporary, psychological insights to the evidence-based practice of Vibrational Astrology.


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