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About Fei

Fei Cochrane, BSE, TACC, PAC:

Fei holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education and serves as the President of Cosmic Patterns, Matrix Software, and The Avalon School of Astrology. She's an alumna of Avalon, having been one of its first graduates in 2006, TACC 4 year program (Theoretical and Applied Cosmic Cybernetics), and she launched her professional astrology practice immediately after graduation.

Together with our dedicated team and esteemed colleagues, Fei initiated the annual Vibrational Astology Conference, and co-founded the Cosmic Patterns Conference. She's an integral member of the Cosmic Patterns Research Team and finds great joy in her collaborative work both at Cosmic Patterns and within her research team. You can find more information about the Conference by clicking on the "Conference" link in the top menu.

Fei is renowned for her excellence and experience as a speaker, teacher, computer technician, professional astrologer (specializing in Vibrational Astrology), mentor, healer, life coach, advisor, and consultant.

Her love for travel is well-known, and many may have had the pleasure of meeting her at various events in the USA or internationally. Fei's approachable and warm personality, coupled with her genuine, easygoing nature, makes her a delight to converse with. Her extensive travels have taken her to numerous countries for conferences, speaking engagements, teaching, and software demonstrations. She's often the life of the Cosmic Patterns booth, engaging with attendees, showcasing astrology software, and providing professional consultations, all with her signature radiant smile.

Fei's healing talents are also widely recognized. She possesses a remarkable gift for natural healing, capable of providing comfort both in person and from a distance. Her nurturing demeanor ensures that anyone who meets her is inclined to reach out for a conversation or a comforting embrace. Her presence is a magnet for those seeking warmth and guidance.

As a consummate professional advisor and consultant, Fei's meticulous Virgo nature shines through. With a stellium in Virgo in the 6th house, her greatest satisfaction comes from offering professional guidance and helping others find the right path toward a fulfilling life. If you're in need of advice, simply click "Dear Fei" below. Please provide your real name, age, and gender, and be specific, honest, and direct about your query. This service is complimentary for everyone.

  • Disclaimer. You will be given the option to share your query and the advice you receive in Fei's advice corner. With your consent, your identity will remain anonymous; otherwise, your consultation will be kept private and will not be disclosed.

Professional Astrology Consultation: For those seeking in-depth professional astrology consultations, click "Consult With Fei" below. Fei will provide you with the necessary details regarding fees and the process to ensure you receive the best possible guidance. Rest assured, all consultations are confidential.

Personalized Interpretive Reports: Fei is also the owner of where you can purchase your own personalized and very accurate astrology written interpretations. The interpretations provided are written by different authors. Learn and discover more about yourself, your friends and family, soul mate, perfect job, future and best places with personalized astrology readings. Order your Personalized reading by clicking on the following links in the top menu: "Personality", "Compatibility", "Forecast", "Relocation" and "Free Chart Wheel"

Astrology Software: Fei is using the Sirius, Superb Astrology program in her professional astrology practice. She highly recommend using this program. Click on "Sirius" below for more detailed information about this product. There are other astrology programs that provides highly accurate calculations where you can purchase from Cosmic Patterns or Matrix Software: Pegasus, Kepler, Win*Star, and Blue*Star. Sirius is the biggest and much more comprehensive astrology program.



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