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Starlene Breiter is a practicing professional Vibrational Astrologer, reiki healer, and tarot card reader. She works with gems and has operated a successful online metaphysical gem store for many years. Starlene graduated from the Avalon School of Astrology with a specialization in Vibrational Astrology in 2015, and she has been a regular participant in the Vibrational Astrology research group. She has contributed to the research on meanings of higher harmonics and other research projects. She is also the founder of the Vibrational Astrology Interviews, the Cosmic Connections Weekly Blog, and the webmaster of

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Fei Cochrane





Fei Cochrane, B.S.E., TACC is the President of Cosmic Patterns Software, Matrix Software, and The Avalon School of Astrology. She is also one of the first graduates of The Avalon School of Astrology where she received the diploma in Theoretical and Applied Cosmic Cybernetics.

Fei is also part of the technical support team at Cosmic Patterns Software and Matrix Software. She is also responsible for software design and testing, graphics design, and website development. She travels 3 or 4 times a year promoting Cosmic Patterns products (which she very much enjoys).

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Michele Love







Michele Love is a professional practicing Vibrational Astrologer. She graduated from the Avalon School of Astrology in 2020 and is currently an active VA researcher with the hopes of never-ending research in this dynamic field of study.

Michele is a business owner in the realm of metaphysics contained within a most magical brick and mortar location alongside a team of amazing healers. Here she has been an Intuitive Medium, Pro Tarot Reader, and Reiki Master Teacher over the past 14 years; in addition to Vibrational Astrology consultations. Michele offers various classes on metaphysical topics such as energy healing, crystals, herbs, tarot, spell work, and more. She also possesses a Bachelor of Science in Education, is Priestess in the Cabot Tradition, and podcaster.

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Christopher Pridham graduated from the Avalon School of Astrology in 2015 with a specialization in Vibrational Astrology. He is a practicing Vibrational Astrologer, and a teacher.

Christopher has been a Bible College teacher, a missionary, a Mystery School graduate, and an inspirational speaker. Christopher previously lived in the Philippines, is the father of eight children, and has explored many religious and spiritual traditions. He has found that Vibrational Astrology is an extraordinarily powerful tool for counseling and guiding people.

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David Wells



David Wells graduated from the Avalon School of Astrology in 2020 with a specialization in Vibrational Astrology.

David spent time in the US Navy as a Mess Management Specialist, lived in the mountains of North Carolina for 10 years as a chainsaw bear carver, is a father to three uniquely beautiful daughters, and an autobiographical author of 'Venus 29° – Loving on the Edge' who lives in Jacksonville Florida. Together with his Filipina wife, are hosts of short and mid-terms rentals hosting people from all over the US and around the world.

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