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The new Sirius version 4.0 includes everything that is in the version 3.0 and in the Kepler program. It is the most comprehensive astrology program in the world, with advanced features in almost every area of astrology, including modern, Medieval, Hellenistic, Huber, harmonics, symmetrical astrology, cosmobiology, financial astrology, and research. Includes a huge atlas and our exclusive, highly accurate time zone and daylight saving tables.

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Kepler can be used by people with any level of experience, from novice to professional. Novices can stick to the basics, and experts can use the advanced features. Wonderfully easy to use. Kepler is amazingly comprehensive, with seemingly endless features beautifully organized menus so you do not feel overwhelmed. Includes a huge atlas and our exclusive, highly accurate time zone and daylight saving time tables.

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Pegasus is similar to Kepler, but has fewer features. Pegasus was created for people who either wish to have one or more of our report options without needing to purchase the entire Kepler program, or who are starting out in astrology and wish to have an easy to use program, and accurate charts using our exclusive, highly accurate time zone and daylight saving time tables. You also have the ability to upgrade to either Kepler or Sirius.

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Bindu astrology software is a new professional Jyotish software provides a large variety of tools and technics of Jyotish, western and medieval astrology in a highly user-friendly environment. Employing highest standards of software developments, Bindu enables the users to benefit their maximum knowledge and even more.

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The Cosmic Star program is a Freeware program that can produce a Natal Chart and a short natal report.

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We have the World's Best and Largest Collection of Interpretive Reports. These Astrology Report Options provide you with options for more thorough analysis of your chart and also interpretations that focus on particular areas or issues that are not in the report included in Kepler or Sirius.

You can learn more about each report group clicking on the report group title on the list at the bottom.

NOTE: These report options are not stand alone program. Requires Kepler, Sirius, or Pegasus to run.

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Star Guidance
The World's best and larger selection of online Astrology Reports!

Some of the world's best astrologers have spent years carefully crafting the astrological interpretations that we offer. These are the higheset quality astrological interpretations available anywhere.

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Due to tremendous request from Kepler lovers, we have developed other optional add ons to the Kepler program; the ArtWheel Pastel Collection, Kepler Mega Atlas, 38000 Asteroids, and the Asteroid Signatures.