The Astrology of Bipolar Disorder by David Cochrane
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The Astrology of
Bipolar Disorder
A Scientific Breakthrough

This book revolutionizes our understanding of astrology.

First and foremost, a fully evidence-based form of astrology is presented. An enormous amount of research conducted over decades clearly establishes that astrology produces measurable effects. More colloquially, we can say that this research shows that astrology really works. Unlike some other attempts to validate astrology scientifically, the research in this book can be replicated by others, it can be critically analysed and assessed, and it can be used as a basis for future research. The claims made in this book can be critically evaluated and either confirmed or rejected. The author and his colleagues are confident that they will not only be confirmed, but future research will also make exciting advances in our understanding.

Secondly, the rules for astrological interpretation have been refined through the use of sophisticated software that can identify the probability of intricate planetary configurations. These exciting new developments in astrological theory make possible the discoveries presented in this book.

Paperback, 290 pages

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