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Below it the list of Fei's recorded lectures that you can purchase and watch at your convenience, right from your home.


Scroll down to the list until you see "Breast Cancer" by Fei Cochrane

** Includes: 1:15 Hours Video Recording | 2 pages PowerPoint PDF


A very comprehensive research study on breast cancer has produced an exciting finding. A Breast Cancer AstroSignature that is based on Vibrational Astrology theory fits very well with a database of people with this form of cancer. Just as with the research presented at last year’s Vibrational Astrology conference on heart disease, we find that the application of Vibrational Astrology principles to groups of charts of people who have the same disease shows what they have in common. Also, exciting is that the findings suggest what preventative measures and treatments could be appropriate for different people.



Scroll down to the list until you see "Medical Astrology Heart Disease" by Fei Cochrane

** Includes: 1:12 Hours Video Recording | 99 pages PowerPoint PDF with Charts and Graphics

Fei presents astrological formulas for propensity to various illnesses and physical challenges such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, etc. based on new discoveries of what people who have a particular physical condition have in common in their birth charts. The astrological formulas presented are consistent with astrological theory and occur significantly more often in the charts of people who have the physical condition than people who do not. There is no cherry picking of data so these findings are based on rigorous data driven research.



Scroll down to the list until you see the above title by Fei Cochrane

** Includes: 1:15 Hours Video Recording   |   154 pages PowerPoint PDF with Charts and Graphics


By studying “Super Ceres People”, “Super Chiron people” and other people who have the Sun or Moon conjunct a minor planet or asteroid, we can see that these Super Minor Planet People have consistent themes in their lives that express the qualities of the planets. By not cherry picking the data, we are more certain that what we have discovered really works, and we are able to apply these ideas in our consultations with confidence. Some of our findings confirm popular ideas but some of the findings give a new twist to our understanding of Ceres, Chiron, and other celestial bodies. This opens another door to refining our understanding of the astrology chart.

List of Minor Planets fully researched in this presentation: Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Hygiea, Interammnia, Eunomia, and Europa


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