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BEST PLACES REPORT by David Cochrane

The Best Places Report does something amazingly simple and powerful: it tells you which towns and cities are best for the area of life you are most interested in. Instead of looking at an AstroMap or running an astrological analysis for particular cities, the Best Places Report simply tells you what the best places are!

For example, suppose that you live in Europe, you plan to continue living in Europe, and you wish to know which places in Europe are best for your career. You can run the Best Places Report and select "Europe" and select the option for 10 categories. This provides not only a list of the best places for Vocation and Career but also lists for 9 other categories that may be of some interest to you as well. The Best Places Report analyzes 980 towns and cities in Europe. This includes smaller towns and villages as well as all of the metropolitan areas and it covers every area of Europe. In regions that are sparsely populated, the largest village or town in the area is included so that virtually every part of Europe is included in the analysis. The default setting is to list the top 200 places but you can produce a shorter list if you prefer. Language Available: English. Price: $100


Friendship and Family
Detailed Friendship and Family
Love and Romance
Vocation and Career
Optimism and Opportunity
Education and Communication
Culture and Creativity
Responsibility and Focus
Imagination and Inspiration
Excitement and Instability


Canada and Greenland
United States
Mexico and Central America
South America
Russia and countries bordering on the West and South
Middle East and SW Asia
India and bordering countries
China and Mongolia
SE Asia and Guam
Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands

Suppose that you are especially interested in Love and Romance and Vocation and Career. Rather than look at the lists separately, you would like to combine them together to easily see which places are best for both Love and Romance and Vocation and Career. You can do this! Instead of obtaining a 10 lists of best places, one for each of the 10 categories, you can select a combination of specific categories. You can combine two or more categories.

What if you wish to customize the formula used for a category or create your own category? You can do this as well. You can see the list of astrological aspects that are used to produce the scores and you can add or remove aspects, change the orbs used, or the weight given to aspects according to how important you think a particular aspect is in regards to a particular category. Thre are also five "User" categories for you to add your own categories in addition to the 10 categories that are provided.

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Best Places Report for

Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967
12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia


Listed below are the best places in the geographic areas that you selected. The latitude and longitude of the place is also given. The latitude and longitude are helpful if you wish to confirm where the place is located. For example, there are several places in Panama with the name "San Miguel" and the latitude and longitude can be used to confirm the "San Miguel" referred to.

You selected the top 10 places in 10 categories for these geographic regions:
Canada, USA, Europe

Scores for a place range from zero to 1,000. A score above 800 is extremely strong. These are places where you have a very strong ability to attract situations related to the category. Even scores above 500 are very strong. Because the very best places in the geographic regions selected are shown, there may be many places with scores above 500. All of these places are excellent. Of course, the higher the score, the better, but any score above 500 is excellent.

Scores of about 250 to 500 are also excellent even though a score that is higher than scores within this range is even better. Combine the astrological information with what you know about the place. For example, if you are looking for better employment and a place that has lots of opportunities in the profession in which you are qualified to work and wish to work has a score of 300, this is an excellent place for you. The astrological influences do not supercede the realities of the place. You can look at it like this: given the potential of that place to be suitable, the astrological score for that place will tell you how much of that potential you have easy access to.

Scores of around 50 to 150 are about average. You do not have an extra "boost" in these places but what you are also not likely to run into unexpected problems in regards to the area of interest. Scores below 50 are weak and you tend to have more difficulty achieving your goals in regards to the area of interest.

If your report has been produced for large geographic regions, then places with low scores are not given in the list of best places. If there are two or more places tied with the same lowest score on the list, all of these places are shown. For example, in a report with the top 100 places listed, all places with the same score as the hundredth place are also listed.

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Top 10 Places for Friendship and Family:
  1:   955  Ross River, Canada   (61N59  132W27)
  2:   953  Tuktoyaktuk, Canada   (69N27  133W02)
  3:   872  Wrangell, Alaska   (56N28'15"  132W22'36")
  4:   848  Faro, Canada   (62N14  133W20)
  5:   822  Johnsons Crossing, Canada   (60N29  133W16)
  6:   800  Masset Indian Res., Canada   (54N02  132W10)
  7:   741  Inuvik, Canada   (68N25  133W30)
  8:   713  Tulsequah, Canada   (58N35  133W35)
  9:   685  Sandspit, Canada   (53N14  131W50)
 10:   673  Atlin, Canada   (59N35  133W42)

Top 10 Places for Detailed Friendship and Family:

  1:  1000  Tuktoyaktuk, Canada   (69N27  133W02)
  2:   981  Ross River, Canada   (61N59  132W27)
  3:   923  Masset Indian Res., Canada   (54N02  132W10)
  4:   905  Wrangell, Alaska   (56N28'15"  132W22'36")
  5:   890  Faro, Canada   (62N14  133W20)
  6:   885  Johnsons Crossing, Canada   (60N29  133W16)
  7:   789  Sandspit, Canada   (53N14  131W50)
  8:   767  Inuvik, Canada   (68N25  133W30)
  9:   748  Beaufort, North Carolina   (34N43'05"  76W39'51")
 10:   741  Tulsequah, Canada   (58N35  133W35)

Top 10 Places for Love and Romance:
  1:  1000  Youngstown, Canada   (51N32  111W13)
  2:  1000  Medicine Hat, Canada   (50N03  110W40)
  3:  1000  Hughenden, Canada   (52N31  110W59)
  4:  1000  Globe, Arizona   (33N23'39"  110W47'09")
  5:  1000  Fox Valley, Canada   (50N29  109W28)
  6:   999  Ringling, Montana   (46N16'18"  110W48'23")
  7:   993  Snowdrift, Canada   (62N23  110W47)
  8:   975  Bonnyville, Canada   (54N16  110W44)
  9:   968  Hanksville, Utah   (38N22'23"  110W42'48")
 10:   956  Tucson, Arizona   (32N13'18"  110W55'33")

Top 10 Places for Vocation and Career:
  1:  1000  Zafra, Spain   (38N25  6W25)
  2:  1000  Waterville, Maine   (44N33'07"  69W37'56")
  3:  1000  Tofino, Canada   (49N09  125W54)
  4:  1000  Tenby, Wales   (51N41  4W43)
  5:  1000  Takla Landing, Canada   (55N29  125W58)
  6:  1000  Stornoway, Scotland   (58N12  6W23)
  7:  1000  Smithers, Canada   (54N47  127W10)
  8:  1000  Sikinos, Greece   (25N07  26E43)
  9:  1000  Sevilla, Spain   (37N23  5W59)
 10:  1000  Salamanca, Spain   (40N58  5W39)
 11:  1000  Sachs Harbour, Canada   (72N00  125W00)
 12:  1000  Rosburg, Washington   (46N19'52"  123W38'14")
 13:  1000  Riviere du Loup, Canada   (47N50  69W32)
 14:  1000  Presque Isle, Maine   (46N40'52"  68W00'59")
 15:  1000  Powell River, Canada   (49N52  124W33)
 16:  1000  Portland, Maine   (43N39'41"  70W15'21")
 17:  1000  Port Angeles, Washington   (48N07'06"  123W25'46")
 18:  1000  Ponferrada, Spain   (42N33  6W35)
 19:  1000  Plasencia, Spain   (40N02  6W05)
 20:  1000  Penzance, England   (50N07  5W33)
 21:  1000  Paulatuk, Canada   (69N49  123W59)
 22:  1000  Oviedo, Spain   (43N22  5W50)
 23:  1000  Olympia, Washington   (47N02'17"  122W53'58")
 24:  1000  Oban, Scotland   (56N25  5W29)
 25:  1000  Norman Wells, Canada   (65N17  126W51)
 26:  1000  Newport, Oregon   (44N38'13"  124W03'08")
 27:  1000  Nehalem Junction, Oregon   (45N41'59"  123W52'30")
 28:  1000  Mont Joli, Canada   (48N35  68W11)
 29:  1000  Millinocket, Maine   (45N39'26"  68W42'37")
 30:  1000  Mallaig, Scotland   (57N00  5W50)
 31:  1000  Longview, Washington   (46N08'18"  122W56'13")
 32:  1000  Lochinver, Scotland   (58N09  5W15)
 33:  1000  Lewiston, Maine   (44N06'01"  70W12'55")
 34:  1000  Leon, Spain   (42N36  5W34)
 35:  1000  Lake Harbour, Canada   (62N51  69W53)
 36:  1000  La Linea, Spain   (36N10  5W19)
 37:  1000  Jerez de la Frontera, Spain   (36N41  6W08)
 38:  1000  Houlton, Maine   (46N07'34"  67W50'27")
 39:  1000  Gold River, Canada   (49N41  126W08)
 40:  1000  Girvan, Scotland   (55N15  4W51)
 41:  1000  Gijon, Spain   (43N32  5W40)
 42:  1000  Gagnon, Canada   (51N53  68W10)
 43:  1000  Frobisher Bay, Canada   (63N44  68W28)
 44:  1000  Fort Ware, Canada   (57N26  125W38)
 45:  1000  Fort Chimo, Canada   (58N06  68W25)
 46:  1000  Forks, Washington   (47N57'02"  124W23'03")
 47:  1000  Endako, Canada   (54N05  125W02)
 48:  1000  Edmundston, Canada   (47N22  68W20)
 49:  1000  Dundalk, Ireland   (54N01  6W25)
 50:  1000  Dublin, Ireland   (53N20  6W15)
 51:  1000  Coos Bay, Oregon   (43N22'05"  124W12'57")
 52:  1000  Coal River, Canada   (59N45  126W55)
 53:  1000  Clyde, Canada   (70N25  68W30)
 54:  1000  Castuera, Spain   (38N43  5W33)
 55:  1000  Cadix, Spain   (36N32  6W18)
 56:  1000  Caceres, Spain   (39N29  6W22)
 57:  1000  Broughton Island, Canada   (67N33  64W02)
 58:  1000  Belfast, Northern Ireland   (54N35  5W55)
 59:  1000  Bejar, Spain   (40N23  5W46)
 60:  1000  Bear Lake, Canada   (56N11  126W51)
 61:  1000  Bangor, Maine   (44N48'04"  68W46'42")
 62:  1000  Bamfield, Canada   (48N50  125W08)
 63:  1000  Baie Comeau, Canada   (49N13  68W10)
 64:  1000  Augusta, Maine   (44N18'38"  69W46'48")
 65:  1000  Arklow, Ireland   (52N48  6W09)
 66:  1000  Alert Bay, Canada   (50N35  126W55)
 67:  1000  Aberdeen, Washington   (46N58'32"  123W48'52")

Top 10 Places for Optimism and Opportunity:
  1:   926  Broughton Island, Canada   (67N33  64W02)
  2:   906  Coal River, Canada   (59N45  126W55)
  3:   896  Gold River, Canada   (49N41  126W08)
  4:   865  Norman Wells, Canada   (65N17  126W51)
  5:   853  Bear Lake, Canada   (56N11  126W51)
  6:   845  Clyde, Canada   (70N25  68W30)
  7:   837  Takla Landing, Canada   (55N29  125W58)
  8:   830  Alert Bay, Canada   (50N35  126W55)
  9:   814  Tofino, Canada   (49N09  125W54)
 10:   743  Smithers, Canada   (54N47  127W10)

Top 10 Places for Education and Communication:
  1:   786  Banff, Canada   (51N10  115W34)
  2:   753  Kotzebue, Alaska   (66N53'54"  162W35'48")
  3:   752  Hollage, Germany   (52N20  52E20)
  4:   721  Stephenville, Quebec, Canada   (48N33  58W35)
  5:   713  Roosville, Montana   (48N59'57"  115W03'20")
  6:   709  Erivan, Armenia   (40N11  44E30)
  7:   683  Sommerda, Germany   (51N10  51E07)
  8:   682  Kalispell, Montana   (48N11'45"  114W18'43")
  9:   672  Rigolet, Canada   (54N20  58W35)
 10:   647  Fort Ware, Canada   (57N26  125W38)
 11:   647  Browning, Montana   (48N33'25"  113W00'45")

Top 10 Places for Culture and Creativity:

  1:  1000  Sulphur, Louisiana   (30N14'11"  93W22'38")
  2:  1000  Stebbins, Alaska   (63N31'20"  162W17'17")
  3:  1000  Russellville, Arkansas   (35N16'42"  93W08'01")
  4:  1000  Platinum, Alaska   (59N00'47"  161W48'59")
  5:  1000  Owatonna, Minnesota   (44N05'02"  93W13'33")
  6:  1000  Newton, Iowa   (41N41'59"  93W02'52")
  7:  1000  Natchitoches, Louisiana   (31N45'38"  93W05'10")
  8:  1000  Minden, Louisiana   (32N36'55"  93W17'12")
  9:  1000  Mason City, Iowa   (43N09'13"  93W12'03")
 10:  1000  Marshalltown, Iowa   (42N02'58"  92W54'28")
 11:  1000  Kotzebue, Alaska   (66N53'54"  162W35'48")
 12:  1000  Kasigluk, Alaska   (60N53'44"  162W31'14")
 13:  1000  Hot Springs, Arkansas   (34N30'13"  93W03'18")
 14:  1000  Hibbing, Minnesota   (47N25  92W55'47")
 15:  1000  Elizabeth Harbour, Canada   (70N35  92W50)
 16:  1000  Eagan, Minnesota   (44N49  93W11)
 17:  1000  Deering, Alaska   (66N04'32"  162W43'02")
 18:  1000  De Ridder, Louisiana   (30N50'46"  93W17'20")
 19:  1000  Cold Bay, Alaska   (55N11'09"  162W43'16")
 20:  1000  Austin Acres, Minnesota   (43N39'08"  93W00'04")

Top 10 Places for Responsibility and Focus:

  1:  1000  Zaragoza, Spain   (41N38  0W53)
  2:  1000  Teruel, Spain   (40N21  1W06)
  3:  1000  Spence Bay, Canada   (69N32  93W31)
  4:  1000  Russellville, Arkansas   (35N16'42"  93W08'01")
  5:  1000  Red Lake, Canada   (51N03  93W49)
  6:  1000  Port Nelson, Canada   (57N03  92W36)
  7:  1000  Owatonna, Minnesota   (44N05'02"  93W13'33")
  8:  1000  Newton, Iowa   (41N41'59"  93W02'52")
  9:  1000  Murcia, Spain   (37N59  1W07)
 10:  1000  Minneapolis, Minnesota   (44N58'48"  93W15'49")
 11:  1000  Minden, Louisiana   (32N36'55"  93W17'12")
 12:  1000  Mason City, Iowa   (43N09'13"  93W12'03")
 13:  1000  Marshalltown, Iowa   (42N02'58"  92W54'28")
 14:  1000  Jaca, Spain   (42N34  0W33)
 15:  1000  Hot Springs, Arkansas   (34N30'13"  93W03'18")
 16:  1000  Faribault, Minnesota   (44N17'42"  93W16'07")
 17:  1000  Churchill, Canada   (58N46  94W10)
 18:  1000  Cartagena, Spain   (37N36  0W59)
 19:  1000  Bordeaux, France   (44N50  0W34)

Top 10 Places for Imagination and Inspiration:

  1:   941  Unalaska, Alaska   (53N53  166W32)
  2:   769  Ivigtut, Greenland   (61N12  48W10)
  3:   753  Frederikshab, Greenland   (62N00  49W43)
  4:   737  Prince Albert, Canada   (53N12  105W46)
  5:   730  Salem, Arkansas   (36N22'16"  91W49'21")
  6:   718  Duck Lake, Canada   (52N47  106W13)
  7:   696  Longyearbyen, Norway   (78N00  16E00)
  8:   688  Rolla, Missouri   (37N57'05"  91W46'16")
  9:   668  Akutan, Alaska   (54N08  165W46)
 10:   637  Searcy, Arkansas   (35N15'02"  91W44'10")

Top 10 Places for Excitement and Instability:
  1:  1000  Vopnafjordur, Iceland   (65N47  14W44)
  2:  1000  Sandy Bay, Canada   (55N33  102W18)
  3:  1000  Egilsstadir, Iceland   (65N16  14W18)
  4:  1000  Djupivogur, Iceland   (64N40  14W10)
  5:   999  Hereford, Texas   (34N48'54"  102W23'50")
  6:   996  Bristol, Colorado   (38N07'20"  102W18'40")
  7:   991  Odessa, Texas   (31N50'44"  102W22'02")
  8:   973  Yorkton, Canada   (51N13  102W28)
  9:   948  Whitewood, Canada   (50N20  102W15)
 10:   920  Springfield, Colorado   (37N24'30"  102W36'50")


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