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Compatibility Report by Gina Ronco ASTROMED SAMPLE PRINTOUT:

Astro-Health Report for

Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967
12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia



Moon Square Neptune:

Oversensitive, poor circulation, allergic, easily reactive to drugs or alcohol.  Prone to lymphatic congestion, candidiasis, cysts or fibroids, kidney and bladder infections, edema.  Rx echinacea, astragalus, spilanthes, dong quai, cranberry, uva ursi.

N. Node Quincunx Uranus:

Autonomic disturbances which affect the nerve system, brain waves, rhythmic functions.  Erratic autonomic fluctuations, hyperexcitable or irritable autonomic system.  Greatly intensifies and adds structural distortion component to Uranian aspects.  Intensifies insomnia or irritability.

Sun Quincunx Saturn:

Loner, appreciative of solitude or outright unsocial, serious, mature.  Early life sobering.  Arteriosclerosis, calcifications, check degree loci for mineral deposits.  Lack of energy, slow movement, but once moved, perseveres.  Parathyroid imbalance, osteoporosis, stone formation, rough skin.  Magnesium or vitamin A or D deficiency with night blindness and light sensitivity. Rx vitamins A and D, calcium/magnesium.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter:

Effects of excess socializing, assimilating, and swelling. Excesses of chyle and chyme, pancreas and liver problems. Rx milk thistle and other thistles but mostly simpler living.

Venus Conjunct Pluto:

Coercive or compulsive sexual behavior;  satyriasis or nymphomania if angular with additional afflictions.  Rx zinc, dong quai, ginseng.

Mars Square Saturn:

Injuries, especially to joints and tendons, at specific degree foci.  Inflammation of bones and other hard tissue.  Blood clotting disturbances.  Bones and teeth lose minerals cyclically; major stress and depletion of B vitamins and vitamin C.  Rx comfrey root (allantoin), arnica x, aloe.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto:

Involuntary muscle spasms.  Rx valerian, passiflora.


Note: planetary positions by sign do not generally affect the physical health if there are no hard aspects nor placement in the first, sixth, seventh, or twelfth houses.

Cancer Rising:

You have Cancer rising, making water your primary element in physical body manifestation.  The degree and sign of the ascendant gives the physical body primary center, and there is often a mark on the body at the anatomical point which corresponds to the zodiacal degree of the ascendant.  The element of the ascendant will often be the predominant tridosha in the ayurvedic three-element diagnostic system.  It is better for health to have the predominant tridosha the same as the ascendant tridosha.  Also a physician with the same tridosha is beneficial.

Water as your primary physical element gives a fluid, moist quality to the physical body.  In the ayurvedic system, earth and water are both considered types of kapha, the tridosha of the substance of material body construction.  Water or fluid kapha is the most predominant constituent of the body by weight and by volume, essential as it is as the universal solvent with special functions at the levels of membranes, the boundaries within the body.  Ultimately the movement of water is governed by air, as evidenced in the kidney/lung blood gases homeostasis.  Water governs the secretory functions wherever found, the kapha of Cancer being that of the breasts, stomach, other digestive secretions, the mouth and salivation, axillary perspiration, lymph, serum and of course lacrimation.   Cancer rules the softest and most vulnerable tissues of the body.  Water in general and Cancer in particular rule the most soluble salts, thus the mineral balance of the nerves and the digestive secretions as well as the electrolytes of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Afflictions in Cancer affect the stomach, breasts, and the secretory and absorptive tissues of the body in general.  Cancer connects with every functional protection of that which is soft and vulnerable, and every kind of boundary layer.   The diaphragm is ruled by Cancer, as are the sixth and seventh ribs (and ribs in general) where  the anterior diaphragm attaches.  The vagus nerve with its lunar parasympathetic action, stimulating digestion, and the ulnar nerve of the elbow and lunar mount side of the hand are Cancer ruled.  The biceps muscle (although supplied by the solar radial nerve) is the indicator muscle of the stomach.  Also ruled by Cancer are the palmar flexors which clasp, grasp, or close the palm. There may be a tendency toward calcification of soft tissues, hyperacidicity, and joint degenerative changes.  The earth imbalance that characterizes Cancer afflictions results in blood sugar imbalance, pancreatic dysfunction, mood swings, and craving for sweets.  The structural vertebral levels ruled by Cancer are seventh cervical and first thoracic.

Primary reflex arcs are to the knees, especially the semilunar menisci, with secondary reflexes to the head, cranial vault, ventricles and central nerve system, and the kidneys and adrenals.

The Stomach meridian courses from the tear duct and below the eye around the cheek to the forehead, over the eye again and down the jaw and throat, across the clavicle and through the nipples down through the inguinal area and down the outer front leg and shin to the second toe.  It relates to Cancer in its functions of absorption, secretion and maintenance of fluid boundaries.  This meridian is related to the hollow organ of the element of earth.

The Cancer cell salt is Calcium Fluoride, which is especially present in the dentin and tooth enamel as well as bone.  Calcium chloride is also Cancer-ruled as it buffers and regulates the stomach's hydrochloric acid secretion and provides calcium in its most soluble form to relax every nerve after every nerve impulse, thus Cancer-calcium's vital role in relaxing irritability and spasticity.  Cancer rules the calcium balance and vitamin D metabolism.  Vitamin D intake and synthesis levels have more effect on abnormal calcification processes (as well as healthy calcium metabolism) than does actual calcium intake level.  With normal vitamin D metabolism and normal parathyroid function, excess calcium intake is never a problem unless there is excessive intake of calcium-binding oxalic or other acids.  Both of the solstitial signs of Cancer and Capricorn have highly sensitive vitamin D and calcium metabolism.     Calcium-rich foods such as milk, sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds and soybeans are recommended.  Carrots, parsley and parsley root, turnips, collards and cabbage are even better because of their more ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio.  Marshmallow root (Althea), slippery elm inner bark, okra and Irish moss are ruled by Cancer because of their demulcent action, soothing to the stomach and other mucous membranes.

Sagittarius on 6th House Cusp:

You have Sagittarius on the sixth house cusp, making fire your element of physical assimilation and adaptation weakness. The degree marks a possible point of physical injury, incapacity, or failure to adapt, especially if there are any afflicted occupants of the sixth or twelfth houses,  the more so if these afflicted occupants are lights (sun or moon) or rulers (of the ascendant, sixth cusp, or of the lights). A physician with the same tridosha as the patient's sixth cusp is beneficial, as is a physician with benefices in the sixth house of the patient, especially if a Venus/Mars conjunction.

Fire as your element of weakness can dampen the natural vitality and diminish your overall energy level.  Temperature regulation may be disturbed or the body may have difficulty projecting warmth into the extremities.  Fire is called pitta in ayurvedic medicine and has its correspondence in fire in every traditional medicine system, whether three, four or five elements.  Fire regulates body temperature through metabolic physiology (Aries), blood flow distribution (Leo), and through the frictions of activity (Sagittarius).  The sympathetic nervous system, which opens the flow of blood into muscles and extremities, enabling activity and projecting warmth, is fiery and generally solar in nature.  However, in different situations it may react out of fear or aggression to manifest martially, or when subdued by parasympathetic predominance, to focus on the tissue-building jovial nutrience.

Afflictions in Sagittarius affect the hips and thighs, including the femur and acetabulum, the sciatic nerve, and the following muscles: piriformis, gemellus, gluteals, tensor fascia lata and the hamstrings.   The structural vertebral levels ruled by Sagittarius are tenth and eleventh thoracic.  Sagittarius has been found to be the overall most accident-prone ascendant, perhaps due to its adventurous qualities.

Primary reflex arcs are to the lungs, arms and hands, with secondary reflexes to the small intestine and liver, and also to the feet.

The Liver meridian, which courses from the big toe up the front inside of the leg, over the groin and through the genitals to the abdomen and liver, relates to Sagittarius and its Jupiter rulership.  It is a solid organ meridian of the wood element. There is special significance here for the liver metabolism of allantoin  which nourishes the cartilaginous tissues of the joints and sinews: the ligaments and tendons, which come under Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius cell salt is Silica, that which is quartz, sand or glass in other manifestations.  Silica tends to encourage the formation of radially symmetrical or crystalline forms in plants which emphasize it in their structure.  Thus, artichokes, celery, peppers and other crisp vegetables usually abound in silica. Milk thistle, blessed and other thistles, artichoke (a type of thistle), dandelion, and horsetail (equisetum) are excellent Sagittarius herbs, cleansing the liver and blood and providing structural integrity for cartilage tissues.

Sun in Scorpio:

Fluid congestion in pelvis backs up to chest and heart.  Sex organ congestion, sinus congestion, febrile breast congestion, endometriosis, menstrual disturbances, urinary pain, bladder infections.  Fixed cross reflexes to heart, throat and ankles. Rx calcium sulphate, aloe, horseradish.

Moon in Leo:

Fluid accumulation in heart (in extreme, congestive heart failure). Look for enlarged nose as physiognomic sign.  Sore throat, ankle swelling, bowel problems.  Fixed cross reflex to ankles, throat, and sex organs.  Rx magnesium phosphate, hawthorn, cinnamon, ginger root.

Mercury in Scorpio:

Neuritis pain in arms and shoulders, low back, bowels and sex organs.  Rx ginger root, phosphorus x, basil.

Venus in Virgo:

Flux, mucous or congestion in bowels; peritonitis, irregular peristalsis; congestion in stomach, heart or feet.  Rx licorice root, slippery elm, lemon.

Mars in Capricorn:

Practically constructive and involved nature leads to knee injuries, injuries or fiery pains in arms, shoulders and legs. Gouty arthritis, bone anomalies generally, arterial erosion of bone at specific loci.  Inflammation of knees, cartilage tears. Cardinal cross reflex to head, stomach and breasts, and kidneys. Rx sesame, nut milks, dairy milk, comfrey root externally.

Jupiter in Virgo:

Excess growth or expansion of tissues in abdomen, fat/cholesterol deposits in abdominal arteries.  More prone to weight gain or assimilation/retention problems.  Rx lecithin, grapefruit, vitamin E.

Saturn in Aries:

Rheumatism, melancholia, coldness in head, earaches, headaches, cranial faults and rigidity.  Cranial circulation problems, head injuries, dental injuries and occlusion problems.  Sclerosis or calcification in head, especially of vasculature.  Coldness and hardening in head, breast, stomach, hands and arms, and injuries therein.  Cardinal cross reflex to kidneys and adrenals, knees, and stomach and breasts.  Rx vitamin C, gingko, cayenne, devil's claw, peppermint, rhatany.

Uranus in Virgo:

Impulsiveness leads to nerve exhaustion, abdominal injuries. Irritable bowel, diverticulitis.  Insomnia, muscle spasms, irritability, fasciculations.  Rx humulus, valerian, passiflora.

Neptune in Scorpio:

Alcohol or drug abuse, allergies, immune weakness, sensitivity to medications, highly suggestible.  Weak uterus or prostate, swelling in sex organs, chronic low-grade sex organ infection. Vulnerability to sexually transmitted diseases.  Prone to sexual fantasy, dependence on aphrodisiacs, cocaine or alcohol as a sexual stimulant.  Rx echinacea, niacin, dong quai, smilax.

Pluto in Virgo:

Deep underlying pathology or malignancy in bowels; skin problems. Rx apricot kernels, other amygdalin seeds, chaparral, lapacha.


Asc degree makes sensitivity in:

Costal cartilages, hair.  Fall of Mars degree.

6th House Cusp degree makes sensitivity in:

Gluteus maximus muscle.  Trifid nebula and Shaula degree -nebulous degree of visual impairment if Sun or Moon placed here.

Sun degree makes heat or sensitivity in:

Left testicle, ovary, uterus.  Nebulous degree of visual impairment if Sun or Moon placed here.

Moon degree makes fluid retention in:

Pericardium.  Alcoholism and abscess degree.

Mercury degree makes neuralgia or paresthesia in:

Foreskin, clitoral hood.  Nebulous degree of visual impairment if Sun or Moon placed here.

Venus degree makes glandular swelling or venous stasis in:

Left hepatic groove.

Mars degree makes heat, irritation, injury, or excess blood in:

Tibialis cutaneous nerves.

Jupiter degree makes expansion, swelling, or hypertrophy in:

Small intestine.  Leo cluster - nebulous degree of visual impairment for Sun or Moon placed here.

Saturn deg. makes hardening/coldness/inflexibility/contraction in:

Zygomatic arch, maxillae.

Uranus degree makes irritability or injury in:

Hepatic veins.

Neptune degree makes weakness, swelling, or immune weakness in:

Nasal septum.

Pluto degree makes potential for deep underlying pathology in:



The Mars/Saturn midpoint is a major point of potential injury and conflict in the psychophysical body.  The hot aggressive energy of Mars conflicts most with the cold, resistant energy of Saturn at this point of the zodiac for you.  This creates tension, tissue destruction, wounding, scarring, and/or vascular, muscular or skeletal injury at the degrees indicated.  If any of these degrees are also involved in aspect readouts elsewhere in this program, the effects are considerably amplified.

Mars/Saturn affects:

Nerve system, proprioceptive system, spinal cord.

The Mars/Neptune midpoint is a major point of tissue weakness, stagnation, inflammation, diffusion or immune system disruption at the degrees indicated. If any of these degrees are also involved in aspect readouts elsewhere in this program, the effects are considerably amplified.

Mars/Neptune affects:

Superficial femoral vein.

The Saturn/Neptune midpoint is a major point of potential degeneration, cold swelling, stagnation, scar tissue, structural tissue weakness, or immune system deficit at the degrees indicated.  If any of these degrees are also involved in aspect readouts elsewhere in this program, the effects are considerably amplified.

Saturn/Neptune affects:

Right shin, crural nerve.


If there are any afflicted signs, they are described below:

Afflicted Scorpio:

Afflictions in Scorpio affect the reproductive, cathartic and eliminative organs. Scorpio rules the sacral plexus of nerves, the pudendal nerve, and the femoral nerve to the quadriceps femoris muscle of the anterior thigh.  It rules the urinary trigone muscle and the pelvic floor, as well as the rectal sphincter.  The structural vertebral levels ruled by Scorpio are eighth and ninth thoracic.

Primary reflex arcs are to the throat, nasal sinuses and neck, with secondary reflexes to the heart and its valves, and the ankles and lower leg vasculature.

The Heart Protector or Sex/Circulation meridian, which courses from the nipple down the inside of the arm through the center of the palm to the middle fingertip, and has a related perineal point, relates to Scorpio in its functions of catharsis, sexuality and the projection of fire within water.   This meridian is related to a hollow organ of the element of fire.

The Scorpio cell salt is Calcium Sulphate, which is especially involved in the purification processes of the uterine menstrual function, as well as the functions of the prostate and the function of relaxing smooth muscle contractions.  Calcium sulphate is present in high concentrations in the cabbage and mustard families, including mustard, radish, turnip, collards, cabbage, broccoli, and especially also horseradish and ginger roots, and watercress.  Note watercress is stimulative to the uterus and is not to be taken by pregnant women.  Garlic and onion stimulate sexual secretion and cell division, and are ruled by Scorpio.  Aloe, okra and other demulcents have Scorpio uses as well.

Afflicted Aries:

Afflictions in Aries affect the head, including the central nervous system, cranial bones, the eyes, tongue and most of the face.  The brow, face and forehead will show the record of Aries traumas.  The fountainlike ram shorn form of Aries is reflected in the second and third ventricles of the cerebrospinal fluid system and in the form of the Circle of Willis of the cerebral arteries. Aries rules the thalamus and other centers of regulation of body temperature,  appetites, drives and mood;  most cranial nerves; and the superior cervical sympathetic ganglia which control blood flow into the head and brain, responsible for most migraines. The structural vertebral levels ruled by Aries are first and second cervical, as well as the cranial vault.

Primary reflex arcs are to the kidneys, adrenals and thoracolumbar spine, with secondary reflexes to the stomach, breasts, diaphragm and contiguous ribs,  and also to the knees and elbows.

The Triple Warmer meridian, which courses from the ring finger up the back of the wrist, olecranon, triceps, teres minor insertion, and up the neck, around the ear to the eyebrow,  relates to Aries in its functions of blood flow and temperature regulation.  It is a solid organ meridian of the fire element, despite it being referred to as the three burning spaces.

The Aries cell salt is Potassium Phosphate.  Potassium and phosphorus are both essential  to proper nerve function and are both rather easily depleted from exhaustion and stress, requiring frequent replenishment from fresh fruit and vegetable juices for potassium and whole grains for phosphorus.  Wheat germ and small nuts and seeds are excellent sources of both potassium and phosphorus at the same time.

There may be difficulty with the activation and integration of the fires of the head, and cayenne, garlic, ginseng and other warming Aries herbs should be used carefully to regulate the fires of the head.  Other herbs that affect the fires of the head, clearing the sinuses, are horseradish (Scorpio co-influence), ginger (Taurus co-influence), and ephedra.  Aries herbs are mostly stimulants, vulneraries, or rubefacients.  They will be hot, penetrating or pungent to the taste, or will have sharp spines or thorns.  The stinging nettle is an excellent blood-building Aries/Pisces herb.   The B-vitamin niacin is essential for normal cranial and peripheral blood circulation and may be considered a supplemental necessity in Aries afflictions. Caffeine, ephedrine, amphetamine, cocaine and other stimulants fall under Aries.  All of these ultimately exhaust and defeat the adrenals.  Vulneraries such as aloes (fresh juice or for greater hemostatic properties the dried powder) for burns and wounds are under a Scorpio/Aries co-rulership.  Homeopathic potencies of arnica or aconite have Aries applications as analgesics or vulneraries.

Afflicted Leo:

Afflictions in Leo affect the heart, the center of higher emotion and pride as well as the physical radiator of blood flow.  Also affected is the spine, primarily the thoracic spine. The form of the Leo glyph is seen in the aortic arch as well as in the ideal spinal curve. Leo rules also the thoracic sympathetic nerves, the cardiac plexus, and spinal extension in the general sense. Muscles and other tissues innervated by the fifth and sixth cervical nerve roots are generally Leo-ruled.  This includes the latissimus dorsi, triceps, deltoid, brachioradialis, teres major and minor, and all extensors of the fingers and palm.  Leo relates especially to the radial nerve, the radius bone, the open palm, the thumb and the function of will.  The Leo structural vertebral levels are second and third thoracic.

Primary reflex arcs are to the ankles and lower legs, with secondary reflexes to the  throat, neck and sex organs.

The Heart  meridian, which courses down the inside of the arm from the axilla to the little fingertip, is Leo-ruled.  It is a solid organ meridian of the fire element.

The Leo cell salt is Magnesium Phosphate, the primary catalyst of all cellular energy reactions.  It is most concentrated in the cell nucleus and in the high-energy nerve and muscle tissues, especially the myocardium.  Magnesium and phosphorus are both essential  to proper nerve function.  Magnesium  (solar energy-note its role in the chlorophyll molecule) must be in balance with calcium (lunar energy), the primary structural element. Sources of magnesium phosphate include most nuts and seeds, whole grains and soybeans.  Especially high are sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, avocados, walnuts and brazil nuts.  There may be difficulty with  the activation and integration of the fires of the heart, and cinnamon, clove, sandalwood and other rubefacients can be used externally with good result.  Hawthorn berry will help prevent coronary and other vascular congestion, especially when combined with vitamin E.  Mistletoe homeopathic potencies may apply in psychophysical Leo afflictions.  Calendula externally is specific for sunburn, and in the eyes for snow blindness, as also eyebright.

Afflicted Capricorn:

Afflictions in Capricorn affect the knees in particular and the bones and joints in general.  The hamstrings, adductors and popliteal nerves and muscles are ruled by Capricorn.  There may be a tendency toward calcification and joint degenerative changes, or hardening of tissues or skin, growths, warts etc. The structural vertebral levels ruled by Capricorn are twelfth thoracic and first lumbar.

Primary reflex arcs are to the breasts, stomach and ribs, with secondary reflexes to the head and central nerve system, and the kidneys and adrenals.

The Large Intestine meridian, which courses from the index finger up the lateral radial aspect of the arm, deltoid and trapezius through the larynx and jaw to the corners of the lips and nose, relates to Capricorn in its function of elimination of solid wastes, and regulation of hardening and mineralizing processes in the body.   It is a hollow organ meridian of the element of metal.

The Capricorn cell salt is Calcium Phosphate, which is present in the apatite crystals of bone tissue.  Capricorn rules the calcium balance and vitamin D metabolism.  Vitamin D intake and synthesis levels have more effect on abnormal calcification processes (as well as healthy calcium metabolism) than does actual calcium intake level.  With normal vitamin D metabolism and normal parathyroid function, excess calcium intake is never a problem unless there is excessive intake of calcium-binding oxalic or other acids.  Both of the solstitial signs of Cancer and Capricorn have highly sensitive vitamin D and calcium metabolism. Comfrey root, also known as knitbone, works through allantoin metabolism to optimize bone and connective tissue formation and healing, recommended for external use only because of its potential destructive effects on liver metabolism if ingested. Calcium-rich foods such as milk (especially goat's milk), sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds and soybeans are recommended as well as roots such as carrots and parsley root.  Shepherd's purse, pomegranate and persimmon are ruled by Capricorn because of their astringent and hemostatic action. Thuja and ficus sap are also thus ruled for similar reasons and their ability to destroy warts and other unwanted tissue.

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