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The Earth Mandala
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Specialized Natal Report by Bernie Ashman

Bernie's reading of Carl Jung's work with the collective unconscious and archetypes inspired Bernie to write this report. Bernie says it deepened his experience of astrology and life in general to have encountered Carl Jung's work. Another influence to The Earth Mandala was the Sabian Symbol work of Marc Edmund Jones and the later writings about the Sabian Symbols by Dane Rudhyar. The Sabian approach was an innovative and intuitive way to observe the degrees of the zodiac, a type of Astrological I-Ching you could say. Perhaps just as key an ingredient to the writing of The Earth Mandala was Bernie's own inner experience of meditation and his own intuitive way of "tuning into" the writing of the material.

How To Use This Report
Your Day of Birth: You can look up your own month and day of birth. There are challenging and illuminating sections that can be read. This information is intended to help you clarify key reasons for your incarnation. The idea isn't to give you all of the answers but a few clues on how to better understand your mission. Think of this report as helping to point you toward a deeper connection with your life purpose. There are no perfect people so don't feel bad if you read something that seems a bit negative. If we were perfect with no lessons to learn, there would be no reason for being here. Don't you agree? Think of karma or the challenges you face as growth potential.

Keep a Positive Attitude when consulting with this report. If you have an open mind and heart, the information can help you find clarity. May your life fill with creative joy and the happiest embrace of Earth's mandala energy!

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