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Jodie Foster
November 19, 1962
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***** Introduction *****

This report is designed to serve as a guide in finding your true vocation. At the same time an analysis of your personal characteristics, strengths or inhibitions, unused potential, karma, creativity, ability to earn money, work in relation to your employment etc., is given. At the end you will find a synthesis of the foregoing that will help you to summarize and clarify your mission in this life. Throughout this report numerous indications of possible vocations or professions related to your astrological influences are outlined. It is suggested that you reflect on this information within yourself so that in the end your own intuition can lead you to the best selection.

***** Astrological Data of Birth *****

The birth chart is a map of the positions of the planets at the
time and place of birth. For the benefit of students of astrology,
these positions and other technical information is listed below:

Sun 27 Sco 21
Moon 9 Vir 21
Mercury 24 Sco 22
Venus 15 Sco 45
Mars 17 Leo 45
Jupiter 3 Pis 37
Saturn 6 Aqu 10
Uranus 5 Vir 06
Neptune 13 Sco 45
Pluto 12 Vir 00
Asc. 18 Can 25
MC 4 Ari 19
2nd cusp 9 Leo 52
3rd cusp 4 Vir 21
5th cusp 9 Sco 47
6th cusp 16 Sag 07

Tropical Placidus Standard Time observed
GMT: 04:14:00 Time Zone: 8 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 34 N 03 08 118 W 14 34

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction : 7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition : 5 Deg 00 Min
Square : 5 Deg 00 Min
Trine : 5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile : 5 Deg 00 Min

***** Chapter 1 *****
Your individuality. Your personality.
Your emotional needs. Your mentality.

To find the ideal profession, you have to know yourself first. There are activities you are suited for according to your nature, and others you are not. Your ideal occupation should favor the expression of your individuality (Sun) and your personality (Rising Sign), satisfy your emotional needs (Moon) and permit the development of your intellect (Mercury).


You were born under the sign of SCORPIO and your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto, which endows you with great energy and the ability to conquer everything.

Your Sun sign is FIXED and this impels you to fulfill an organizing function, either in thought or action. Your attitude is firm, persevering, stable and decisive. You have the ability to concentrate profoundly on your projects and to stay firm in your purposes. In spite of this, you will have to cultivate a certain flexibility to avoid obstinacy and selfishness.

Scorpio it is a WATER sign which makes you receptive and intense. The success of your projects depends almost exclusively on your emotional state. You need to feel that you have control or power in the place of your work.

You are intense, fiery, passionate and an extremist. You don't like shady, undefined or gray situations. You live each moment of your life with great intensity and your emotions are deep and lasting. Your strong intuition will permit you to perceive the result of a situation before it occurs, and that also will help you to discover when people lie to you.

You are very noble and direct with your opinions. You are prepared to offer yourself completely to people you love and demand the same response in order to be happy. When you are deceived, you are utterly short with that person or the company, and more often, forever. Most of the time you won't be able to stay quiet, because your wealth of energy will cause you to be in constant action. You lose your patience very easily and your irritation could lead to dreadful explosions. Throughout your life you probably will suffer serious crisis that will change your course completely, and every time they will occur with more force and determination.

You were born to direct, to create, to investigate, and to cure. Your fixed ideas and your perseverance makes you a leader in any area. One of your missions is to protect others, to teach, to act with valor and courage, to teach to experience love with all it's intensity. You were born to delve into the secrets of nature, to investigate profound subjects, to heal others and to regenerate your environment.

To evolve, your spirit needs to learn to control aggressiveness, anxiety, intolerance and the tendency to be vindictive. You have to find a way to control jealousy, the tendency to manipulate and to control everything, your extreme and inflexible attitude which may cause you to lose, but not to change. You have to avoid violence, selfishness and the tendency to be destructive.

YOUR PERSONALITY: Ascendant Cancer

Others see you as a home-loving, affectionate and somewhat shy person. You project a warm and agreeable manner and avoid aggressive or violent situations. Your sensitivity transmits the sensibility of your spirit.

You are strongly attached to your family as well as your friends, which probably will be the same since your infancy. You are very protective and your strong maternal instinct will lead you to be concerned about everyone. You are always willing to help and often may worry more about problems of others than your own. Because of your great sensibility your feelings can easily be hurt. If your Sun sign doesn't indicate a little more self-confidence, there could be a tendency to loneliness and melancholia.

The profession you choose will have to offer security, stability and a sense of usefulness and that you are needed; avoid working in a noisy, tense, or very lonely place.


Your emotions are filtered by your mind before they are expressed, which could make you cold, calculating or inhibited. You are very difficult to please and can adopt an obsessive or very criticizing attitude that doesn't allow you to freely enjoy your affections. You have a fear of failure and continually seek total safety and this leads you to restrain your demonstration of affections and talents.

On the other hand, you like to serve and accomplish those tasks that benefit your loved ones, but often have problems understanding the feelings of others. You are retailed, analytical and think a long time before acting. You don't like to waste time and are very demanding with yourself and with others. You stand out in your job through your efficiency and your ability to concentrate and organize. You are also concerned about your health and your diet and you don't neglect your personal hygiene. You are delicate and selective with your pleasures.

Subconsciously, you have a strong fear of expressing your own power. In previous lives you may have lived in poverty, disease or humility and because of this, you now have the need to find safety and protection from people around you. You are afraid of diseases and its consequences. On the other hand, you may have held positions of service, healing and patient work or craftsman, and from there originates your ability to see details, your need to make projects to perfection and to your requirements. You now have to seek an opening to your emotional world and to note the development and not the perfection.

The profession you choose will have to satisfy your emotional need to find security, order and cleanliness. You need to feel useful to others and want to show your ability to serve. In the long run, you have a great need for recognition of your labor, but have difficulty making it count.

YOUR MENTALITY: Mercury in Scorpio

You have a very intuitive and inquiring mind. You are very fond of everything that is mysterious, hidden or unresolved. Your inquiring nature will make you investigate and study metaphysics, occultism and mysteries of life in general. You love knowing everybody's secrets, but will keep yours well hidden. Your logical reasoning can be affected by your very intense emotional world. Avoid making decisions when you are angry, because in those moments you lack coherence and logic. Your humor tends to be sharp and sarcastic. Generally you are likely to express your ideas as they occur, without any previous thought, refinement or delicacy. Many people may think you are aggressive, as you are frank and will go straight to the point. Your ideas are fixed and unchangeable, once you have decided to do something. You are not inhibited by fears and will challenge any authority.

Because of your distrust, your way of communicating could be somewhat limited. You are likely to have few close friends to share your life with. You have to learn to be more flexible and adaptable to new situations, and avoid being so dominant and reckless.

***** Chapter 2 *****
Your abilities and your emotions, inhibitions and strengths.
Hidden talents or challenges, Karma.

The location of the planets in the houses and the relationship between them can increase or decrease their power. Aspects of the Sun are related to our strength and those of the Moon affect the emotional world and are expressed on a subconscious level.

Aspects that affect your INDIVIDUALITY:

Sun in 5th house:

Your success is related to any creative, artistic, sports or recreational activity, or one of teaching, especially children. This influence also indicates success in speculative businesses, investments that imply certain risks or games of chance. The Sun in this position inclines to outstanding and successful children.

Sun conjunct Mercury:

You have a powerful mind, but can become very inflexible and stubborn in your opinions. It is important for you to think things through more thoroughly to avoid making premature decisions. You aim toward ardent and tenacious projects and are very ambitious and creative in all of your undertakings.

Your mind is likely to be much faster than your body, which makes you feel that there never is enough time in a day and that you have to do everything immediately, or that other people hold you back. To avoid stress, you will have to organize your time in accordance with the tasks you are planning to undertake.

Aspects that affect your EMOTIONS:

Moon in 3rd house:

You are very imaginative and intuitive, and if you are inclined to writing, journalism or advertising, you could be very successful. You are restless, like to travel and to associate with the people around you. You can understand other people's emotions, but can't tolerate any routine. Your curious mind will keep you in constant motion.

You tend to lack concentration and may change your studies or career often. You can be very dreamy and romantic, and your mind quickly wanders when subjects become boring or too abstract.

Moon Conjunct Uranus:

You tend to have more ability to solve other people's problems than your own. You could easily submit to some kind of notion or may become hysterical. You have to learn to control your emotions and not to waste your energy.

Because of your eccentricity, you could be the target of criticism and gossip, but this is not likely to inhibit you. Thanks to your innovative and defiant attitude, you are an example for others and help them to change and not to resign to unsatisfactory or unjust situations.

Moon Conjunct Pluto:

You have the ability to impose your opinions and to lead others, and have a need to feel that you have control and power. You could become obsessive with everything you want to do and others rarely will be able to change your mind.

Your emotions are very intense and deep and it will be necessary for you to have adequate channels of expression for them. At times you can go to extremes, could be greatly annoyed or act violently. You have to learn moderation and to accept others as they are. Avoid egotistical, tyrannical or sharp attitudes.

Moon Opposition Jupiter:

Your are likely to be too generous, which could generate problems for you. You have to learn to place limits on your offerings and not to rely so much on others. You have a tendency to exaggeration, showiness and a certain extravagance. You tend to be too confident of your possibilities, which makes you prone to have losses in business or litigations. You can be indulgent, lazy and negligent. To avoid problems, you have to learn to be more organized and to put order in your life.

Moon Sextile Neptune:

Throughout your life you are likely to have many psychic experiences. You have to learn to rely on your intuition and to develop your spirituality. You are attracted to the hidden sciences and will have great success in anything where you could apply your perceptive powers. You also have ability for music, art, the theater and dance.

HIDDEN TALENTS: Gemini on 12th house cusp

You have a tendency to completely neglect your intellectual capacity. If you have abandoned your studies, you will have to make the necessary effort to get back to them. If you have ended a career, you will have to strive for continued intellectual growth. You have to valorize your ideas, your wit and your ability to conceive original and novel projects. You tend to be very shy and feel unable to take your place in the world. You will have to improve your way of communicating, learning to say without fear what you think and want. You have the tendency to think too much about the steps you have to take and finally end up not taking any.

This influence could bring problems with brothers or sisters (if you have them), neighbors or other relations. If you were to lend someone money, it may be difficult to get it back.

***** Chapter 3 *****
Expansion (Jupiter) and retraction (Saturn).
To give and to receive.

EXPANSION: Jupiter in Pisces

Your sense of expansion manifests through your solidarity and sensibility. You are very obliging and naturally inclined to help others. You are very sensitive to the pain of others and even animals; your great empathy makes you a good doctor, nurse or veterinarian. Your material growth will depend on feeling useful to others. You are very amiable, warm and perceptive. In spite of the fact that you could become very popular, you always look for a withdrawn and calm place away from any noise. You have many fantasies and could have difficulty facing the world as it is.

Jupiter in 8th house:

You are well qualified to handle money for others or your own. You could excel in business management, accounting or banking. You may receive money or possessions through marriage, inheritances or gifts that will expand your material situation. Your material expansion is related to your ability to organize or transform your life as well as that of others.

Jupiter Opposition Moon:

It is probable that you may have had overly indulgent parents and because of that tend to be very complacent today. Avoid carelessness, laziness and don't let things slide. You also should avoid surrounding yourself with people who protect you too much and make decisions for you. It is important that you learn to discipline yourself and to direct your energies more carefully.

Jupiter Opposition Uranus:

You are rebellious and critical of accepted codes or laws. You are enthusiastic, independent, extroverted and headstrong, but also restless and nervous. It is important that you learn to concentrate and direct your energies on a single purpose. You must learn moderation in all things, avoid exaggerating and being critical.

RETRACTION: Saturn in Aquarius

The inhibition principle affects your possibility of integrating with groups or to follow others ideas. You have strong powers of concentration and your thinking is scientific and democratic. Inventive and new approaches come easily to you, as well as abstract symbolism and mathematics. You have many ambitions and work hard to achieve them. Your attitude toward people is responsible and you are loyal in friendships. You have a strong sense of freedom, but this not will prevent you to work well in groups. You may also be selfish and resent doing anything that does not please you. You tend to have too much intellectual pride and may lack gratitude and commitment.

Saturn in 7th house:

You can perform better working with others than alone, however, your principal frustration will be the difficulty finding a perfect associate. This placement hinders, delays or frustrates any kind of association and could bring losses. You have to learn to rely on your own authority and to work independently; if you find an associate, try to become aware of whom you are dealing with. Subconsciously, you recall a paternal figure and seek the protection from older people, and this could make you rely more on them than you need to. You are responsible and may direct your desire to achieve into areas involving the public. You transmit an image of confidence and maturity to others.

Success in life depends to a great extent on the balance between giving and receiving, expanding and retracting. Even dwelling on the one and only failure you may have had is like not attempting anything.

***** Chapter 4 *****
Finances, source of income.
Work in relation to your employment.

Described below are some possible sources of income. They may coincide, or not relate at all to your professional vocation.

FINANCES: Leo on 2nd house cusp

Throughout your life you will be able to reach important positions that will allow you to have a good income. You may occupy an important or higher position in some institution or outstanding company. On the other hand, you are likely to have very large expenses, because you like to live well and enjoy luxuries.

There also is a possibility of earning money in speculative businesses, risky investments, games of chance and bets as well as fields related to education, children, arts or entertainment.

Mars in 2nd house:

You have many ambitions and work intensely to obtain your material goals. If your expectations aren't met immediately, you can become very nervous and impatient. You can earn well in activities that require physical strength such as sports or those related to machines or metals, hazardous pursuits such as policemen, firemen, or military. You like those enterprises that challenge your capacity, where you can make use of your physical energy. You are much happier obtaining everything you want through your own effort and work. You also have a tendency to spend freely and are most generous to others. You have to learn to be more careful with money, otherwise you will be prone to financial crisis.

Ruler of 2nd house in 5th house:

Your income is related to creative endeavors, publications, entertainment, sports or arts, investments that imply certain risk or speculation, education or children. You are likely to earn money through some pursuit that will offer satisfaction and pleasure.

Earning money is in direct relationship to our self-esteem. If we consider ourselves valuable, money flows and comes into our lives. Work done with love and pleasure doesn't weigh us down and offers a better profit.

WORK IN RELATION TO YOUR EMPLOYMENT: Sagittarius on 6th house cusp

Your work in relationship to your employment will be expressed by your optimism, happiness and enthusiasm about your work. You have strong ambitions and fight for higher positions. You need to feel that you have a possibility of growing and expanding or learning in your work place. If your work is routine or doesn't gives you the possibility of ascending, you will resign. You are very popular among your co-workers and your presence will always provide a quota of happiness for others.

***** Chapter 5 *****
Your creativity and recreational activities.
Other skills and hobbies.

Hobbies are also part of our personality and through them, we express to a great extent our creative ability. It is important to enjoy our leisure activities and to complement them with our work or profession to reach greater balance. In our culture, we tend to place importance only on that which brings us money, thereby neglecting the expression of important parts of our personality.

YOUR CREATIVITY: Scorpio on 5th house cusp

Your favorite recreational activities will be sports, especially those that permit you to express your competitive spirit. You are likely to enjoy sports related to water, such as swimming, boating, skiing etc. You may also find pleasure in activities related to living things, such as plants or animals, or those that may have a touch of mystery, such as deep sea diving. Your creativity is stimulated when you are in touch with nature. When you are out in the open air, your mind will be cleared and you will have many new ideas.

Sun in 5th house:

Some of your pastimes could be: dancing, acting, modeling, telling jokes, participating in political or social groups, writing plays or books for children, collecting valuable objects or works of art, doing crafts, magic tricks, designing or creating toys, fashions, decorative objects, gold jewelry etc. You enjoy activities that bring you to the center of attraction.

Mercury in 5th house:

Some of your pastimes could be: operating radios, studying languages, playing games that require concentration and mental skill such as chess, writing letters, reports or novels, collecting stamps, books or objects as a remembrance of trips, getting involved with journalism or photography.

Venus in 5th house:

Some of your pastimes could be: singing, dancing, acting, painting, drawing, decorating, sculpturing ceramics or copper, handicrafts in general, writing poetry, music or love stories, designing fashions, cosmetics or decorations, pastry, or participating in social activities.

Neptune in 5th house:

Some of your pastimes could be: water sports such as swimming, skiing, diving, fishing or navigating, participating in charity organizations, writing romantic novels, fairy-tales or mystery stories, collecting pyramids, quartz or other energetic crystals, tarot cards and occult books in general, learning to interpret dreams. You may be attracted to musical activities such as ballet, singing or playing some kind of instrument.

***** Chapter 6 *****
Your vocation, profession, probability of success and
social recognition.

Aries MC

Your destiny indicates that you will have a position of authority, where you will be supervising several people, but you will have someone that supervises you as well. You will be very comfortably in situations where discipline is necessary. You could excel in a sport, or in an activity which requires physical strength. Most likely your job will bring you in contact with machines or metals, perhaps in a factory or industry. You will have many ambitions, and the phrase "I want" will always be present in your vocabulary. You are very positive, enthusiastic and want to achieve your goals immediately; you are impatient with any delays and interferences relating to your plans. If you have faith in your own initiatives, you will be very successful.

Your career choice could be one of the following professions: business, sports, industrial engineer, physical education teacher, advertising, pilot, military, policeman, mechanic etc. Whatever field you choose, you will endeavor to attain a leadership position.

Ruler of 10th house in 2nd house:

Your professional success will be reflected in your income. Most likely you will make money through the profession you choose. Your resources and values play an important role in your future success.

***** Chapter 7 *****
Summary. Your unique talents.

Each of us is born with a unique talent, and our function in life is to express it. Following are descriptions of the principal astrological influences that form your unique abilities. Although some probable professions are listed, your true vocation is a combination of all these elements. After reading these paragraphs, reflect on them and let your intuition help you to find your own synthesis.


You were born to lead, to create, to investigate, and to heal. Your fixed ideas and your perseverance makes you a leader in any area. One of your missions is to protect others, to teach to act with valor and courage, to teach to experience love with all its intensity. You were born to delve into the secrets of nature, to investigate profound subjects, to heal others and to regenerate your environment.

Professions ruled by Scorpio: doctor, surgeon, investigator, chemist, biologist, psychiatrist, dentist, ecologist, manager, organizer, military, engineer, detective, secret agent, navigator, and all occupations related to some kind of investigation, hazardous conditions or positions of authority.

YOUR PERSONALITY: Ascendant Cancer

The profession you choose will have to offer security, stability, a sense of usefulness and that you are needed; avoid working in a noisy, tense, or very lonely place.


Your job will have to satisfy your emotional need to finding security, order and cleanliness. You need to feel useful to others and want to show your ability to serve. In general, you have a great need for recognition.


Your career choice could be one of the following professions: business, sports, industrial engineer, physical education teacher, advertising, pilot, military, policeman, mechanic etc. Whatever field you choose, you will endeavor to attain a leadership position.

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