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Below are some compliments from our Siruis and Kepler users and web site guests. Over the years we have received hundreds of compliments and we will be adding more compliments to this page.
I'll never forget the dedication, perseverance, patience, and kindness you both showed while helping me solve my problem. Your customer service is the best I have ever seen anywhere, and I sincerely thank you for that.

-D. O'Connor.
La Puente, CA

I purchased Kepler some months ago and I'm very happy with your work. Thanks for a great program!This is a superb program. I am having a ball with it. Discovering new stuff every day. I have generated personalised reports for my clients and much more.

-F. Ayley
Billingham, WA

Sirius is great! - I have several other packages, but none utilise/show detail like Sirius. Thank you to you and David, and of course all the Cosmic Patters team.

-H. P. Spargo
Surray, England

Thank you so much, Fei, you are like a very old friend who I know is always there and would never consider any other program but Kepler.

-M. Bremer
Las Vegas, NV

I want to congratulate the Cosmic Patterns team on Sirius. I recently joined the Raleigh chapter of the NCGR. One of the members said something about how wonderful the rectification module was. I went home and tried it. It was within 1 degree of what I had hand rectified thirty years ago. I have a hunch that Sirius’ determination is more correct than my own! Now I have to completely revise my own astrological understanding of myself: the MC/IC changed signs. I’ve always had this duality harbored in the back of my mind.

-D. Huff
Greensboro, NC

You may be interested to know that it is not hat difficult to have Kepler 7 running in Vista just like it did in Windows XP, including the help system, Avalon lesson and astro encyclopedia. There are only a couple of simple tricks needed. I guess this means your programming team needs even more praise than I first thought: Kepler runs perfectly in Windows vista wih even fewer difficulties that anticipated. Kudos! Of course, even if the tricks are relatively simple, I can definitely see why some people would rather get an update that does the job for themselves. Messing with computers is scary for many!

Brussels, Belgium

Sirius: Many thanks for providing directions. I'll be travelling for the next month with my netbook so hope to have some time to explore Sirius which has now been successfully installed on it. Thank you and David for such a lovely program

-N. Vasilescu
Queensland, Australia

I enjoy the software immensely, keep up the good work!!

-M. Ker
La Mesa, CA

I like your programs very much! I have Matrix and Solar Fire, but I use yours

-M. B. Powell
Pebble Beach, CA


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010 14:51
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