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New Testemonial Letters from our Kepler Users

Subject: Applause

I appreciate much its attention to them and disposition so that the purchase of software was made I am very contented with the program I yesterday received it to noon.

I want to congratulate to each one of the people and astrologers who participated in the accomplishment of software and gratefulness to all by this great work to spread the astrology like which it is a tool of God car-discovery blesses thanks for everything.

Without but at the moment thank you very much by everything and more ahead I will put myself again in contact for new updates of modules of interpretation or software.

- E. Torres Serrano
Mexico City, Mexico

Hi there, Fei, David and all...
I received Kepler 7.0 on have ALL outdone yourself. I have a new computer here, new operating system and new astrology software and if the big astrologer in the sky beams me up, I have to
take this stuff with's TOO cool.
KEPLER 7 is incredible! My Gemini Sun and Moon, Libra (w/Pluto EXACTLY conj the asc & 1st house Uranus; I call him Darth Vader-lol) rising son bought Kepler for me as a birthday present (what a way to celebrate my commencing ONE YEAR and on Easter as well). I am speechless at:
1-his generosity
2-the program
4-the ease of operation & e-mailing
5-the colors, the art, the music

I never in my wildest imagination thought astrology would take me to Court TV and Kepler software would take me to this heavenly technological masterpiece. Thank you so much. So much is going on that I never have a moment to spare but I
had to write to say hello, say THANK YOU and wish you well.... Kepler is magnificient.

-My blessings to you all
Irene M.
Holliswood, NY

Will Pam or Kepler be at the AFA convention in July? I am giving my Xena lecture and I would like to send them to her for the special points I have written about (Sedna,Xena, Cruithne and Quaoar). I am thrilled that you have these on Kepler! This was such a benefit at my MAC lecture on Planet X.
No need to respond but, if you talk to Pam, tell her hello and I will see her in Louisville! I am also thrilled at all of the things that Kepler does...what a surprise!

- L. Koiner
Silver Spring, MD

I recently purchased Kepler 7.0. I'm new to astrology and have begun working my way through Avalon Lessons. I'm enjoying the lessons and the software. I note a certain tropical prejudice in things like the degrees of zodiac on the sky charts, etc, but it isn't as severe as I feared. I had always been interested in astrology but lost that interest every time I discovered that the astro (star) logers (studiers) generally had nothing to do with stars. When I discovered Western Sidereal astrology I soon ordered your software.

J. Bridges
Seattle, WA

Hi folks,
Just wanted to tell you that the new version of Kepler ROCKS. I find something new to enjoy every time I use it. This is a major Upgrade and I'm really enjoying it. Keep up the good work!

- K. Connell
Lambertville, NJ


First I must tell that I'm very satisfied with
Kepler 7.0, very user friendly and customizable, it
worths a money I gave. Really.

Best regards,
V. Vukadinovic


Yesterday I ordered Child Astrological Report for
myself since I'm considering getting that software for my Kepler sometime in future. Was surprised how accurate it seemed as I am now 66 yrs of age.

- J. Gann
Springfield, MO


My son gave me your Kepler Superb Astrology Software as a Christmas gift. I have used it for about the last hour and wanted you to know I really loved it.

Thank you,
K. Karochi
Perrysburg, OH

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for sending on Lifepath. I am delighted with Kepler 7. It is a brilliant programme, easy to use and delightful to work with. No doubt I will be touch in the near future as I will be purchasing other reports.

Thanks again,
C. Quirke

I am over the moon about the Kepler program - there is just so much included in your package that I am amazed and delighted. My husband recently
returned from a trip to India with Vedic astrolgy books and magazines for me and your Vedic section has helped to me to understand the books better. Please send my sincere appreciation and admiration to your whole team for a magnificent program.

K. James
South Africa

Well as they say, you never get too old to learn. Thank God. LOL. And thank you for your help. Kepler has done everything I have ask it to do and more.

Take care,
B. Endicott
Jamestown, NC

It is wonderful to get a timely, and helpful response from a software company. It is very unusual and welcome!

Best Regards,
D. Winiecki
Clarkdale, AZ

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