Your Personality Profile

A Personality Profile Report describes your personality, your motivations, interests, & your strong and weak points. It does not focus on one specific or narrow issue such as vocation, but instead provides a comprehensive analysis of your personality profile. Get your own personality profile now to get to know more about yourself and get important insights out of this report. Click here to select the personality for you.

Your Karmic Destiny

Past Life Report: A Past Life Report provides insight into spiritual issues and interprets your astrology chart from a metaphysical perspective. We are born at a certain time, and that time is not one that occurs by chance. Because the astrological forces at that moment when you were born are designed to help you learn the lessons and highlight the talents that you can develop in this life. Click here to select and order your Past Life Report 

Special Insight

A Special Insight Report focuses on a particular area of your life, or analyzes your astrology chart from a particular perspective. Potential problem areas are described, and there are a variety of different reports, some of which show you how you can change your behavior, use visualization, meditation, aromatherapy, flower essences, and gems to gain balance in your health. One of these reports provides information on how to transform deeply ingrained patterns. Another report helps you avoid dangerous situations and how to take steps to ensure your personal safety. We also have a report that focuses on career issues and decisions. Click here to select the report that will give you special insight that is unique to your need.

Children and Teens Analysis

Getting To Know More About Your Children:
Order this report to get to know more about your children (either newly born, toddlers, or teenagers). You can also order this report for yourself to get to know more about your inner life and to reflect on how you grew up. If you are a teenager and would like guidance on your daily routine, this is a good report to read for you. If you have a teenager, this report can help you understand how they react to situations in their life. Note: minors should have a parent or custodian order the report for you.Click here to select and order your analysis.

Other Languages: Spanish, French, etc.

Interpretive Reports in Other Languages: When you click the link at the end of this paragraph, a list of other languages will be displayed. You can select the report that you wish to have in a variety of different languages! Languages available are Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Norwegian. If you do not find the language that you prefer, drop us a line. We may have it available for you. Click here to view a list of interpretive reports that are available in other


This art wheel collection includes a wide variety of themes and styles. Throughout the entire collection, the most consistent quality is the subtle and exquisite colors. Click here for details.

My Best Places Report

The BEST PLACES REPORT does something amzingly simple and powerful: It tells you which towns and cities are best for the area of ife you are most interested in. Click here to view more details about this option.


Friendship Analysis

A Friendship Analysis Report reveals insights into any of your friends relationships. Reading this report will help you understand your relationship to your friends better. The interpretations are very accurate and provide information on how to keep your friendships strong and harmonious.
Click here to select and order your friendship analysis.

Love and Romance

Romantic Analysis: A Romantic Analysis provides insights into Love and Romance and reveals important issues in your romantic relationship. This report describes how your life styles and interests may harmonize or clash, how you communicate, and there are suggestions on how to keep your relationship harmonious and fulfilling. It is good to read this analysis especially when you are in a serious relationship or if you are thinking of getting involved seriously. Click here to select and order your Romantic Analysis.

Your Future

Future Trends and Upcming Events in Your Life: This report describes your future trends - what is likely to occur in the coming days, months, or even years. Reading about your future trends will help you prepare and accept the events that happen in your life. Having the knowledge that an event is likely to occur gives you the strength and insight to be ready to face the upcoming time period. Click here to select and order your future trends report.

Solar Return

Current Year's Prospect: A Curent Year's Prospect Analysis is a Solar Return Report. These reports determine trends and tendencies that are likely in the coming year. These reports address issues such as external conditions and likely situations likely to arise your environment, and opportunities and problems that are likely to occur in different areas of your life. A Solar Return Report identifies specific areas of your life where the astrological influences will affect and issues will manifest, and your probable responses and the inner changes you go through are described. Click here to select and order your current year's prospect analysis.

Relocation Report

Relocate or Plan a Vacation: Before planning your vacation or a permanent move, run this report first!! It is worth running this report for yourself or for your family and friends before planning to move or go on vacation. Click here to
order your relocation report.

Other Languages: Spanish, French, etc.

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TREASURE MAPS TREASURE MAPS show you where you are likely to attract different kinds of experiences. For example, you can select a Love and Romance Treasure Map or a Vocation and Career Map. Click on the above icon or click here to order your Treasure Maps

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