Worlds Best and Largest Collection of Interpretive Reports
Kepler includes interpretive reports (the Cosmo Reports, Major Life Themes Report, and Live Mini Report) but these reports are short.

We have the World's Best and Largest Collection of Interpretive Reports that are add ons to the Kepler Program or Pegasus. The following Interpretive Report Options provide you with options for more thorough interpretations and also interpretations that focus on particular areas or issues that are not in the reports included with the Kepler or Pegasus program.

The Interpretive Report Options require Kepler or Pegaus to run.

There are 5 kinds of reports available. Click on title bars below to view complete listing

General Natal Reports
General Natal Reports provide a comprehensive description and analysis of a person. 7 Reports

Specialized Natal Reports
Specialized Natal Reports focus on a particular area or aspect of life such as vocation or a particular age group such as children. 12 reports

Compatibility Reports
Compatibility Reports analyze the relationship between two people. 4 Reports

Forecast Reports predict future trends. 18 Reports

Relocation Reports describe issues, challenges, and opportunities that arise if you visit or live in a particular place; these reports can be used when deciding where to move to, where to vacation, where to conduct business, etc.

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