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TREASURE MAPS: In previous versions of Kepler there were 5 Treasure Maps: the Love
and Romance, Vocation and Career, Friendship and Family, Imagination and Inspiration, and the
Excitement and Instability Maps. We have added 5 additional ones:
~ Education and Communication
~ Culture and Creativity
~ Optimism and Opportunity
~ Responsibility and Focus
~ Detailed Friendship and Family
WHEELS: You can now produce chart wheels with essential dignities, almuten, and
conjunctions to fixed star tables, and you can also select a square chart wheel, if you wish, as
well as many other features that are used in medieval and hellenistic astrology.

There are several new wheel styles. You can now produce wheels that have planets in the inner ring and minor asteroids in the outer ring; this is the Asteroid Wheel. You can also select a Fixed Star Wheel (fixed stars in the outer ring), Arabic Parts wheel (Arabic Parts in the outer ring) or Midpoint Wheel (midpoints in the outer ring). In the Asteroid Wheel you can have up to 50 asteroids in the outer ring, and the asteroid glyphs can be if desired and an asteroid glyph is available, and there is also a table below the wheel that shows which asteroid has which glyph. Of course, you can customize the wheel if you like. Kepler includes over 1,000 asteroids to choose from and if you own the optional 30,000 Asteroids CD you can place virtually any asteroid desired in the wheel. The Fixed Star Wheel and Arabic Parts Wheel are similar in concept with the additional points being in the outer ring of the wheel.

Given below is a list of some of the wheel styles that have been added to Kepler 7
~ Asteroids Wheel
~ Arabic Parts Wheel
~ Fixed Stars Wheel
~ Midpoint Wheel
~ Medieval Wheel (with Essential Dignities, almutens, etc.
~ 3-D appearance
~ Square Wheel
~ Huber House Wheel (also available in Ver 6)
~ Huber Mondknoten (also available in Ver 6)
~ Blank Wheel
~ Japanese/Chinese/Tamil/Other Language Wheel
~ TriWheel Animation (Natal, Progression, and Transit
~ BiWheel with each ring having its own cusp
~ Ability to add TransPluto to a wheel
OTHER FEATURES: Kepler 7.0 provides a tremendous number of new features that were not in earlier versions of Kepler. While adding all of these features, Kepler has not only become much more powerful, flexible, and versatile, but the program is also slightly easier to use than Kepler 6.0. As each new version of Kepler expands in power, we are also making sure that this increased power does not interfere with you ability to get directly to the features you want and not to be distracted by the new features. Our goal is to ensure that Kepler not only does not become more difficult to use but that we've taken steps to make improvements to the ease of use; we have achieved this goal with Kepler 7.0. Below is a short list of new features added to Kepler 7.0
~ Improved AstroClock
~ Page Designer (improved wheel customizing)
~ Added more charts of famous people
~ Planetary Pitches (Music of the Spheres)
~ Compatibility Profile Score
~ Electional Astrology Graph and Information
~ Day-for-a-year planet Ingresses and Rx/Direct
~ Lunar Phase Report
~ Void of Course Moon Listing
~ Aspect Listings with Moon Details (VOC included)
~ Transit-to-Transit Stations, Zodiac Sign Ingresses
~ Planets and fixed stars on the horizon, zenith, and nadir
~ Gauquelin sectors
~ Rotated parans
~ Firdaria (ancient forecasting method)
~ House zodiac
~ AstroSignature Research (Natal Charts)
~ Forecast AstroSignature Research
~ Match Making Research
~ Pairs Research
~ Quick selection of current transit chart
~ Set a default place to use in AstroMap
~ Harmonic Highlights Report (by David Cochrane)
~ Vedic Insight Report (a comprehensive Vedic Report)
~ Two new additional Kepler fonts
~ Improved Menus (easier selection of many listings, progressed, solar and lunar return reports, etc.)
~ Updated Atlas: Finland, Hungary, Norway, Mauritius
~ Updated DST tables for 20 Countries
~ Save any reports or wheels to file with any name you like in any directory you want to save it to.
NEW HOUSE SYSTEMS ADDED: Kepler used to have 13 House Systems. Now Kepler has 16 House Systems. We added
~ Geodetic
~ Alcabitius
~ Neoporph
~ Sky Map
~ More Advanced and Flexible Graphic Ephemeris (up to 99 years, progressed Asc and MC, faster calculations, easier selection of planets, right ascension, etc.)
~ Options for heliocentric, declination, latitude, and right ascension in text ephemeris
~ Table of Moon Positions
~ Star Catalogue
~ AstroClock
~ Easy selection of multiple Vedic varga charts
~ Ashtakavarga
~ Ashtotarri and Narayana dasas added (in addition to Vimsotarri dasas)
~ Chart Explorer: Vedic interactive interpretations courtesy of Australian astrologer Dadhichi Toth (
Easier Import of Birth Data File from Solar Fire: If the Solar Fire program is installed on your computer, Kepler will automatically detect that you have it installed. If found, Kepler will ask if they want to export the birth data from Solar Fire into the Kepler program. A browse button has also been added.

OTHER FEATURES: There are many other specific improvements throughout the program. Just as one example, it is now much easier to create your own set of arabic parts or fixed stars. We have tried to summarize some of the main features.

NEW Products: The Kepler Mega Atlas is a separate atlas from the built in Kepler Atlas. If you are not able to find a place in Kepler, the Kepler Mega Atlas will have this information. The atlas that is built in the Kepler program is not included in the Kepler Mega Atlas.
~ Pastel Collection ArtWheel CD
~ Kepler Mega Atlas

New Report Options:
~ World Peace Report
~ Feline Report
~ French Elie Natal Report
Lorna Houston is the author of the Personal Security Report, Nature Appreciation Report and the new World Peace Report. Each of these programs are $125. Purchase all 3 reports for only $300.00
KEPLER SEMINAR: On the weekend of November 6-7, 2004 we will be giving a Kepler Seminar that will last 2 full days. Click here for more information.

Weekend Classes Are now in Session!
New classes will begin in March 2005. You can send in your application at any time before March.

The Avalon School of Astrology is a post-secondary school licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education. Graduates of The Avalon School of Astrology receive a diploma in Theoretical and Applied Cosmic Cybernetics. With the education you receive at Avalon, you have the training you need not only to open an astrological counseling business, but also to work in wide variety of other positions. The Avalon School of Astrology,

~ Provides the education and training needed to be a competent professional astrologer.

~ Can provide professional astrologers greater breadth of
understanding and training that will help them raise their work to a new level.

~ Provides intensive training and education that challenges you to reach to a new level. Hard work and study are needed to do this. We provide excellent instructors and facilities that make it possible for you to excel.

~ Empowers you to choose the astrological methods that you are most comfortable with, while at the same time understanding andappreciating other approaches to astrology.

~ Provides theoretical as well as hands-on practical training to help you succeed in an astrological profession if you choose to pursue one.

~ Helps psychologists, counselors, educators, business people, and other professionals interested in astrology develop the technical and practical skills needed to incorporate astrology into their work.

~ Graduates from Avalon can apply for NCGR Level IV Certification!

DIPLOMA & CERTIFICATION: The Avalon School of Astrology is an independent school approved by the state of Florida. Graduates receive a diploma in Theoretical and Applied Cosmic Cybernetics.

The first 3 levels of NCGR Certification are waived for graduates of Avalon! After graduating from Avalon, you can apply directly for the very prestigious NCGR Level IV Certification! You will also fulfill all of the academic requirements of the forthcoming ISAR Certification program.

GETTING TO GAINESVILLE:Gainesville, Florida is halfway between Miami and Atlanta, and is about a 5 hour drive to both of these cities. So if you live in Florida or Georgia, this is an opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting, comprehensive, and powerful astrology education programs ever available! The Avalon School of Astrology is about 4 miles from the Route 222 Exit off I-75.

Thanks also to our translators, authors, graphic artists, and distributors for your valuable contributions, as well as to you, our customers, who make all this possible through your support, encouragement and suggestions.

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