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~ Art Wheels
~ Asteroids Wheel
~ Arabic Parts Wheel
~ Fixed Stars Wheel
~ Midpoint Wheel
~ Medieval Wheel (with Essential Dignities, almutens, etc.
~ 3-D appearance
~ Square Wheel
~ Huber House Wheel
~ Huber Mondknoten
~ Blank Wheel
~ Wheel with TransPluto
~ Vedic Chakra Chart
~ Regular Chart Wheel
~ BiWheel
~ TriWheel
~ QuadWheel
~ 2 Wheels on one page
~ 3 Wheels on one page
~ 4 Wheels on one page
~ Put any planets on the Ascendant
~ 90 Degree Dial


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Go to Kepler InformationKepler can be used by people with any level of experience, from novice to professional. Novices can stick to the basics, experts use the advanced features. Complete atlas included.

FACTS ABOUT KEPLER CONTINUES: (Page 1) Calculations In alphabetical order

Angular Distance Table
Ancient Western: Essential Dignities & Planetary Hours
* Ancient Western Firdaria (new in version 7)
Antiscia, and Contra Antiscia Charts & Listings
Arabic Parts Listing

* Arabic Parts Wheels (new in version 7)
Arc Transform Chart
Art Gallery: Hundreds of Astrological Graphics
Ascendant: rotate the chart to put any planet or midpoint on the ascendant
Aspects and/or Midpoints Between Charts
   4 Major Asteroids and Chiron can be put in Wheel. 
   1000 other asteroid positions are in a list.
   An option to buy 38,000 more asteroids
Art Wheels: Chart Wheels that look like works of art
* Asteroids Wheels (new in version 7)
AstroMaps: Maps of any geographic area of the world with lines drawn through them which indicate areas of astrological sensitivity.
   Geodetic Maps:
      Geodetic Planet Map
      Geodetic Reference Map
   Horizon Maps: A horizon map is a slight variation of a local space map; the horizon map plots the actual house cusps whereas in a local space map house Asc lines are drawn due east-west and the MC lines are drawn due north-south. The planet lines in a horizon map and local space map are identical.
   Local Space Maps
   Zodiac Sign Maps: AstroMaps that show where the zodiac sign of the Ascendant and MC change.
   AstroMaps with or without orbs
   AstroMaps with blue-shaded orbs
   AstroMaps calculated in longitude or in mundo
   Asteroids, midpoints, and minor aspects can be
      included if desired
   Flexible and easy to use
   Zoom in and zoom out feature
   Select any city and put it in the middle of the map
        Options that can be included:
             4 Major Asteroids
             Major Aspects
             Minor Aspects
   Treasure Maps (a Unique and Exciting Feature):
            Love and Romance Map
            Vocation and Career Map
            Friendship and Family Map
            Imagination and Inspiration Map
            Excitement and Instability Map
            Point and Click Interpretations
            Education & Communication (new in ver. 7)
            Culture and Creativity (new in ver. 7)
            Optimism and Opportunity (new in ver. 7)
            Responsibility and Focus (new in ver. 7)
   Fagan-Bradley, Lahiri, Sri Yukteswar, Raman,    JN Bhasin, De Luce, Ushashashi, Krishnamurti, Djwhal Khool, Yukteshwar, Babylonian, Kugler 1, Babylonian, Kugler 2, Babylonian, Kugler 3, Babylonian, Mercier, Babylunian, Huber, Aldebaran at 15 Taurus, Hipparchos, Sassanian, Galactic Center on 0 Sagittarius, J2000, J1900, B1950, Customized Value
Comparison Chart
Compatibility Profile Scores
Coordinate Systems: (some are new in version 7)
      Normal (Zodiacal Longitude)
      Right Ascension
      Mundoscope (prime vertical chart)
      Declination Longitude Equivalent
      Declination Longitude Equivalent Antiscia
      Declination Long. Equivalent Contra Antiscia
      Normal (not adjusted)

      Draconic Mean Node
      Draconic True Node
      Tobey Secondary
      Antiscia Chart
      Contra Antiscia Chart
      Sun Zodiac Chart (Sun=0 Aries)
      Moon Zodiac Chart (Moon=0 Aries)
      Mercury Zodiac Chart (Mercury =0 Aries)
      Venus Zodiac Chart (Venus=0 Aries)
      Mars Zodiac Chart (Mars=0 Aries)
      Jupiter Zodiac Chart (Jupiter =0 Aries)
      Saturn Zodiac Chart (Saturn=0 Aries)
      Uranus Zodiac Chart (Uranus=0 Aries)
      Neptune Zodiac Chart (Neptune=0 Aries)
      Pluto Zodiac Chart (Pluto=0 Aries)
      Ascendant Zodiac Chart (Asc.=0 Aries)
      House Zodiac Chart

CoAscendant in chart wheel
            Asc Midpoint
            MC Midpoint
            Derived Asc
Degree Meanings
Declinations: Transit to natal declinations, and progressed to natal declinations, and a list of declination positions in the chart wheel, as well as the parallels of declination. You can also obtain midpoint structures in declination and a graphic ephemeris in declination.
Draconic Chart
Dwadasamsa Chart
Electional Astrology
Eclipses indicated in transit-to-natal printouts
Eclipse Maps:
   Date and time, as well as eclipse path, is
   Ability to display more than one eclipse path on
      a map
Eclipse, Lunation, and Ingress Charts
Educational and Learning: Avalon Lessons
Essential Dignities & Planetary Hours Table
   Listing of planet positions for the time period desired.
   Select tropical/sidereal, asteroids, transneptunian, etc.
   Ephemeris Tables of Planets and/or Asteroids
Financial Astrology:
   Graph financial data, such as stocks or commodities. Import financial data purchased from data providers. Automatically pick out and save in a file high and low days. Produce a gold price forecast and a silver price forecast. Use Kepler research tools to create forecasts for other comodities. Designed specifically for index and comodity forecasts (stock forecast are not available yet)
Fixed Stars
* Fixed Stars Wheels (new in version 7)
* Gauquelin Sector (new in version 7)
Graphic Ephemeris
   Natal, transiting, secondary progressed, and/or
      solar arc positions can be combined together
   Color coded lines help identify which charts are
      involved in an aspect
   Customize by selecting planets, line thickness,
      and other options
   Use Longitude, Declination, and Latitude positions
Harmonic charts, listings, or harmonic aspects,
  and harmonic patterns

Heliocentric wheel and other calculations
Horizon Chart
House System Comparison
Huber House Wheel
Huber Style Wheel
Huber Mondknoten
Kepler Workhop
      * Sky Map (new in version 7)
      * Ashtakavarga ((new in version 7)
      Graphic Ephemeris
      *  Moon Calendar (new in version 7)
      * Star Catalogue (new in version 7)
      * Kepler Workshop AstroClock (new in ver. 7)
      * Chart Explorer (new in version 7)
      Easy selection of multiple Vedic varga charts (new)
Lilith (mean black moon) in chart wheel
(true black moon) in chart wheel
Lunar Return
Medieval Wheel (with Essential Dignities,
        almutens, etc.
Midpoint Trees and Midpoint Sorts
Midpoint trees between 2 charts
Midpoint Wheels
Moon's Node:
Mean Node & True Node
Multi-Media: Live Mini Reading
Munkasey Weighting Analysis
Mundoscope Chart
Natal Chart

Parallax corrected moon
Parallels of Declination: Listed in wheel 
        printouts, printed in transit-to-natal listings
Parans: A list of the latitudes where parans occur, with major cities also listed.
Planet Return
Polar Ascendant in Chart Wheels

Precessed Solar, Lunar, and Planetary Returns
Primary Directions:
List of dates when primary directed planets cross angular cusps
Profile Category Scores

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