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LUNAR RETURN: by Horacio Valsecia. Optional Report Option of Kepler, Sirius or Pegasus: The Lunar Return happens every 28 days and 13 times a year. These interpretations provide insights into possible events in a descriptive and comprehensive way while giving suggestions on how to deal with the positive as well as negative planetary aspects. The objective of this report is to offer a practical guide that helps analyze the month's perspective. Available in English and Spanish. Languages available: English, Spanish Price: $100.

Compatibility Report by Gina Ronco LUNAR RETURN SAMPLE PRINTOUT:

Lunar Return Report for

Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967
12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia


LUNAR RETURN: September 16, 2009 at 11:24 AM

     Lunar Return Ascendant Scorpio :

    A month of change, transformation and emotional regeneration. Changes beyond your control could generate tension and insecurity. You tend to be more aggressive and manipulative and your sexual drive may increase. Financial aid is also possible.

     Asc in 4th natal house:

    Family meetings and the desire to improve your home life is indicated. You may by refreshments or furniture. It would be a favorable month to move.

     Lunar Return MC Leo :

    You are likely to be more ambitious and have a greater desire to have more and to get ahead in your profession. A job offer or increase in salary could be possible.

    You tend to neglect your life at home which could bring irritation and disagreements with your family. A good time to seek more independence or to rearrange your domestic life.

     MC in 2nd natal house:

    There is a possibility of earning more money through your profession or work.

     Moon in 10th house:

    You will be more exposed to the public and this will increase your popularity. A month of honors or recognition in your professional activity. Your career and your goals are emphasized and you may attain some important objectives. You can count on the support of your superiors, influential people or other officials.

Moon Conjunct Venus:

    Love and romance are favored now. It is a month of increased social activity and pleasure, and a possibility to put on weight. You will have to guard against a tendency to spend too much on luxuries and pleasures.

Moon Conjunct MC:

    Your profession will bring you more in contact with the public. There is a possibility of receiving a price, recognition or promotion during this month. A good time to make changes or improvements in your professional life.

Moon Opposition Neptune:

    This aspect will be in effect for several months and could subject you to deceptions and deceits in your emotional world. Try to be more realistic and avoid being victimized. Accept your responsibilities and eliminate your fears.

    A time of mystery or confusion when you could become the target of gossip or slander. Because of your emotional insecurity and fears you tend to be more susceptible to others now. It would be advisable to surround yourself with positive people and to avoid an inclination to any bad habits or immoral practices.

Moon Trine Pluto:

    This influence will be in effect for several months and will help you to completely renew your emotional world. You tend to look for relationships that are not superficial, but allow you to express your emotions more intimately. Childhood memories or traumas that may surface can be dealt with effectively and released. Romance and your sex life could become very enriched. You are likely to adopt a dominant attitude toward your mate and sometimes may try to manipulate them.

Moon Quincunx Uranus:

    This influence will be in effect for several months and you are apt to be more irritable, nervous and susceptible than usual. You feel the need for changes in your environment and in your routine. Fluctuating emotions could complicate your romantic life and it will not be easy to please you during this period. You tend to be in a constant state of excitement or dissatisfaction. You will have to watch your nervous system and your digestive system.

Lunar Return Asc. conjunct natal Mercury:

    Your ability to communicate either orally or in writing is likely to increase. Your mind will be very active and you are inclined to begin studies or to seek information on different subjects.

Lunar Return 11th cusp conjunct natal Pluto:

    The relationship with your close friends will be very intense during this month, and this will allow you to release inner ideas, recollections and emotions that will bring profound changes in your life. You have a great need to be with your friends and could become demanding, jealous and domineering.

Lunar Return Sun conjunct natal Pluto:

    Conflicts with authorities are possible. You tend to reject any order coming from male figures and have a tendency to compete with dominance. It is likely to be a tense month with the possibility of fights.

Lunar Return Venus conjunct natal Moon:

    You tend to respond with sensitivity and understanding to demonstrations of love and affection from others. You are likely to enjoy social encounters and someone may fall in love with you because of your warmth and affection.

Lunar Return Saturn conjunct natal Pluto:

    The responsibilities of your outer world could bring a strong desire to change and regenerate your life. You tend to respond in an aggressive or violent way to the limitations imposed on you, and you will confront more structured, rigid or cold people. Your desire for change could be frustrated by the indifference or lack of collaboration of the people around you.

     Sun in 11th house:

    Your social life is likely to increase by meeting new people and strengthening your existing friendship ties. You may want to join groups and participate in activities with people who have the same interests. There is a tendency to depend on friends for the realization of your plans. One friend in particular may offer you support and dedication.

     Mercury in 11th house:

    Communication with your friends tends to be on a higher level, which will permit you to enhance your knowledge on certain topics or studies. Participation in group discussions will bring mental stimulation as well. Your social circle will increase and you may be able to do some business with people you know at this time. You also could meet or surround yourself with younger people.

     Venus in 10th house:

    Your occupational situation will be very favorable and you will be able to rely on the support of your superiors. Your social circle will increase and you will have influential relationships that will help you in your professional evolution. A good time to obtain honor, prestige and social position. Love also will be related to your work. If you are involved with someone, he/she will help you to achieve your objective. If you are not involved with anyone, you could fall in love with someone connected to your work. This position takes a public view of your romantic life and could expose you to criticism, gossip or scandal.

     Mars in 8th house:

    If you are married, you could have arguments related to the handling of community property or your money. There is a possibility of wasting your money. It is not a good time to request any type of credit or loan; your personal problems probably would be interposed before any transaction.

    There could be a transformation of yourself due to your behavior or because of a confrontation with someone that will bring out your aggressiveness or ability to defend yourself.

     Jupiter in 3rd house:

    An ideal month to spend time with your brothers and sisters, close relatives or neighbors. Good news may arrive that could bring new opportunities for your general progress. A short trip at this time would turn out very happy.

     Saturn in 11th house:

    You tend to be less sociable and communicative during this month and prefer to visit only with people you trust. A time of loneliness and withdrawal.

     Uranus in 5th house:

    There is a possibility of sudden and unexpected romances, although they will be fleeting. Surprises and changes in your love life are indicated. This influence also increases your creativity.

     Neptune in 4th house:

    The atmosphere in your home tends to be confusing at this time. Be careful whom you invite to your home during this period, because there is danger of deceit, envy or theft.

     Pluto in 2nd house:

    A month of great changes in your economy. There could be possibilities for new means of income, but these will presuppose changes in your way of living. These anticipated changes also could produce losses or setbacks that force you to explore new strategies for your future.


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