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This demonstration requires that you have the Flash shockwave driver installed. If you do not, you will be given the opportunity to download and install it

Make sure that your computer's speakers are on! You will watch and listen to the demonstration.

  1:   Introduction to Opening Screen   (1 minute)
  2.   Avalon Lessons   (3 minutes)
  3.   AstroEncyclopedia  (4 minutes)
  4.   Graphic Images Library   (2 1/2 minutes)
  5.   Using the Help Feature   (5 1/2 minutes)
  6.   Financial Toolbox   (4 minutes)
  7.   Research   (9 minutes)
  8.   Backing Up & Restoring Data, Export, Import, etc.   (9 1/2 minutes)
  9.   Installing Report Options, Graphic and Sound Files,  etc.  (3 minutes)

  10. Data Entry Screen   (10 minutes)

  11. Introduction to Main Screen Features   (6 1/2 minutes)
  12. Creating Charts with Blue Icons   (8 minutes)
  13. Print, Save to File and E-Mail with Yellow Icons   (12 minutes)
  14. Wheels and Midpoints   (10 minutes)
  15. Listings, Interpretations, and Forecasting  (14 minutes)
  16. AstroMaps, Eclipse Maps, Synastry, Vedic, More Forecasting   (10 minutes)
  17. House and Coordinate Systems, Setting Defaults   (5 1/2 minutes)

Additional Notes:

This demonstration very briefly introduces you to various features of Kepler 6.0, and is not intended to be a complete or comprehensive description of all of the features.  

If you already own Kepler, you can obtain additional information in the extensive Help feature of Kepler, and of course you can also e-mail us or call us with any questions that you may have. Also, periodically throughout the year all-day Kepler Seminars are given. Kepler Seminars are very exciting and informative. We can guarantee that you will learn some new "tricks" at a Kepler Seminar, and meeting with other Kepler users, many of whom are professional astrologers, is also an additional benefit of attending a Kepler Seminar. Click here for a schedule of upcoming Kepler Seminars.

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