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Go to Kepler InformationKepler can be used by people with any level of experience, from novice to professional. Novices can stick to the basics, experts use the advanced features. Complete atlas included.



Seleting AstroMap in KeplerSelecting AstroMap: Simply click on the AstroMap icon to see a list of different AstroMaps. After selecting "AstroMap" the screen "Select a Map" area is displayed. You can select place that you want to use on the left and the geographic region selected is seen in a preview on the left side of the screen. In the upper-right corner you select the kind of map desired: Just Lines, Map with Blue-Shaded Orbs, Treasure Map, Local Space, Geodetic, and Zodiac Sign map. Which aspects and planets are selected just below this. In the above example, "Treasure Map" is selected.

With the traditional AstroMap, you cannot see exactly how far away from the line the influence extends. The AstroMap style with blue-shaded orbs solves this problem by displaying a blue-shaded area around each aspect line that shows how far each aspect line extends. These blue-shaded areas clearly indicate how far the astrological influence extends.

The Treasure Map is a very useful and exciting alternative to the other 2 AstroMap styles. There are 10 different Treasure Map styles: Love and Romance, Vocation and Career, Friendship and Family, Imagination and Inspiration, Excitement and Instability, Education and Communication, Culture and Creativity, Optimism and Opportunity, Responsibility and Focus, and the Detailed Friendship and Family Treasure Map. Each of these maps shows all of the astrological influences that are relevant to that area of life.

AstroMap Displayed on the Screen: When viewing a large area, such as the entire world, it is best to pick out the most conspicuous areas, those areas that have conjunctions and oppositions to the Asc and MC.

When viewing a smaller area, such as a specific country, you are zooming into a smaller area and can see the other astrological influences, such as other aspects and midpoints to the Asc and MC. Kepler automatically selects an appropriate level of detail of the map for you, and allows you to easily change it as well, giving you great ease of use as well as flexibility.

In the 1970's, 1980's, and most of the 1990's astrologers generally produced AstroMaps of the entire world and included only conjunctions and oppositions to the Asc and MC, which is equivalent to Kepler's basic AstroMap Style of "No Orbs, Just Lines" and specific style "1=Basic Map Con/Opp only". These AstroMaps are excellent for seeing some overall tendencies in the world, but miss many other important influences, just as if you were to interpret a birth chart, but only interpret conjunctions and oppositions to the Asc and MC but not other aspects, such as trines, sextiles, and squares. By selecting a more specific geographic region, such as a country or state, you can include these aspects to the Asc. and MC as well as midpoint structures as well if desired. Many Kepler users have reported that the midpoint structures are very powerful and important.

Kepler's Vedic ScreenKepler Workshop Main Screen: Kepler Workshop can produce the following: the Graphic Ephemeris, Planets Text Ephemeris, Asteroids Text Ephemeris, Eclipse Maps, Solar and Lunar Eclipse Listings, Sky Map, Star Catalogue, Moon Calendar, Vedic: Charts and Vargas, Vedic: Transits (Gochara), Ashtakavarga, and Vedic: Dasas and Bhuktis

A few of the powerful features of Kepler Workshop are: combining natal, secondary progressed, solar arc directions, and transits in a graphic ephemeris, customizing line width and colors in the graphic ephemeris, putting more than one eclipse path on a map, and producing a text ephemeris in tropical or sidereal, and including transneptunian planets and/or major asteroids.

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