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Sirius Tutorials

The overview videos below provide a quick overview of all of the features in
the Sirius program.

Click the tutorial name to launch the video.


  Tutorial with Turkish Translation 1:21 hour
Hosted by Oner Doser, owner of Astroart School of Astrology in Istanbul Turkiye
  How to enter chart data 4:12 minutes
  Main Screen Part 1 18:06 minutes
Sirius Main Screen Explained. A brief summary of each of the cute little icons on the Main Screen of the Sirius program.
  Main Screen Part 2 11:25 minutes
Continuation of the Main Screen window. Main Screen Right Side Functions Explained: Calculated Charts box, Reports Selected For box, Chart Database box, etc.
  Main Screen Part 3 6:21 minutes
Some features in the Main Data Entry Screen Explained.
  Main Screen Part 4 7:02 minutes
New icon button: or "File Add New Natal Chart" functionality.
  Main Screen Part 5 2:17 minutes
Progression icon explained. How to create Progressed Charts.
  Main Screen Part 6 10:37 minutes
Returns icon. How to create Solar Return, Lunar Return, Planet Returns, etc.
  Main Screen Part 7 3:23 minutes
Relocated Charts icon explained: How to create Relocated Charts.
  Main Screen Part 8 5:24 minutes
Composite Chart icon explained: How to create Composite Charts.
  Main Screen Part 9 2:19 minutes
How to create Vibration or Harmonic Charts
  Main Screen Part 10 8:57 minutes
How to save chart wheel to file
  Main Screen Part 11 7:51 minutes
Single wheel icon, and creating Patterns
  Main Screen Part 12 7:57 minutes
How to create BiWheel, TriWheel, and QuadWheel
  Main Screen Part 13 5:34 minutes
How to Create Compatibility Patterns
  Main Screen Part 14 5:18 minutes
How to Create Animated BiWheel, TriWheel, and QuadWheel
  Main Screen Part 15 5:14 minutes
How to Create Midpoint Trees
  Main Screen Part 16 24:00 minutes
  Main Screen Part 17 0:55 minutes
How to create Strongest Vibration chart listing
  Main Screen Part 18 11:31 minutes
How to Create Natal Interpretations
  Main Screen Part 19 2:23 minutes
How to Create Live Mini Reading
  Main Screen Part 20 7:30 minutes
How to Create Compatibility Report, Transit Report, Circular Temple Degree Meaning, and Relocation Report
  Main Screen Part 21 4:24 minutes
How to Create Profile and Compatibility Scores: Strongest Vibration in a natal chart, and compatibility chart, and Progressed Lunar Phase Report
  Main Screen Part 22 7:33 minutes
How to Create Time Line Transit to Natal, and Electional Mundance Graph
  Main Screen Part 23 7:57 minutes
How to Create AstroSignature Forecast
  Main Screen Part 24 8:22 minutes
How to Create Graphic Ephemeris, Text Ephemeris, Asteroids Text Ephemeris, and Moon Calendar
  Main Screen Part 25 10:46 minutes
How to Access & Use Matrix Search
  Main Screen Part 26 27.56 minutes
How to conduct Extreme Case Sampling, an exploratory research
  Main Screen Part 27 7.52 minutes
How to Create an AstroCalendar
  Main Screen Part 28 12.09 minutes
How to Use Day Watch
  Main Screen Part 29 10.34 minutes
How to Automatically Rectify a Chart:
Rectification in astrology is the process of checking various events in a person's life against their chart to determine the accurate time of birth if the birth time is not known. Life changing important events with specific date are used to rectify a chart. If you already know your birth time (usually listed on a birth certificate) you do not have to use this feature.
  Main Screen Part 30 30.22 minutes
Treasure Maps
  Kepler Workshop Part 31
Part 1: KWS Chakras and Vargas 7:04 minutes
Part 2: KWS Vedic
Chakras Vargas & Tables, Vedic Natal Interpretation and Listing, Vedic Astrology Insight Report, Nakshatra, Dasa, and Panchanga Report, Planetary Strength Listing, Vedic Gemstone Analysis Dasas (also listed with Chakras), Panchanga, Muhurta, Ashtakavarga, Gochara, Sarvatobhadra, Marriage Matching, Krishnamurti Paddhati, Simple Chakra
7:10 minutes



Miscellaneous Videos
  How to add asteroids 0:49 minutes
  How to access introvert and extrovert data 0:56 minutes
  How to select Arabic Parts Wheel 0:41 minutes
  How to create Oner’s Medieval Natal Report 0:47 minutes
  How to enter Place of Birth 1:24 minutes
  How to create Zero Aries Ascendant and
Other Planets in Zero Aries
3:09 minutes
  How to create Tropical Whole Sign chart
with chart adjust
1:59 minutes
  How to create Transit to transit text listing
for Venus conjunct Saturn
2:55 minutes
  How to Add Mixed Midpoint Structure 1:28 minutes



Tutorials by Michael Spremulli
  Creating Report from Matrix Search 2:08 minutes
  How to Generate a Transits Listing Using Maxtrix Search 2:06 minutes



Miscellaneous Tutorials by David Cochrane
The majority of the Kepler and Sirius tutorials in this series use an older version of Sirius. Over the years, the Sirius program has remained the same (if not similar) in its design. The only difference is that with each new version release, we added more features. Therefore, you can still benefit from this information.
  Miscellaneous Tutorials on YouTube 7 Videos
  How to read harmonic charts. Part 1 37:22 minutes
  How to read harmonic charts. Part 2 22:36 minutes
  Meanings of Harmonic: 1 to 8 27:00 minutes
  How to do quick reading with Vibrational Astrology 39:55 minutes
  The Vertex Line in Sirius AstroMap Feature 5:33 minutes
  Customizing Chart Wheel 42:19 minutes



  Video tutorials on
For China and other countries where you don't have YouTube.