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  • 4 Major Asteroids and Chiron can be put in Wheel
  • Composite: Asc Midpoint, MC Midpoint, Derived Asc, Davidson Time-Space
  • Lilith (mean black moon) in chart wheel, Lilith (true black moon) in chart wheel
  • Lunar Return
  • Moon's Node: Mean or True
  • Natal Chart
  • Polar Ascendant in chart wheel
  • Planet Return
  • Progressed Chart & Listings: Degree-for-a-Year, Secondary, Solar arc directions, Month-for-a-year, Direct or Converse, Progress-to-Natal aspects, Progressed-to-Progressed aspects
  • Methods for progressed houses: Solar Arc MC with corresponding Asc at the geographic latitude, Naibod Arc in Right Ascension, Mean Solar Motion, Time of the progressed chart
  • Relocated Charts
  • Solar Return
  • Synastry
  • Tobey Secondary
  • Transneptunians
  • Transits or Forecast:
    • Transit-to-Natal
    • Transit-to-Transit
    • Transiting planet-to-natal-midpoint
    • Transit to natal, and progressed to natal
    • Vertex
  • Wheels: Regular Wheels, BiWheels
  • Many other options like "out-to-in" placement of planets in wheel, etc., Print any chart wheel style in Portrait and Landscape format.
  • Save to File: Save chart wheels to file in BMP, PIG, PCX, TIF, GIFT, and JPG format. Save Reports to file

Save any report or chart wheels to file in any folder

Chart Data
Store Birth Data on disk and have notes with each person: Pegasus stores data on disk that can be easily looked up later.

All interpretation reports can be saved in the following formats: HTML, Standard Text file (ASCII), and Rich Text Format (RTF).

HTML and Rich Text Format retain most of the printing characteristics, such as bold text, indenting of margins, etc. Ascii files contain only the text without the printing characteristics.

Chart Wheels

  • Chart Wheels can be saved in BMP, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIF, and JPG format
  • Chart Wheels can also be saved to file in Color Graphic image or Black and White
  • Size of Wheel Images saved to file can be adjusted up to 1535x2047
  • Chart Wheels: Can be viewed and saved in either portrait or landscape
  • Chart Wheels can be saved to clipboard as well


The following are the progressions and returns calculations technique included in the Pegasus program.


Types of Progressed Charts: Day-for-a-Year, Degree-for-a-Year, Solar Arc Direction, Day-for-a-month, Month-for-a-Year, Converse Day-for-a-Year, Converse Degree-for-a-Year, Converse Solar Arc Direction, Converse Day-for-a-month, Converse Month-for-a-Year. Use birth place for any progressed chart or relocate it to any place.

Progressed MC methods: Time, Mean Sun, SolarArc, and Naibod in RA.

Progressed Time Methods: Birth GMT, 0 Hour GMT, or User enters

Progression Long Range Accuracy: can be set to; Extremely High (1/2 Day), High (3/4 day), Medium (1 day), or Low ( 2 days). The Long-Range Accuracy setting affects progressed text listings and interpretive reports.

Progressed Listings: Progressed-to-Natal Text Listing, and Progressed-to-Progressed Text Listing with the following data; Enter-Exact-Leave, Enter-Exact-Leave with midpoints, Enter-Exact-Leave with Minor Aspects, Enter-Exact-Leave with Midpoints and Minor Aspects.


Solar Return: Solar Return Chart can be precessed if Tropical zodiac is used. Either use birth place or relocate to any place to create the Solar Return Chart. Create Multiple Solar Returns from a starting date.

Lunar Return: Lunar Return Chart can be precessed if Tropical zodiac is used. Either use birth place or relocate to any place. Create Multiple Lunar Returns from a starting date.

Planet Return: Create any planet return chart including Ceres, Palas, Juno, Vesta, and Chiron. Natal planets includes the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto Mean Node, True Node, Ceres, Palas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron, Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus, and Poseidon. Planet Return can also be precessed if Tropical zodiac is used. Either use birth place or relocate to any place. Create Multiple Solar Returns from a starting date.

Assign any degree/minutes/seconds to the Angle for transiting planet past natal planets.


Composite Chart

Composite Chart: Create a composite chart using any two charts.

Type of Composites: Derived at Latitude of Place, Ascendant Midpoint, MC Midpoint, and Time-Space.

Relocated Chart

Easily relocate a natal chart to any place.

Chart Wheels

Wheel: Regular Wheel, BiWheel (Create any two BiWheel Chart).

Wheel Styles: There are several chart wheel styles to choose from. House Cusps Lines can be either Equally spaced or Unequally spaced.

The following planets can be added to the chart wheel: Ceres, Palas, Vesta, Juno, Chiron, the 8 Transneptunian planets, North and South Nodes, Vertex, Equatorial Asc, Part of Fortune, CoAscendant, Polar Ascendant, and Lilith. An option to connect an aspect line to these planets is also included.

Other points to place in Wheel: If "Planet-n-Asc" or "Whole Sign" house system is used, Ascendant and/or MC points can also be added on the chart wheel.

Nodes: Mean or True, North Node, South Node

Lilith: Mean or True

Part of Fortune Formula: Either Modern or AncienT

Aspects Set used in chart wheels: Large orbs with minor aspects, Large orbs with major aspects, Small orbs with minor aspects, Small orb with major aspects, One degree orb with minor aspects, and One degree orb with major aspects. Note that these aspects sets are not editable.

Aspects lines in wheel can also be removed. Ability to add aspecs lines to Asc and MC.

Directions of Planets in Wheels: Regular (means planet glyph is either on the left side or at the top), Planet glyph on outer edge, Planet glyph on inner edge.

Biwheels: There are only two BiWheel styles, Large Wheel, and Small Wheel with Aspect grid. Composite tables can also be added. House cusps lines can either be equal or equally spaced.

All Chart Wheels can be printed in either Portrait or Landscape format

Click here to view Pegasus sample chart wheel page

Forecast (TRANSIT)

Transit Text Listing: Transit-to-Natal with Regular Planets, Regular Planets (no birth time), Planets + Asteroids, Planets + Asteroids (no birth time), Jupiter through Pluto, and Jupiter through Pluto (no birth time). Note: asteroids used are the 4 major asteroids only.

Transit text listing can be calculated using Exact Date Only, Enter Exact Date with Midpoints and Minor Aspects, Enter-Exact-Leave, and Enter Exact Leave with Midpoints and Minor Aspects.

Transit-to-Transit Text Listing: Regular Planets, Planets+Asteroids, Jupiter through Pluto, Mars through Pluto, Regular Planets + Asteroids, and Asteroids only. Note, asteroids used are the 4 major asteroids only. Transit-to-Transit text listing can be calculated with Exact date only, Exact date with midpoints, and exact date with Minor Aspects and Midpoints.


Viewing printouts in Main Screen can be zoomed to increase or decrease size, fit to window area, Oversize (using the entire width of the screen), ¾ size, Half size, or ¼ size.

Batch Printing

Batch printing is the ability to print many printouts at one time rather than printing each report separately. In other words, instead of printing each printout individually, you can print all printouts that have been selected for all chart entries.


Cosmo Natal, Cosmo Compatibility, Cosmo Forecast, and Major Life Themes. These reports are short written interpretations. If you want lengthier interpretations, you can purchase report options that are add ons to Pegasus. Click here to go to our Report Option page.


Fagan/Bradley, Lahiri, De Luce, Raman, Ushashashi, Krishnamurti, Djwhal Khool, Yukteshwar, JN Bhasin, Babylonian Kugler 1, Babylonian Kugler 2, Babylonian Kugler 3, Babylunian Huber, Babylunian Mercier, Aldebaran at 15 Taurus, Hipparchos, Sassanian, Galactic Center on 0 Saguttarius, J2000, J1900, B1950, and User-Defined.


In addition to Transit-to-Transit, Transit-to-Natal, Progressed-to-Progressed, and Progressed-to-Natal Listings, the following natal listings can also be produced from the Pegasus program.

  • Natal planet positions with planetary nodes, Perihelion and Aphelion
  • Natal Transneptunian Planets Position list
  • Basic Natal Chart Listing


Zodiac: Tropical, Sidereal

House Systems: Campanus, Equal, Koch, Meridian, Morinus, Placidus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Topocentric, 0-Aries, Sun-on-Asc, Planet-on-Asc, Midpoint-on-Asc, and Whole Sign

Planet-on-Asc: You can enter any degree or Minutes from point selected: To place a planet on the Asc, the value should be zero, If for example you want a 30 degrees point after Venus on the Asc, then you can enter 30 degrees. You can enter a value from 0 degree to 359 degree and 59 minutes.

Default Zodiac Sign and House System: Easily change the default zodiac and house system used.

Company name: Put your own company name to printout.

Astro Settings

Moons node can be set to either mean or true. Parallax corrected Moon can also be used.

Uranus Glyphs: 2 options to choose from

Pluto Glyphs: 3 options to choose from

Lilith Glyphs: 2 options to choose from

Fonts: There are 2 regular fonts styles to choose from

Latitude to use: It can be either Geographic, or Geocentric

Editable: All interpretations are editable

Create your own report: Easily edit text from an existing report.


Data Enry: Format of entering data and/or printing data can be in American Style (MM/DD/YYYY) or European Style (DD/MM/YYYY).

Format for entering time and/or printing can either be in American Style (AM/PM) or European Style (0-24 hrs).