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There is one membership organization that you can join: The Kepler Club for owners of Kepler and Sirius.


The benefits and costs of being a member are:

A monthly online 2-hour live meeting with David and Fei Cochrane

On one Tuesday of each month David and Fei Cochrane give an online lecture and answer your questions on the software and astrological theory.

There is one lecture per month for Kepler Club members. The lectures are given once a month on Tuesday evenings at 5 - 7 PM Pacific Time, 8 - 10 PM Eastern Time. In central Europe the lecture is at about 2 - 4 AM (but time can vary outside the USA depending on whether observation of DST is the same in the USA and the country you are in).

All lectures are recorded. If you are not able to attend the live meeting, you can

watch the record lecture on your own time. A link to the lectures is provided to all Kepler Club members.

Attend the monthly meetings!

The advantage of attending the presentations live is that you can type your questions in the chat area during the presentation. You can also email us your questions and requests for topics to be covered in future Kepler Club Online Lectures.

The monthly Kepler Club Online Lectures are a wonderful addition to the free youtube videos, the Help system and Avalon lessons that are included in the Kepler and Sirius software and to customer support.

Customer support is focused on specific problems in software use and the free tutorial videos provide great instruction. The Kepler Club Online Lectures give you the opportunity to meet online with others who use the same software and to address the questions, issues, and interests that you have at a particular time.

Very often while using any large and powerful software like Kepler and Sirius, you may be curious about how particular features are used by astrologers or you may be unclear as to what the astrological theory behind the feature is.

These kinds of ideas and questions are not technical support questions in the sense that you are not having a problem with the software, but rather are questions about how to get the most out of the software.

You can post questions at these video sites. For Kepler and Sirius users there is also a users group on Facebook where you can post your thoughts and questions. Interaction is limited through these venues however.

The monthly 2-hour live meeting is an opportunity to learn from David and others who use the same software, share ideas, and get clarification and new insights that can help you in your professional practice, studies, research, or whatever way you are using the software.

Schedule of Tuesday online classes (2nd Tuesday of the month)

5 -   7 PM in Pacific Time Zone
8 - 10 PM Eastern Time Zone

To find the time for other locations the time converter at is very helpful. The time to select is "19 / 7 pm" and for the place to convert from you can select any place in Florida such as "USA - Florida - Orlando".

Discount on Weekend Seminars

About once a year a weekend seminar is given in Gainesville, Florida. The fee for this weekend seminars typicall is $150. Kepler Club members receive a $20 discount. The great majority of Kepler and Sirius users are not likely to attend these weekend seminars because of the high cost of travel expenses, etc. However, for the handful of Keple Club members who do attend, you receive a $20 discount.

Kepler Astrologer Certifications

Not all Kepler Club members are interested in receiving professional astrologer certification. However, for those of you who wish to make sure that you have a professional level of mastery in using the Kepler, or Sirius software to consult and advise clients, the Kepler Astrologer Certification program is available.

There 3 requirements for Kepler Astrologer Certification are:

  • Pass the certification exam.

    The exam is an 8-hour exam, and with lunch and dinner breaks and other breaks starts at 9 AM and ends at 9 PM. The fee for the exam is $225. The exam evaluates your ability to quickly find information in your astrology software, and to answer a wide range of questions with the software features that are best suited to answer these questions. Passing this exam demonstrates that you know how to assist clients with the specific questions and issues that they have and to provide information based on an astrological analysis at a professional level of competency. The great majority of questions in the exam require you to be able to use the astrology software to efficiently and professionally deliver accurate information, analysis, or interpretations

  • Receive the ethics and counseling training.

    This is a 2-day training program. This program is NOT available online. It requires personal training and experience. The training is available from the Avalon School of Astrology, ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), the Kepler Institute in Belgrade, Serbia, and the Midwest School of Astrology. The fee for this training varies depending on who is giving the training and where it is given, but genrally varies from $150 to $350.

  • Four hours of contnuing education each year to maintain your certification.

    You can attend two of the monthly 2-hour online meetings described above to fulfill this requirement without additional expense. Attending approved courses, seminars, or conferences also fulfills this requirement. This requirement ensures that you continue to participate in astrological activities and keep current with some of the latest developments Certified Kepler Astrologers submit an annual statement of fulfillment of the continuing education requirement.

Currently there are two variations of the Kepler Astrologer Certification Exam:
There is an exam for modern psychological astrologes and an exam for Vibrational Astrologers. We plan to add other variations of the exam for other astrological systems in the future.

Attend the monthly meetings!

How to Prepare for the Kepler Certification Exams:
We have developed over 240 tutorial videos. There is a study guide at Certification Exam Guide that explains which videos to watch to prepare for the exam. Note that it is also important that you apply what you learn in the videos! You cannot just watch the videos. You must use the Kepler or Sirus prograam to explore the information, and you must consult people to perfect your ability to interpret the astrological charts and provide professional and ethical consultaitons.

A professional astrologer is proficient in astrological interpretation, able to use their astrology software efficiently and effectively, and able to counsel others in a sensitive and ethical manner. As a Kepler Certified Astrologers, you have demonstrated that:

  • You understand the fundamental principles of astrology
  • You can quickly obtain information needed to answer questions that clients have.
  • You know how to apply the information that you obtain in the astrology software in a responsible, ethical, and professional manner.
  • You have professional competency in some particular astrological tradition.
  • If you are a beginner in astrology, then it likely will take a few years of regular study and practice to develop professional competency. The free tutorail videos and our guidelines on how to study for certification, plus the Kepler Club Online Lectures, will help you pass the certification exam and other requirements for certification. We are providing all of the tools you need to grow and develop in your studies, research, astrological business, or astrological practice.

    Astrological Community

    The Intangibles and Future Possibilities:
    Being Part of a Vibrant Astrological Community.

    By being a Kepler Club member you are a member of a vibrant community of people who are working together to improve astrology, and to learn, share, and help one another. The Kepler Club is open for membership starting on September 1, 2016 and the first monthly online classes also begin in September. We are open to suggestions on what additional services and benefits can be provided to you and your fellow members. All of us have the same dream and vision: to learn, share, grow, and to be able to serve others more effectively. It is a gift and a blessing to be able to share with other like-minded people, to connect with others good will who are on a similar path and journey. The Kepler Club will promote the development of friendships and a network of colleagues. We are delighted to provide this platform for all of us to do this. Because other members use the same astrology software as you do, we not only share an interest in astrology, but we are also using some of the same tools and resources in our pursuit and our love of astrology. This is your club and we welcome suggestions and creative ideas on how to improve them.

    Membership Fee: $35 a year.

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