Avalon College
Avalon College is part of the Kepler program (Windows 95/98 version only). Avalon College is a self-learning program. It consists of 47 lessons. However, we are offering you the first 2 lessons free of charge right here on our web site!

If you enjoy these 2 lessons and would like to have access to the other 25 lessons, there are two ways to do this: Either purchase the Kepler program or visit the web site www.astrocollege.com where you can take the remaining 25 lessons for a fee of $75. The Kepler program costs $300. Taking the 25 lessons for $75 is less expensive, but of course the Kepler program provides a huge number of other features in addition to Avalon College.

Avalon College: Lesson 1
Avalon College: Lesson 2

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