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  Wim and his wife Dorota, his daughter Lily (11) and his son Rudolf (9), Christmas Eve 2006

Welcome To Wim's Corner

For several years we have been receiving requests from European astrologers to add the Van Dam Primary Directions to our Kepler software. There are a fairly large number of European astrologers who are convinced of the accuracy of this method of forecasting. We searched for the formulae, but could not find it. We found out that the person who developed the formulae was the mysterious Dutch astrologer Wim Van Dam. No one seemed to know the whereabouts of Van Dam, but we did finally locate him via a bookseller who specializes in astrology books.

Upon finding Wim Van Dam we sent an e-mail to him and asked if it was possible to obtain the formulae for his method of calculating primary directions. We soon found out from him that he had developed the formulae over 30 years ago after occupying himself intensively with the theory and practice of primary directions for over
4 years. Van Dam has continued to develop exciting new insights into astrology for the past 30 years, but mostly outside of the mainstream of astrological organizations and conferences. Van Dam’s wit, keen intellect, brilliant sense of humor and candor often had us laughing and often stunned by his sincerity, astrological experience and knowledge.

Wim Van Dam is now ready to surface from his intensive work, to publish for his fellow astrologers a collection of papers he has written, and to make more widely available articles and software he has written. We are very excited to present to you Wim’s Corner, a section on our website dedicated to the work of Wim Van Dam. Wim’s Corner will be expanded with new articles and information over the coming years.

We are also delighted to announce that Wim has granted us the exclusive rights to use his very widely used and exciting primary directions in our Kepler Software. The result of this collaboration will be greater availability of the exciting work of this brilliant Dutch astrologer. The first big step has been taken: with Wim’s help we have added the ability to calculate Van Dam Primary Directions. Look for more information on Wim’s ideas and techniques in Wim’s Corner as we add more articles in the future. We look forward to working together with Wim van Dam for years to come!

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