MORINUS 2000: Consumers' Information


Morinus for Windows offers you the techniques that can be demanded from any astrological program in today’s market!

Below is the list of some of the calculations and features that are included in Morinus:

  • Calculation of radical horoscopes
  • also for the moment a planet is exactly on any cusp
  • or for the moment a certain zodiacal point (degree, minutes, seconds) is on any cusp
  • New and full Moons
  • Eclipses
  • Planetary ingresses
  • Midpoints
  • Harmonics
  • Graphics to show the division according to elements, crosses, etc.
  • Synastry: mutual comparison, Composites and Kombines
  • Symbolic, solar and Naibod directions in longitude and in right ascension
  • Secondary and tertiary directions
  • Year- and dayharmonices, solar, lunar and planetary returns on any radical point, etc. etc. Too many to list!
  • Saving and reading horoscopes on disk; you don’t have to enter the same data again and again, you just read a horoscope by name exactly in the same way you read a document in Word : choose Open (or simply ^O) and then make up your choice from the selection-Window.
  • Speed: all planetary positions calculated with the speed and accuracy of the Swiss Ephemeris and presented in beautiful, traditional drawings with separate result windows for the mutual contacts found, etcetera.
  • Printing: the whole drawing on the screen, without the bars, can be printed most beautifully in clear colours with the normal Windows-printing dialogue, without the ugly intermediate step with the Prt Sc key. If desired, two screens can be printed on one sheet of paper with remarkable clarity, f.e. two radices, a radix and two years of progressions, a radix and a relocation etcetera.
  • Storing: in stead of printing a screen, you can also store it as a .bmp-file, allowing you to send it quickly through e-mail to a colleague for consultation or to show an interesting case from your practice.

Besides of all this traditional material Morinus has to offer, Morinus has the following unique features:

* Full support to calculate horoscopes for the moment of astronomical Phenomena: eclipses, planets becoming stationary or getting into conjunction, etc., a real candy store for mundane researchers

* Additional : full support to find, over a given period, any set of desired aspects between any pair of two planets, for example all squares and oppositions between Mars and Saturn or all benevolent aspects between Venus and Jupiter for the years 2000 through 2010, enabling you to cast a horoscope for that date and time for any place on earth.

* Also for mundane researchers: at the touch of one key (G), you get the instant geodetic equivalent of the horoscope displayed on the screen.

* Get the astrological compass, with planets, cusps and beginning points of signs and – most important – midpoints between any pair of planets. These are mathematically corrected for the sphere of the earth and give astonishing results:

For example: In John F. Kennedy’s horoscope, not only Venus, ruler of eight, death, positioned on cusp nine, travels, pinpoints to Dallas but also the corrected midpoint between Mars on cusp eight and Pluto in nine, both planets standing in a semisquare to each other.

Morinus enables you to find the astrological significance of those places on earth for which until now, without these corrected midpoints, the astrological compass enigmatically did not give any indication.

* The mundane equivalent: converts houses in your horoscope to signs and vice versa: the planets’ positions in the houses are converted to their corresponding positions in signs. Thus a planet halfway the third house comes at 15 Gemini, a planet at the MC gets at 0 Capricorn etcetera. The cusps also are converted from houses to signs and a complete separate horoscope is created that gives most interesting information when checked on conjunctions to the radix.

* This same mundane equivalent gives different results for different places on earth, so you get a kind of relocation chart when you calculate it for another place than the birthplace. Thus Kennedy for Dallas had Venus on his cusp three (death by travel) and Saturn on his IC (fatal end of life) and Nixon for Washington had his famous fatal conjunction of Mercury (press) with Mars and Jupiter on his MC and Saturn (fate, fall) on his cusp three (press, journalists once more). Morinus has this indispensable tool in addition to the astrological compass!

* The great Russian/French astrologer Volguine’s system of calculating The Ruler of the Nativity, i.e. the planet that has most power in the horoscope

* From the same Volguine his system of framing: study between which two planets a point in the horoscope falls, irrespective of the distances involved. Morinus shows all framings in the horoscope, enabling you to check their significances immediately in a textbook

* The Daily Aspectarian : showing exactly all aspects you desire for one date, the Moon’s ones included and all sorted by GMT.

* Support of antiscional points throughout the program, both in the radix, synastry and in progressions. Very important, see Hitler’s horoscope in the User Guide.

* Primary directions as they have become popular with European astrologers for decades now. These are the fruit of years of research by the author of Morinus and you have the guarantee Morinus contains them in the correct form. No other program, except Kepler astrology program developed by Cosmic Patterns Software where they were checked and rechecked by this author, can give you that guarantee. In these p.d.’s the point 0 Aries is progressed too, often strikingly indicating the start of something new in life.

* The daily horoscope, with daily cusps, transiting planets and the midnight moon plus daily 0 Aries: gives striking details about the day’s possible events, see the author’s ‘The Daily Horoscope and the Midnight Moon’.

* Optional: With all kinds of directions you can see what radical links there are when a progressed planet or cusp is in an aspect to a radical point. Thus you see whether one of them in the radix is ruled by the other one, whether they are in aspect, whether one of them in the radix or in progressions is in the degree of exaltation of the other one etcetera.

Most helpful, since a progressed aspect between two planets that has no link at all in the radix usually does not correspond to any event in life and also because f.e. a trine between to planets that are radically in a square usually relates to a negative event, especially if a malefic is involved. The same with a square between two planets that are radically in a trine, one of the two being a benefic : nothing to be afraid of, this usually at its worst means some seeming negative event proves to be beneficent

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