Stephanie is the author of the Saturn's Promise Report and Jupiter's Promise that is add on to the Kepler and Sirius program.

Stephanie Clement has been practicing astrology for over thirty years, certified by the American Federation of Astrologers. She is a board member of the American Federation of Astrologers, and former board member of NCGR. Stephanie has served on the faculty of Kepler College and has been a speaker at the State of the Art Conference and many regional conferences. She has degrees in English Literature, Library Science, Humanistic Psychological Counseling, and Transpersonal Psychology.

Before pursuing astrology full-time, she had a private counseling practice in Boulder, and worked with clients on personal and career issues using astrology, hypnotherapy, and dream work. Stephanie has published numerous articles in astrological magazines and has written several books: Charting Your Spiritual Path with Astrology, Dreams: Working Interactive, Meditation for beginners (also available in Spanish and other languages), Power of the Midheaven, Mapping Your Birthchart, and Mapping Your Family Relationships, and Mapping Your Sex Life.








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