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~ Art Wheels
~ Asteroids Wheel
~ Arabic Parts Wheel
~ Fixed Stars Wheel
~ Midpoint Wheel
~ Medieval Wheel (with Essential Dignities, almutens, etc.
~ 3-D appearance
~ Square Wheel
~ Huber House Wheel
~ Huber Mondknoten
~ Blank Wheel
~ Wheel with TransPluto
~ Vedic Chakra Chart
~ Regular Chart Wheel
~ BiWheel
~ TriWheel
~ QuadWheel
~ 2 Wheels on one page
~ 3 Wheels on one page
~ 4 Wheels on one page
~ 90 Degree Dial


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Go to Kepler InformationKEPLER'S SKY MAP: You can view a circular representation of the sky that was above the horizon, and another circular representation of the sky below the horizon. These circular representations give a fairly accurate image of how the sky actually looked. Because the computer screen and a piece of paper are in 2 dimensions and the stars in the sky are placed like lights inside a sphere, any representation on the computer screen or on a piece of paper is not completely accurate, but viewing the sky in 2 circular halves gives a rough approximation. You can also view the sky in a rectangular coordinate graph as well. You can also view the planets from the perspective of the ecliptic plane or equatorial plane, as well as the horizon plane. The ecliptic, equatorial, and horizon planes are also drawn in these Sky Maps, giving you a picture of how planets and fixed star positions vary depending on the coordinate system you use.

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