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Go to Sirius InformationSirius is Simply The World's Most Powerful And Easiest To Use Astrology Software! Extraordinarily Flexible and Customizable. Quickly Access The Charts And Reports You Need, And Also Have A
Wealth of Additional Tools Available.

FACTS ABOUT SIRIUS CONTINUES: (Page 3) Calculations In alphabetical order

Rising and Setting Times of Planets
Sabian Symbols
Sarvastakavarga Table
Save selected graphic ephemeris setting
Save to File
Send E-mail
Set a default place to use in AstroMap
Sirius Text Editor
Solar Return
Special Wheels
Specific Astro Factors for Compatibility
Specific Astro Factors Research
Square Wheels
Star Catalogue
Stations, Zodiac Sign Ingresses
Symmetrical Astrology
T-Test Research
Three Wheels on one page
Three Wheels on one page animation
Tithi Return
Tobey Secondary
Time Line Profile:
forecast accident proneness, athletic performance, etc. with a customizable, sophisticated weighting scheme.
Time Line Forecast:
easy to read graphic presentation. The ability to customize colors used in Time Line format included.
Time Line Format: Flexible order of aspects used in Time Line Format
Transit Chart Quick Select
Transit Forecast Interpretation
Transneptunian Planets added to chart wheels
Transits or Forecast:
    Transiting planet-to-natal-midpoint
    Transiting midpoint-to-natal-planet
Transit Text Listing:
    Planets for Planet-to-Planet Aspects
    Planets for Midpoints
    Detect Transiting:
        Solar Eclipses
        Lunar Eclipses
        New Moons
        Full Moons
    Display house position of planets
    Display planet positions: With Sign Only or with Sign,         Degree, and Minutes
    Display Natal Aspects
    Display aspects with planet ruling signs of planets in         aspects
    Rulership Rules:
        Ancient and Modern Rulers
        Modern Rulers
        Ancient Rulers
    Create your own natal aspect set
    Include Transiting Planets through Zodiac Signs
        Transiting Planets to Natal Midpoint
        Transiting Midpoints to Natal Planet
        Transiting Midpoint to Natal Midpoint
    Composite Chart and Transiting Angle:
        Composite Chart of Transit and Natal Chart
        Same Angle of Same Planets (Jonas Method)
    Same Angle Different Planets
    Parallels of Declination:
        Transiting Planet to Natal Planet Declination
        Use any orb of parallels of declination
        Use any Applying or Separating Orb (Direct of Rx)
        Include Moon Void of Course
        Planet Stations
        Include Moon Quarter and Sign
    Dates to print:
        Exact Date
        Daily: Orb of aspects each day
        Precess all tropical transits
Transit Time Line Profile
Treasure Maps
TriWheel Animation
Two Wheels on one page
Two Wheels on one page animation
Uranian Astrology

Van Dam Primary Directions:
This techniques where develope by Duth astrologer Wim Van Dam
Vedic Astrology
    North and South Indian Style Chart
    Planetary strength
    Dasas and Bhukti
    Chakras Vargas & Tables (Kepler Workshop)
    Vedic Natal Interpretation and Listing
    Dasas (also listed with Chakras)
Add Vertex and interpretation to chart wheel

OTHER SPECIAL FEATURES: In Sirius, you can customize a natal report, compatibility report, forecast, etc. You can even create a report from scratched. You may want to duplicate a report so that you can make a customized version of it, and also have the original report. Your customized version of the report may have relatively minor differences from the original report, or it may be a foundation for you to develop a completely new report.

Clone of Make a Duplicate:
Edit or Customize Interpretations
Create Your Own Report from Scratched
Transferring Edited Reports From Kepler
Sirius Fonts (Astrological Fonts)
Customize Chart Wheels
using a very advanced and poweful Page Designer that has a true drag and drop option
Customize Forecast Integrated Listings
Customize Listings or Selected Reports
Customize Map
Customize Profile Scores
Customize Progress-to-Natal or Progress-to-progress aspects
Customize Progressed Time Line Profile
Customize Time Line Forecast
Customize Time Line Profile
Customize Treasure Maps
Customize Transit Listings
Sirius Text Editor
Transfer Customize Wheel from Kepler 7
Customize any transit listing
Create your own set of orbs
Edit any set of orbs to any orbs that you want to use
Enter birth data using a free format form
Easy Atlas Access
Easily remove any entries or birth data from file
Easily edit charts data
Access all features in one window
Ability to batch entry and bath print or save to file
Save to charts in PDF, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, or TIF
Save interpretations in HTML, RTF, or TXT format
Easily send e-mail directly from Sirius
Powerful Page Designer with true drag and drop
Create your own set of charts and customize it to
        your likings.
Automated Rectification assist
Remove Intermediate House Cusps from a chart wheel

Sirius Default Chart Weel Style or create your own or select from hundeds of chart wheels that you can choose from. You can also set any chart wheel style as your default wheel style.

Almost all of the Cosmo Reports are available in other languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Finnish.

Customize Colors in Time Line Format: The colors of hard, soft, and minor aspect time line bars can be selected.

LIVE MINI READING: The Major Life Themes Report and the Live Mini Reading Multimedia Interpretation use advanced harmonics and midpoints theory. The Live Mini Reading is very entertaining not only for you, but also for friends and family.

The Live Mini reading is an interpretation of the birth chart based on sophisticated ideas in harmonic astrology and cosmobiology. The interpretations are clear and straightforward. The interpretations are spoken while you view gorgeous graphics and listen to background music! Liven up your next party or get-together by letting your friends watch this multi-media presentation.


Features of AstroCalendar that is a built in feature of Sirius:

  • Mundane Astro Calendar
  • Personal Astro Calendar
  • Both Mundane and Personal AstroCalendar
  • Date and Time Format: American or European
  • Show Holidays
        Select from the list
        Create your own
  • Show Birthdays and Anniversaries
        Select from the list
        Create your own
  • Planets entering Zodiac Sign
  • Moon Void of Course
  • Moon Quarter images with Sun-Moon conjunct, opposition, square on Mundane calendar
  • Sunrise and Sunset Times
  • Moon Void of course based on 5 Ptolemaic aspects
  • Moon Void of course based on the 10 major planets, Sun - Pluto.
  • Select any place you want to use for Mundane Calendar
  • Include time of aspects
  • Color Scheme:
        Light Colors
        Light Blue
        Light Yellow
        Light Purple
        Light Green
        Light Pink
        Black and White
        Pastel Backgrounds
        Zodiac Signs
        Add your own color scheme
  • Save the calendar to file or print

BUSINESS MANAGER: a built in calendar and organizer in Sirius.

Features of Business Manager:

  • Enter name and address, phone number, fax, e-mail, and web site information
  • Save Client's Notes (unlimited text)
  • Create an appointment
  • Track time of consulation
  • Automatically create a receipt based on the appointment and time
  • Enter your consulting rate, tax rate, etc. in your own currency. Also chose to set the Business Manager to a flat rate.
  • Enter client's credit card information
  • Able to assign an appointment name
  • Automatic appointment timer which tracks the time of your consulations automatically then create a receipt automatically when you finished the consultation
  • Save client information then Print envelope
  • Keep appointment notes (unlimited text)
  • Track appointment monthly or daily
  • Customize the windows colors to the color that you prefer to use.

AVALON LESSONS: A built in Astrology Lessons in Sirius.

The Avalon lessons provie a self-learning system. Avalon consists of 47 self-guided lessons, and starts at the very beginning and continues to a very advanced level of study. Avalon includes detailed lessons, tests and quizzes (you even get graded) before you proceed to the next lesson and a logical, systematic approach that makes it possible for you to learn astrology on your own.

Avalon is a very thorough and comprehensive course, complete with graphic illustrations and tests . If you take the entire course and pass all of the tests, you will have a thorough grasp of astrological principles. In fact, you may find that you will amaze yourself with your ability to understand people by analyzing their birth charts. With additional study in advanced areas you will be able to take (and pass!) tests administered by various astrological organizations to receive certification from these organizations, and you will have the information you need to interpret charts and teach others. We recommend interpreting dozens of charts for people without any charge before beginning to charge for your services, and to devote at least a few years of study before becoming a professional in the astrological field.

If you prefer a less structured approach to learning, and you prefer to browse around, you can browse through the topics in Avalon, or you may find that Astro Encyclopedia is more to your liking. Avalon is particularly good for people who want a complete and thorough understanding of astrology, and want to study astrology in a systematic manner, starting with the basics and progressing to more .