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FACTS ABOUT SIRIUS CONTINUES: (Page 2) Calculations In alphabetical order

Transit to natal declinations, and progressed to natal declinations, and a list of declination positions in the chart wheel, as well as the parallels of declination. You can also obtain midpoint structures in declination and a graphic ephemeris in declination.
Degree Meanings
Diurnal Chart
Dispositors of Planets
Duplicate chart wheel style and reports
Draconic Chart

Dwadasamsa Chart
Electional Astrology

Eclipses indicated in transit-to-natal printouts
Eclipse Maps:
   Date and time
Eclipses indicated in transit-to-natal printouts
Eclipse Maps:
Date and Time, as well as eclipse path is displayed. Ability to display more than one eclipse path on a map
Eclipse, Lunation, and Ingress Charts
Educational and Learning: Avalon Lessons
Electional Astrology Graph
E-mail printouts directly from SIRIUS
  Listing of planet positions for the time period desired. Select tropical/sidereal, asteroids, transneptunian, etc. Ephemeris Tables of Planets and/or Asteroids
Ephemeris Tables of Asteroids
Ephemeris Tables of Planet
Essential Dignities and Planetary Hours Table
Essential Dignities in the Ancient Western Listing
Essential Dignities:
User Defined (create your own)
Explanation of AstroMaps
Export Birth Data
Financial Astrology
: Graph financial data e.g. stock or commodity. Import financial data from other company that provides financial data Automatically pick out and save on a file high and low days. Files are saved in SIRIUS data base. Produce gold price forecast and silver price forecast Use SIRIUS's research tools to create forecast for other commodities. Designed specifically for index and commodity forecasts (stock forecasts not available)
Financial Analysis Toolbox
Financial Forecast
Financial Markets Astrological Signature

Fixed Stars
Fixed Star Map
Fixed Stars Report
Fixed Star Wheels
Four Wheels on one page
Gauquelin Sector
Geodetic Map
Get Group of Charts automatically
Grand Trines, T-Square, Yods, etc. Listing
Graphic Ephemeris:
Natal, transiting, secondary progressed, and/or solar arc positions can be combined together Color coded lines help identity which charts are involved in an aspect Customize by selecting planets, line thickness, and other printouts Use Longitude, Declination, and Latitude positions
Harmonic Aspect Grid Compare
Harmonic Charts, listings of harmonic aspects, and
    harmonic patterns
Harmonic Chart: Calculate for Age
Harmonic Chart Wheels can Show Aspects in the         Natal Chart:
Harmonic Highlights Report by David Cochrane
Harmonic List and Grid
Harmonic Returns:
Easily select a series of Harmonic returns
Health Encyclopedia

Hellenistic Features

Hellinistic Wheel
Heliocentric wheel
Horizon Map
A list of hospitals is available for birth charts in the USA
House Cusps Rotated
House System:
21 House Systems to choose from: Campanus, Equal, Koch, Meridian, Morinus, Placidus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Topocentric, Zero Aries, Sun-on-Ascendant, Planet-on-Ascendant, Whole Sign, Geodetic-Campanus, Geodetic-Koch, Geodetic-Placidus, Geodetic-Porphyry, Geodetic-Regiomontanus, Geodetic-Topocentric, Alcabitius, and Neoporph
Horizon Chart
House System Comparison
Huber Age Point Listings
Huber Chart Wheels
Huber Mondknoten
Huber System Planetary Strength
Huber Style Wheel
Hurricane Path: Track Hurricane Path
Import Birth Data
Importing of birth data in comma delimited                     standard text files and flexible format
Ingress Into Zodiac Sign
Integrated Listing
Integrated Natal, Returns and Progression
Interactive Chart Adjust
Intermediate House Cusps:
Intermediate house cusps can be removed from chart wheels while keeping the angular house cusps in the wheel. You can also remove the intermediate house cusp positions from the outer edge of the wheel.
Interpretation Reports
Fixed Stars Report
KWS (Vedic, etc.)

    Asteroid Ephemeris
    Business Manager
    Chakras and Vargas
    Chart Explorer
    Dasas and Bhuktis
    Declination (equatorial)
    Eclipse Map
    E-mail Directly from KWS
    Graphic Ephemeris
    Latitude (ecliptic)
    Lifetime Progressed Declination
    Moon Calendar
    Planet Ephemeris
    Sky Map
    Star Catalogue
Lifetime Solar, Lunar, and Planet Return
Lilith (mean black moon) in chart wheel
Lilith (true black moon) in chart wheel

Listings: Multiple kinds of listings

Local Space Geodetic Zodiac Sign Map
Local Space Map
Lunar Eclipse Listing
Lunar Return
Lunations and Eclipses
Lunar Phase Report

Lunation and/or Eclipses (any location)
    New Moon (including Solar Eclipse)
    Solar Eclipse Only
    Full Moon (including Lunar Eclipse)
    Lunar Eclipse Only
    Solar and Lunar Eclipse Only
    All of the above

Major Life Themes Report
Make New Transit Ephemeris File
Margin Settings
Match Making Research
Medieval Void of Course Listing
Medieval Wheels
Merge Columns:
Utility features of merging columns in text files and zipping files
Midpoint Trees, and Midpoint Sorts
Midpoint trees between 2 charts
Modern Methods:
Composite charts of 3 or more charts, Phase Angle Returns, transiting and progressed 4-planet combinations, aspects in the transiting/natal composite chart, etc. are among a few of a great many new advanced modern features.
Moon Calendar
Moon Ingresses
Moon Phases

Moon Void Of Course Listing
Moon's Node:
Multi-Media: Live Mini Reading
Multi Wheel
Munkasey Weighting Analysis
Mundoscope Chart
Music of the Spheres
Nakshatra Wheel and symbols
Natal Chart
Natal Interpretation
Unlimited notes field with keyword search option
Page Designer
Pairs Research
Parallax corrected moon
Parallels of Declination: Listed in wheel
            printouts, printed in transit-to-natal listings
A list of the latitudes where parans occur, with major cities also listed.
Part of Fortune; ancient or modern
Password activate
Phase Angle Return (Sun-Moon Angle)
Phase Anger Return in Zodiac Sign
Planet Mandalas
Planet Return
Planetary Hours
Planetary Pitches (Music of the Spheres)
Planet on the Asc:
Put any planet on the Asc: Sun through Pluto, True North Node, Mean North Node, True South Node, Mean South Node, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron, 1st House Cusp through 12th House Cusp, Part of Fortune (modern or ancient, Part of Spirit (modern or ancient)
Planets in Houses in AstroMap
Planets or Asteroids Position List
PolarAscendant in Wheel
Prastarak Table
Precessed Solar, Lunar, and Planetary Returns
PreNatal Chart
PreNatal Lunation
PreNatal New Moon
PreNatal Full Moon
Primary Directions: List of dates when primary directed planets cross angular cusps
Primary Directions by Wim Van Dam
Primary Directions Listings:
    1) Based on a calculation without latitude
    2) include planet crossings of planets over intermediate cusps using Placidian arcs, or you can select aspects to intermediate cusps using DeLuce's method
    3) choose whether you wish to include planet-to-planet primary directions, and if you do choose them, they can be calculated using either Placidian arcs or the Regiomontanus/Lilly method
    4) select whether to include the 4 major asteroids and whether to include Chiron in the listings.
Primary Arcs Table
Prind and/or Save Animated Chart Wheels
Profections Listings
Profile Scores

    Progressed Chart & Listings
    Solar arc directions
    Direct or Converse
    Progress-to-Natal aspects
    Progressed-to-Progressed aspects
    Progressed and transiting midpoint                            structures
    Methods for progressed houses: Solar Arc MC            with corresponding Asc at the geographic               latitude
          Naibod Arc in Right Ascension
          Mean Solar Motion
          Time of the progressed chart
    Ascendant Arc   
    Vertex Arc
    Solar Declination Arc
    Solar RA Arc
    Profection (1 year = house)
    Converse Ascendant Arc
    Converse Vertex Arc
    Converse Solar Declination Arc
    Converse Solar RA Arc
    Converse Profection (1 year = house)
Progressed Chart Wheel
Progressed Ingress Rx Direct Listing
Progressed Life Time Declination
Progressed Lunar Phase
Progressed Text Listing
Progressed Time Line Profile
QuadWheel and 4 Wheel
QuadWheel and 4 Wheel Animation
Rectification Assistance
Regular Wheel
Relocated aspects to Asc and MC
Relocated Charts
Relocation Interpretation
AstroSignature Research with one charts with a Good accuracy
Research Gauquelin Sectors
Restore Backup Birth Data
Restore or Save Settings
in the Graphic Ephemeris
    Solar Return
    Lunar Return
    Planet Return
    Phase Angle Return (Sun-Moon Angle Returns,             Vedic Tithi Monthly, etc.)
    Phase Angle Return in zodiac (Vedic, Tithi                     Yearly Return, etc.)
    PreNatal Lunation (New Moon or Full Moon                     before birth)
    PreNatal New Moon (New Moon before birth)
    PreNatal Full Moon (Full Moon Before Birth)
    Diurnal Chart: Sun-MC Phase Angle Return
    Diurnal Chart: Sun-MC Phase Angle Return in             Right Ascensions
    Diurnal Chart: Sun-Asc Phase Angle Return
Right Ascension:
Positions listed in wheel printouts, or Produce a wheel with right ascension positions

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