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Go to Sirius InformationSirius is Simply The World's Most Powerful And Easiest To Use Astrology Software! Extraordinarily Flexible and Customizable. Quickly Access The Charts And Reports You Need, And Also Have A
Wealth of Additional Tools Available.


DATA COLLECTION: A data collection of over 24,000 charts (people, businesses, earthquakes, athletes, etc.) is included.

COMPLETE ATLAS: Sirius comes with a complete atlas of the world with over 280,00 cities. It is very easy-to-use. Simply type in upper or lower case, see cities as you type, and narrow the search for a specific country or state desired. The time zone and daylight savings time information is complete and up-to-date. Every year, some countries change laws regarding daylightr savings time, and these changes are entered into our tables to the minute of change. This is anbsolutely necessary in order to calculate a chart accurately!

A List of hospitals is available for birth charts in the USA

Some cities are 10 miles or more in diameter. If a person is born on the east edge versus west edge of the city, there can be a difference in the house cusps of 10 or 15 minutes and in some cases even more. To obtain more accurate charts, you can now select the hospital where a person is born in many places in the USA (hospitals in other countries are not available).

When entering the name of a place in the data entry screen, a list of hospitals in the place being entered are displayed and you can select a hospital as the birth place. For example, if you enter "Los Angeles, c", then "Los Angeles, California" is displayed as the place and hospitals like "Edgemont Hospital" and it is noted on the screen that Edgemont Hospital is in Los Feliz (a part of Los Angeles) and "Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. There are also health centers and hospitals shown where a person is not likely to be born. You can select an area for hospitals to be listed. Each minute of arc is very roughly equivalent to one mile so a setting of 5' of latitude and longitude displays hospitals very roughly within 5 miles of the coordinates used for Los Angeles. To see hospitals in a greater area simply select one of the selections for a greater area. You can also select "Match place entered" to type in the name of a hospital rather than display hospitals near the town or city that you are entering. If you select a hospital where a person is born, then the latitude and longitude of the hospital are used to calculate the chart and this results in more accurate chart calculations than if you select the city. Currently only hospitals in the United States are available. If we are able to obtain suitable databases of hospitals in other countries, these can be used to make available hospitals in

PAGE DESIGNER: The Page Designer feature provides a very easy way to customize the chart wheel and all of the tables and other information that is contained on the chart wheel page. You can drag-and-drop tables to place them where you want, add and remove information, and do other kinds of customizing very easily.

DEVORE ENCYCLOPEDIA INCLUDED: Sirius comes with a very large AstroEncyclopedia. Added to this AstroEncyclopedia is the DeVore Encyclopedia. This comprehensive encyclopedia of astrological terms and definitions adds more information to the AstroEncyclopedia features in Sirius.

ANCIENT WESTERN: The Ancient Western listing has options to select various kinds of infomation. The options are: Partile and Refranation Table, Essential Dignities Table, Almutens Table, Hyleg and Alcochodon Table, Almudebit Table, Temperament Table, Lunar Mansions Table, Dispositors Table, and Planetary House for Day of Birth. Click here for details

PASSWORD FOR SIRIUS: By default, a password is not required to run Sirius. However, you may want to prevent other people to use your computer from being able to run Sirius. You can do this by requiring that a password be entered when Sirius begins.

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