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Wealth of Additional Tools Available.

FACTS ABOUT SIRIUS CONTINUES: (Page 1) Calculations In alphabetical order

90 Degree Dial
90 Degree DialAdd Additional Sirius Program
Adjusting for Limitations in
    House Cusp                        
Ancient Charts
All House Systems
Ancient, Western, and Huber System
Anareta (killing planet)
Ancient Western:

    Almudebit (Bonati)
    Complexion Type
    Compound Almutens
    Dispositor of Planets
    Essential Dignities
    Hyleg and Alcochodon (Bonati and Ptolemy)
    Lunar Mansions / Sidereal Lunar Mansions
    Planetary Hours
    Time of Partile Aspects and Refranation (applying and
Ancient Western: Firdaria
Angular Distance Listing
Animation 90 degree dial
Animation BiWheel and 2 Wheels
Animation TriWheel and 3 Wheels
Animation QuadWheel and 4 Wheels
Angular Distance Between Planet
Antiscia, and Contra Antiscia Charts and Listings
Arabic Parts Listing
Arabic Parts AstroMap (shows where Planetary
           Pictures form)
Arabic Parts Wheels
Arc Transform Chart
Art Wheels: Chart Wheels that look like works of art
Art Gallery: Hundreds of Astrological Graphics
Artificial Intelligence
rotate the chart to put any planet or midpoint on the ascendant. Create Any Planet on Asc. Chart using Whole Sign House System
Aspects and/or Midpoints Between Charts
Aspect Grid Compare
Aspect Grid Comparison with Customizable Orbs
        and No Chart Wheel
Aspect Listing with Moon Details
Aspects and/or Midpoints Between Charts
Assumptionless Research

    Adding asteroids to chart wheel
    Any 60 Asteroids can be put in Wheel.
    1000 other asteroid positions are in a list.
    Customized asteroid lists from over 1,500 asteroids
       that are included
    An option to buy the 38,000 optional asteroids CD for
Asteroid Ephemeris
Asteroids Report
Asteroid List:
Create your own list or select from the set of asteroids ready for you to use
Sort Alphabetically, Sort by Zodiac Position Order, Sort by Asteroid Number Order
Asteroid Map
Asteroid Text Ephemeris
Asteroids Wheels: Automatically select an asteroid wheel already set up for your order create your own. You can also put up to 60 asteroids on the regular chart wheel.
AstroCalendar: Mundane, and Personal or both
AstroLocality Report
Maps of any geographic area of the world with lines drawn through them which indicate areas of astrological sensitivity.
    Geodetic Planet Map
    Geodetic Reference Map
    Horizon Maps:

        A horizon map is a slight variation of a local space map; the horizon map plots the actual house  cusps whereas in a local space map house Asc lines are drawn due east-west and the MC lines are drawn due north-south. The planet lines in a horizon map and local space map are identical.
    Local Space Maps, Local Space Maps with                    Asteroids
    Local Space Geodetic Zodiac Sign Map
    Zodiac Sign Maps: AstroMaps that show where the             zodiac sign of the Ascendant and MC change.
    Regular Maps without Orbs: No Orbs, Just Lines   and Asteroid Map
    Regular Maps with Orbs: Lines with Blue-Shaded Orbs
    Regular Maps calculated in longitude or in mundo
    Asteroids Map
         Flexible and easy to use
         Zoom in and zoom out feature
         Select any city and put it in the middle of the map
         Options to include:
                  4 Major Asteroids
                  Major Aspects
                  Minor Aspects
                  Transneptunian Planets
    Treasure Maps: A unique and exciting features
        Love and Romance Map
        Vocation and Career Map
        Friendship and Family Map
        Imagination and Inspiration Map
        Excitement and Instability Map
        Point and Click Interpretations
        Explanatory Guide to Treasure Maps
        Paran Listings
        Education and Communication
        Culture and Creativity
        Optimism and Opportunity
        Responsibility and Focus
AstroSignature Research with Only Charts with a  Good Accuracy Rating

AstroSearch (Advanced Research Feature)
AstroSignature Forecast Graph
AstroSignature Research
Athena Numerology Report
Avalon Lessons

Atlas: Complete atlas, time zones, and daylight savings time information, updated with each new version of SIRIUS with recent changes in laws.
Atlas, Hospitals in the USA included: Some cities are 10 miles or more in diameter. If a person is born on the east edge versus west edge of the city, there can be a difference in the house cusps of 10 or 15 minutes and in some cases even more. To obtain more accurate charts, you can now select the hospital where a person is born in many places in the USA (hospitals in other countries are not available).
Ayanamsha: 22 different ones to choose from, or enter your own customized ayanamsha
    De Luce
    Djwhal Khool
    JN Bhasin
    Babylonian, Kugler 1
    Babylonian, Kugler 2
    Babylonian, Kugler 3
    Babylunian, Huber
    Babylonian, Mercier
    Aldebaran at 15 Taurus
    Galactic Center on 0 Sagittarius
Backup, Export, Import, or Restore Birth Data
BiWheel and 2 Wheels Animation
Business Manager
Calendar and Calculator
Category Main Window
Chakras Vargas and Tables
Chart Wheels
Chart Explorer:
Vedic Interactive interpretations on screen courtesy of Australian astrologer, Dadhichi Toth
Chart Wheel Orientation
Classical Electional Houses
Classical Electional Planets
CoAscendant in chart wheel
Company Name:
Put your own company name on the printout
Comparison Charts
Compatibility Interpretation
Compatibility Patterns
Compatibility Profile Scores
Compatibility Text Listings
Composite Charts:
Create composite of 2 charts or 3 or more charts
Asc Midpoint
MC Midpoint
Derived Asc
Davidson Time-Space
CoAscendant in chart wheel
Composite of 2 or more charts

            Asc Midpoint
            MC Midpoint
            Derived Asc
Convert Names Text File to Input File
Convert Old Style Calendar (Julian) to New
Style Calendar (Gregorian)
Coordinate Systems:
(some are new in version 7)
      Normal (Zodiacal Longitude)
      Right Ascension
      Mundoscope (prime vertical chart)
      Declination Longitude Equivalent
      Declination Longitude Equivalent Antiscia
      Declination Long. Equivalent Contra Antiscia
      Normal (not adjusted)

      Draconic Mean Node
      Draconic True Node
      Tobey Secondary
      Antiscia Chart
      Contra Antiscia Chart
      Sun Zodiac Chart (Sun=0 Aries)
      Moon Zodiac Chart (Moon=0 Aries)
      Mercury Zodiac Chart (Mercury =0 Aries)
      Venus Zodiac Chart (Venus=0 Aries)
      Mars Zodiac Chart (Mars=0 Aries)
      Jupiter Zodiac Chart (Jupiter =0 Aries)
      Saturn Zodiac Chart (Saturn=0 Aries)
      Uranus Zodiac Chart (Uranus=0 Aries)
      Neptune Zodiac Chart (Neptune=0 Aries)
      Pluto Zodiac Chart (Pluto=0 Aries)
      Ascendant Zodiac Chart (Asc.=0 Aries)
      House Zodiac Chart

Copy to Clipboard
Correlation Analysis Research
Create Transit Chart Manually or Automatically
Create Your Own Wheel Style
Customize Charts and Printouts: Search for Customize to view all of the "Customize"
Dasas and Bhuktis
Day-for-a-year Ingresses Rx/Direct
Declination Equitorial Graphic Ephemeris
Declination Longitude Equivalent Chart
Declination Longitude Equivalent Chart Antiscia Chart
Declination Longitude Equivalent Chart Contra
Degree Meanings