CHAKRA: means wheel, or, in other words, the astrology chart wheel. Click on this link to view the sample window.

VARGAS: Select multiple vargas to view on the screen or print.

  • Rasi
  • Hora
  • Drekana
  • Chathurtamsa
  • Panchamsa
  • Shashtamsa
  • Saptamsa
  • Ashtamsa
  • Navamsa
  • Dasamsa
  • Ekadsamsa
  • Dwadasamsa
  • Shodasamsa
  • Vimsamsa
  • Chaturvimsamsa
  • Bhamsa
  • Trimsamsa
  • Aksvedamsa
  • Shashtiamsa

DASA: Dasas and Bhukti's come with interpretations.

  • Vimsottari
    (Dasa, Bhukti, Antara)
  • Ashtottari
    (Maha, Antara, Pratya)
  • Narayana
    (Maha, Antara, Pratya

ASHTAKAVARGA: This feature displayed with three separate windows:

  • Sarvashtakavarga (bhinna & sarva) table window
  • AshtakaVarga Table window with Prastarak tables
  • Ashtakavarga graph

GOCHARA or Transit


  • PreNatal Ceremony
    Conceiving, Pumsavana
  • PostNatal Ceremony
    Namakarana, First feeding on rice (Annaprasana), Ear piercing (Karaved), Tonsure (Chowlam), Commencing education (Ashrabhyasa), Investiture of sacred thread (Upanyaman)
  • General Matters
    Wearing New Clothes, Forming a library, Employing domestic worker, Shaving, Cutting nails, Buying utensils, Lending money, Buying a business, Buying cattle, Selling for profit, Shifting fom place to place, Pledging, Making a will
  • Education
    Learning Vedas & Shastras, Learning astrology & astronomy, Learning grammar, logiv, & philosophy, Learning medicine, Learning music & dancing, Learning any science, Learning trade, Painting, Athletic & sport skils, Legal education
  • House Building
    Laying the foundation, Fixing the door-frame, Digging wells, Entering a new house, Buying lands for buildings, Buying houses, Repairing houses, Dismantling buildings, Removing to another house
  • Agriculture & Farming
    Buying land for agriculture, Plowing the land, Sowing & planting, Grafting & pruning, Felling trees, Reaoing the crop, Harvesting a corn, Buying or selling cows, Buying or selling horses, Buying sheep
  • Travel
    Air voyages, Sea voyage
  • Medical Matters
    Beginning of treatments, Treatment of veneral diseases, Treatment for rheumatism, Treatment for gonorhea, Treatment for leprosy, Treatment for ascites, Taking purgarive, Taking enemas, taking injections, Surgical operations, To operate medicine, Taking first bath after illness
  • Public Matters
    Building & launching ships, Building towns & cities, Building military quarters, Dairy farms, Electing head of state
  • Miscellaneous
    Lotteries & competitions, Horse races, Filling law-suits, Seeking escaped prisoners, Buying arms, Srarting wars, making peace


SHADBALA: Select from the following Shadbala calculation methods: Dugal, DeLuce, or Raman















SIRIUS, Vedic System: CHAKRA


VEDIC: Chakras, Vargas & Tables, Vedic Natal Interpretation and Listing, Dasas & Bhuktis, Panchanga, Muhurta, Ashtakavarga, Gochara, Shad Bala, Chart Summary, Upagrahas, Bhava Arudha, Special Lagnas, Chara Karaka, etc.

Below is a sample of the Sirius Ckara Window:

The above window is divided into several parts:

  • Entry List: This entry list section is where you will find a list of chart that you entered in Sirius. Simply click in this box to view the list of entries then click on the entry to view the chat on the screen..
  • Tool Bar: The tool bar contains time adjust with several increments listed, and the list of Vargas that can be selected. The default time adjust increment is "1 min" increment, and the default Vargas are "1=Rasi" and "9=Navamsa".

    To use the time adjust feature, simply select the time increment that you wish to use then, click on the right arrow to adjust the time of birth forward or click on the left arrow to adjust it backward. The time adjustment used is the time increment that you have chosen. This feature is very easy to use.

You can also change the chart wheel style to South Indian style, North Indian style, or Western (circle) style from this tool bar.

To change the Varga selection, simply click on the drop down arrow next to it then select the type of Varga that you wish to use.

A Vedic astrologer may want to look at the rasi chart, navamsa chart, and also perhaps the saptamsa and dasamsa chart while analyzing particular areas of life. From this tool bar you can select up to 16 varga charts in one window. Select any group of charts and quickly resize them on the screen, and scroll them. As a convenience, when viewing many charts at once, you can put them in 2 columns. See "Chart Orientation" below.

Any of the 20 most common harmonics (vargas) is available (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 20, 24, 27, 30, 40, 45 and 60th ). Note that vargas calculations and their meaning are not the same as regular harmonics. More correctly they may be referred to as divisional charts. See complete list on the left side of this window.

  • Chart Orientation: This feature is use to change the charts orientation in the chart window to either horizontal or vertical. This option is very useful if you have multiple Varga charts selected.
  • Chart Explorer: This is a very unique and handy feature in Sirius. When you put the mouse cursor on any planet in the chart. The Vedic interpretation for that planet is displayed on this screen.
  • Text Window: In this window, the Shad Bala Table, Shad Bala Graphs, Upagrahas, Bhava Arudha, Special Lagnas, Dasa, etc. are displayed. This window is customizable, you can choose to remove any of the above from the list. Chara Karaka and Bhava Arudha, and more can also be added. Click here to view the full window of this feature.

Below is a sample of Sirius Chakra window with
South Indian style chart selected and 6 Vargas:

Below is a sample of Sirius Chakra window with
different chart wheel styles and the Chart Explorer window.

The above chart wheel styles can easily be selected from the chart style drop down menu. You can easily switch from the North Indian style, South Indian style, or the round or wheel style.

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