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Go to Sirius InformationADVANCED ASTROMAPING FEATURE: Sirius come with diferent kinds of AstroMap; Treasure Map", "Lines with Blue-shaded Orbs", "No Orbs, Just Lines & Asteroids", "Local Space Map, Geodetic, Zodiac Sign", "Fixed Star Map", "Zenith Star Map (zenith & nadir points), Asteroid Map, Hurricane Path, Arabic Parts AstroMap. etc.

DETAILS OF SIRIUS ASTROMAPS: An AstroMap is a wonderful tool for astrologers and students of astrology because it shows all places where an astrological influence exists by drawing lines on a map. One problem with AstroMaps is that you cannot see exactly how far from the line the astrological influence extends - until now! Sirius has overcome this problem with its unique AstroMapping capabilities that show you how far the astrological influence extends. You can produce AstroMaps in Sirius with blue-shaded orbs. These blue-shaded show exactly how far the astrological influence extends.

  • Treasure Maps: AstroMap that focuses on certain areas of life. The most powerful areas are shaded in red, and less powerful areas are shaded in yellow. Treasure Maps allow you to provide the information that you or your customers really want to know about. The Treasure Map is calculated based on the strength that you give each aspect, and also the orb of the aspect in that location. For example, you can give 10 points to Venus conjunct the relocated Ascendant, and 8 points to Venus sextile the relocated Ascendant if you like. There are 10 Types of Treasure Maps that you can print shown above.
  • Lines with Blue-Shaded Orbs: is an AstroMap with blue-shaded area surrounding the aspect line so you can see what area the influence extends to. You can change the orb, if desired, as well.
  • No Orbs, Just Lines and Asteroid Map: AstroMaps that include just the aspect lines without the orbs. AstroMap that has just lines, is the traditionally used style of AstroMap used by astrologers. It displays where aspects occur to the relocated Asc and MC in the geographic area.
  • Local Space, Geodetic, Zodiac Sign Map: A local space map shows the direction of planets from the place of birth. For example, if Venus was directly east when you were born; then the Venus line runs east and west from the place of birth. A variation of the Local Space Map is the Horizon Map.
  • The Horizon Map is identical to a Local Space Map except that the house cusps are calculated differently. In a Local Space map the Ascendant is exactly in the east-west direction, while in a Horizon map, the Ascendant is drawn in the direction of the Ascendant point, which may not be directly east.
  • Planet lines in both Local Space Maps and Horizon Maps are identical; house cusps are slightly different. House cusp lines in a Local Space Map are identical regardless of which house system you use whereas the position of the house cusp lines varies in the Horizon map depending on the house system selected.
  • Geodetic Map is based on putting 0 degrees Aries on the MC at Greenwich, England, and putting a zodiac around the world from there. The Ascendant is based on the Ascendant corresponding to the MC. You can also customize the Geodetic Map to put a different degree on the MC and shift all of the signs. You can select a Geodetic Reference Map and also a Geodetic Map for an individual, which shows how the Geodetic Map relates to the planets in a particular person's chart.
  • Zodiac Sign Map: This map shows where the signs on the Ascendant and MC change in the relocated chart of a person.
  • Fixed Star Map: A Fixed Star Map is an AstroMap that has lines of the fixed stars. In the same way that an AstroMap can be made for planets, it can be made for fixed stars as well. A Fixed Star Map is a map of the sky onto the globe of the Earth! The fixed stars in the same relationship to each other in the Fixed Star Map that they are to each other in the sky.
  • Zenith Star Map: A Zenith Star Maps is the term that we have given to an AstroMap that shows zenith and nadir points of the fixed stars. A Zenith Star Map is always calculated in mundo because the Zenith by definition is a point in relationship to the horizon, i.e. an in mundo position. Note that the Zenith Star Map has the constellations mapped onto the world because the in mundo fixed star positions are the placement of the fixed stars on the world in the same relationship to each other as they have to each other in the sky.
  • Asteroid Map: An Asteroid Map is an AstroMap with asteroid lines instead of planet lines drawn on the map. When you select Asteroid Map, a "Select Aster. & Asp." button is displayed so you can select which asteroids and aspects to asteroids are desired.
  • Hurricane Path: This feature tracks the hurricane path. For astrologers interest in AstroMeteorology, it is now possible to view hurricane paths on an AstroMap and also to download additional hurricane data and import it so that these hurricane paths can also be viewed.


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