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PERSONAL SECURITY REPORT by Lorna Houston. Optional Report Option of Kepler, Sirius or Pegasus. This report by Lorna Houston offers readers a chance to analyze the environment around them based on their birth information and promotes awareness of crime and possible solutions for avoiding it. Lorna gives attention to breaking the pattern of karmic situations in which people find themselves victimized. This unique report is well written and is one of a kind. The purpose of this report is to provide you with information which you can use to help protect yourself (or your child) from crime, based on your astrological chart.


Personal Security Report for:

Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967
12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia


Introduction, Personal Security Report:

The purpose of this report is to provide you with information which you can use to help protect yourself (or your child) from crime, based on your astrological chart.

The most important thing to remember always is that it is YOU -YOUR consciousness and YOUR willpower which are your best protection against crime. The value of this report is to provide you with information which will help YOU, as an empowered, responsible, and creative individual to make the most effective decisions for yourself. This report is a resource for you to use; it is supportive of your own ability to make your own, best choices.

In fact, crimes occur only when individuals are out of touch with their inner strengths. If they are not in tune with themselves, they may not realize that they are not protecting themselves. They may be in a state of mind where they have lost sight of the knowledge that they CAN control their own destiny.

However, by being aware of the specific pitfalls to which you might be susceptible as an individual, you can concentrate your energies on protecting yourself in those areas first. Then you will have increased your level of safety and freed yourself to work on unfolding your inner potential in other ways.

By transforming your fear of crime into an experience of your own empowerment, you will be confronting some of your deepest fears and healing them on a permanent, deep, karmic level. The benefits, therefore, will go far beyond crime prevention in allowing you to advance along the spiritual path.

When persons are trapped in the cycle of karma, they can mistakenly believe that they must endure hurt or punishment. They create the hurt and punishment by thinking these negative thoughts. They attract negativity from other people, even to the extreme of attracting victimhood by crime. The answer is to become aware of what thoughts you are thinking on the unconscious level and to replace these thoughts with positive ones. Then, you will attract security, happiness, and self-confidence into your life.

Your natal astrological chart reveals where you may be thinking negative thoughts. It also suggests what you can do, given your unique personality, to divert these same energies into positive outlets. The essence of this report, then, is to show you what these energies are and how to work with them positively. In addition, this report elaborates on your many positive talents and strengths, which are additional resources which you can use both to protect yourself from crime and to go beyond that in healing yourself and the planet.

In the entire range of features in your chart, there are likely to be some energies which could lead to a vulnerability to crime more than others if they are not handled wisely. Any such aspects, which indicate a particular need for conscious work on your part in order to minimize any risk of crime, are indicated by a # at the beginning of the first paragraph of the interpretation. Do not worry if you have some #'s. They do not mean that any crime will necessarily happen to you; they just mean that, if you want to do some conscious work to make sure that you are protecting yourself, then these are the most important places to start. In fact, the ones marked # are usually the ones where you can develop the strongest POSITIVE abilities, if you go to the conscious effort of ensuring that these same energies are directed positively rather than negatively.

In addition, you may have some special gifts indicated in your chart. These are special abilities which you were already born with and to which you already have easy access. These are special talents which you can use to deal with the ones marked # in your own chart and which you can also use to go beyond that to solve the crime problem in your community and in society as a whole. Your outstanding talents in this regard are marked with a ! at the beginning of the first paragraph of the interpretation. You will find that you feel more fulfilled and that your energy flows better if you use any such talents for the positive purposes for which they were intended. Any marked ! would be your starting point if you decide to go beyond protecting yourself from crime to helping others.

Please note that no claim is made or implied that this report will guarantee that you will be safe from crime, because what really counts is how you use the knowledge gained from the report. Also, you may have had past karma prior to reading the report which would take special work to neutralize, in order for all risk of crime to be removed.

Note: This Report is a serious report, rather than being on the level of entertainment. It addresses the serious problem of crime and how to overcome it.  If you have ever been a victim of a crime, or know someone who has, or if you live in an area where crime is an issue, it is designed to help you.  If you are fortunate enough not to have been touched by crime, it will give you insight into the problem and show you how you can, if you choose, from your fortunate position, improve the world for others, by putting your higher compassion to good use.

Chapter 1: The Ascendant

Ascendant, Introduction:

The Ascendant indicates how we present ourselves to the world. Even if we are a certain way inside, we may not realize that we are projecting a different impression outwardly. By knowing how we first appear to others, we can be safer and better able to defend ourselves and avoid situations with which we do not identify.

If we project positively, this comes back to us. If we project negatively, this comes back to us too.

The Ascendant is also important as a focal point for other energy in the chart and for the energy which comes back to us.

Here is how the Ascendant works in your own chart:

Cancer Rising:

You are quiet, sensitive, and caring about others and, therefore, not likely to go looking for trouble. That in itself, is part of your protection from crime.

You seek the emotional security of knowing that your home and your loved ones are safe, so it will ease your mind greatly if you get someone to install good locks on the doors and windows. Make sure that there is no possible point of entry for a burglar.

As you probably have many heirlooms, coins and jewels of mostly sentimental value, keep them in a safe place and photograph them so that they can be identified in case they are ever stolen.

Have your children take a street-proofing program, so that they can avoid being in any danger. Make sure that they know how to telephone home and how to call the police for help.

Ensure that your parents' home is safe too. For example, make sure that there is someone to remove any newspapers and flyers from their front step if they are away and to check their house regularly to make sure that everything is okay.

Do not have high bushes or fences around your house of the type which obscure the view of neighbors from any possible intruders. Similarly, if you have a small store, keep the front window free of big posters for the same reason.

Know that real security comes from within. If you foster self-confidence, you will be less likely to be a target for anyone else.

Chapter 2: The Sun

Sun, Introduction:

The Sun rules the expression of basic energy potential and creative drive to grow and develop as an individual. It rules the dynamic expression of the will.

If the energy of the Sun is blocked or distorted, the negative manifestations which may occur are crimes resulting from the compulsion or will to do something; crimes as part of a lifestyle; crimes involving the life of someone; crimes resulting from a weak ego or the ability to be influenced; and crimes resulting from a threatened ego or from too much egotism.

To protect yourself from crimes involving the energy of the Sun, you need to affirm the strength of your own willpower. If you do this, whatever happens, you will still be fully aware at the deeper levels of your personality that you are a valuable, creative individual, in control of your own destiny. Affirm, too, that your inner will comes into manifestation from the infinite source, so that your ego will be guided by the spiritual direction. In that way, you will not be attached to your ego, but will see it as a connection to something even greater. Your ego is the means of bringing the inspiration of this greater power into your daily life.

Here is how the energy of the Sun works in your own chart:

Sun in Scorpio:

Although your curiosity and intensity often take you into situations of danger, you are equally resourceful in fighting to overcome these dangers. Your courage is your great ally in overpowering and out-strategizing anyone who could harm you.

You may be interested in the martial arts, in which you would secretly possess the confidence that you can respond to any challenge if necessary.

You are a determined fighter and will not give up until the enemy has been brought to the ground.

Many police and military personnel are Scorpios. They work secretly behind the scenes to prevent crime by averting illegal plots, investigating gang activities, and ferreting out intelligence information. Scorpios even have the courage to face death and they can be skilled homicide investigators.

You understand people's deeper motives and this helps you to size them up well in advance of any crime happening. Therefore, you are shrewd in your financial dealings, careful about the security of your home or business, and well aware of which people are dangerous in order to avoid them.

Because of your quiet demeanor, you are not an obvious target for criminals. Also, because you are secretive, any criminal would have a hard time getting enough information about you to commit a crime.

Sun in the 4th House

You like to spend lots of time at home as this is where you can express yourself best. You would, therefore, have the opportunity to be aware of what needs to be done to make your home safe and to install whatever security measures are necessary.

You may have children of your own or look after other people's children in your home, in which case you would be responsible for their safety and security. You would be capable of making it a pleasant experience for children to learn what to do to be safe.

You would likely take the lead in protecting your older relatives from crime, too, and in making sure that their houses have the proper security equipment, such as bright lights at night.

Sun Sextile Mars:

(!) You have a very favorable way of combining your inner willpower with practical action. You have a talent for wishing something to be so and then bringing it into manifestation. That is because you think positively and the universe supports those who are in tune with their own self-expression and who also want to do something positive.

You are able to bring the light to those who think that they must be egotistical to get their message across. The message which you have for them is that aggression is not necessary, because one's desires can be fulfilled in more peaceful, yet dynamic ways.

You have a strong constitution and a high energy level and would be able to lead others in building their vitality, self-esteem, and happiness. Your positive outlook could neutralize the criminal element, both in your own life and for others.

Sun Sextile Jupiter:

(!) You are exceptionally self-expressive, creative and inspirational. Your intense, fiery zeal could purify the world from much crime and negative thinking. You are a born spiritual leader and have a dynamic will to uplift others ethically, philosophically and spiritually. You could excel as a political religious or educational leader.

You are positive, generous and compassionate and, therefore, likely to receive the same treatment from others. You would go beyond this too to uplift others from their negativity and turn their lifestyle around.

You would be fortunate and successful as a fund-raiser, because others would respond to your goodwill, confidence and positive approach.

Chapter 3: The Moon

Moon, Introduction:

The Moon, in its usual meaning, rules immediate emotional responses, attitudes instilled from family or childhood, your likely reaction to external influences and the actions of others, home life, your relationships with your mother and with women in general, and your manner of responding to the public at large.

If the energy of the Moon is blocked or distorted, its negative manifestations can occur. That would include crimes involving the role of mother, wife, or live-in girlfriend; emotionally-based crimes; crimes resulting from a disrupted childhood; crimes involving sentimental items; and crimes resulting from immediate feelings or fears. In fact, quite often it is the transiting Moon which triggers a natal planet when a crime occurs. (Mars is the other frequent trigger).

To protect yourself from crimes associated with Moon energy, work at cultivating domestic peace or else move into a more nurturing home environment; work through any childhood traumas you may have had; be in tune with your emotions; protect any sentimental items you may possess; and learn to think logically, rather than get caught up in the emotions of others. As long as you nurture yourself and act as if you value your home, you will dispel the kind of energy which would work against your home security.

Here is how the energy of the Moon works in your own chart:

Moon in Leo:

You like to dramatize your feelings and, if you were to put on a play about how to prevent crime, it would likely receive a lot of positive attention. You would be especially good at teaching children through this method, perhaps involving them in it as actors and actresses.

Your generous, happy disposition is in itself a good means of prevention of crime, because others would want to be nice to you rather than confront you.

As you like to be in charge, make sure that others get their share of ego-expression too, so that they will not feel the need to oppose you.

You could be a good leader in your community, either as a politician or as the president of a residents' group concerned about crime prevention. Your dramatic flair would inspire others to follow your good example. Your solutions to the problem of crime would be very dramatic, positive and energetic.

You need to be in a role where you get enough attention from others. Otherwise, you will be very frustrated and more vulnerable to crime, because you would tend to be out of touch with your own power. Find an outlet where you can be in charge, as this is very important to your sense of self-worth. You are a very warm and generous person, so know that you are needed and that the right kind of people will appreciate you.

Moon in the 2nd House

You have an intense need for security and the thing you need to realize is that security ultimately comes from within rather than from efforts to acquire possessions and to fortify your home against attackers. Higher meditations would help you to get to know whom you really are inside. Deep within each of us is a level of great stability and security, beyond the day-to-day earthly challenges. By tuning in to our inner strength, we can manifest this greater awareness in our everyday lives and live a life of security and stability which is far beyond the unpredictability of day-to-day life.

Nevertheless, until you have mastered this thoroughly, you could benefit from practical security measures to protect your home, such as good locks, proper lighting and safe storage of valuable items.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter:

You are likely to do a great deal of philanthropic, caring work for others and the good karma which you put out comes back to you in the form of help when you are in need. You are in this way protected from crimes, because you attract good rather than bad energy and you get peoples' support rather than anger or argument. You are likely to seek a wealthy partner, especially if you are a man and there may be some risks here, especially if the partner comes to feel that you love the wealth rather than the person. So, keep in mind that wealth has to be earned and that if you truly love the person, the wealth will come by itself.

You have high moral standards when it comes to the care of children and you could help to teach children ethics and caring rather than crime.

Moon Square Neptune:

(#) You may be susceptible to drug dealers or persons who would try to get you to drink alcohol, but do not give in to them. Instead, develop the higher side of your keen emotional potential. Start by healing and releasing any hurt feelings within you, even thought this process may be a painful struggle. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it will be well worth it. You will emerge as a very happy person, unusually psychically attuned and with a gift for healing others.

In particular, clear up any emotional baggage which you may have concerning your mother, wife, girlfriend and any other close female in your life. If they have any kind of addictions, get help for them if they will accept it. If not, refuse to be held back or pulled down by them. Otherwise, you would be defining yourself as a victim and would be more susceptible to victimization by criminals. Be honest with yourself rather than self-deceptive. Find creative outlets for your very fertile imagination and ability to care for and nurture the weak.

Chapter 4: Mercury

Mercury, Introduction:

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. Gemini pertains to the communication of thoughts and information, whereas Virgo has to do with the organization and analysis of facts. Both are mental signs and are usually above the lower realm in which crimes tend to occur.

If the energy of Mercury is blocked or distorted, there are some negative manifestations of its energy which can take place. One of the Gemini ones is smooth talking. Another is clouded thinking. Crimes involving secret communications or interference with communication would also have a Mercury component. As for Virgo, Virgo has to do with analysis and logic and can, therefore, indicate the pushing of rules. Virgo is related to small details and can be a factor in petty theft. The work connotation of Virgo can come out in crimes in the workplace. White-collar crimes can have a Mercury component.

To protect yourself from crimes in which Mercury energy is a factor, develop your mind so that you will be able to outsmart the offender. Use your mental ability, so that you will not be unconsciously leaving it up to the less scrupulous to remind you of the potential of mental faculties. Have your information organized and communicate it well, to leave less room for crime to occur.

Here is how Mercury energy works in your own chart:

Mercury in Scorpio:

You have a good mind for investigative work: remembering details and ferreting out the deepest information. You do not accept at face value what you are told. Instead, you are critical, questioning and curious. These abilities would help you both to protect yourself from crime and also to protect others, if that is the nature of your work.

You communicate only when necessary. This makes it difficult for anyone who might be trying to use any information against you.

You may be involved in some kind of mass communication or some strategy behind it. Be careful that you are protected from any possible persons who might not want whatever the information is to reach the public.

You are good at sizing up people and knowing how to convince them with the right argument. You are, therefore, in control of the conversation and able to keep anyone from manipulating you.

Be careful that you do not use words to wound the feelings of others, because they may come back with some kind of vengeance in the long-run.

You would have good ability as a fraud investigator, as your mind would grasp both the mathematics and the motivations behind such a crime. You would also be shrewd enough to protect yourself in any of your own financial dealings.

Mercury in the 4th House

As you probably come from an educated family, your awareness is above the plane where most crimes occur and you are not likely to associate with the criminal element.

You would be good at speaking out about the value of motherhood, nurturing and education as ways to prevent crime.

You may study and work at home and therefore not have to risk going out and becoming vulnerable to whatever crime is outside.

You would be likely to go to the trouble of making sure that your older relatives have their homes protected from crime in practical ways, such as installing good locks and bright lights at night.

Mercury Sextile Venus:

You are very creative in your expression of words and ideas. You would likely attract peace rather than discord into your life, because you communicate harmoniously. In fact, you would even have ability to give speeches or write articles about what a peaceful, crime-free society would be like, as a positive vision for society to work towards.

You could be a peace-maker or mediator in a situation where communication has to be achieved, possibly by translating into another language or else putting the ideas of both sides into words the other can accept. You could help others to write marriage contracts, so that they would get along with each other.

Chapter 5: Venus

Venus, Introduction:

Venus rules both Libra and Taurus. It rules social, romantic and artistic expression, social relationships and close friendships. Venus, being the traditional goddess of love, is the opposite polarity to Mars, the god of war. The energy of Venus, when properly used, can offset the aggression of Mars and thereby neutralize the tendency towards many crimes. Venus can make peace and build bridges of understanding.

However, when the energy of Venus gets distorted or is not allowed its proper expression, it can result in crimes associated with too much passivity or not enough aggression, such as robbery, attacks on females or vulnerable males, sexual assault, and crimes involving girlfriends. What happens in these crimes is that, when there is a build-up of unexpressed Venus energy in the victim, it attracts the opposite polarity to itself. These crimes occur when there is also a build-up of too much Mars energy (or sometimes Pluto or other energy) in the offender. The two polarities meet, often without the prior conscious awareness by either victim or offender that their energy is out of balance. You can avoid crimes associated with your Venus energy by making sure that it has enough legitimate outlets, such as art, loving relationships and good friendships.

Here is how Venus energy works in your own chart:

Venus in Virgo:

You are reserved and analytical about emotions and this helps you to deal with the question of crime prevention in a mature, rational manner. Certainly, if you were ever confronted with a situation which called for stability and practical action, you would be able to respond.

You are a pleasant communicator and this talent would go a long way towards neutralizing anyone who wanted to be aggressive or unreasonable.

As you work hard for what you have, you would also be careful about protecting your possessions with the proper caution. You would keep very precise track of your money, so that no one could rob you or defraud you.

You are likely to meet your social partners through work, so you have a good idea that they are reliable, honest people. You are reserved and cautious in your relationships, so you are not going to rush into any affair with someone who turns out to be a criminal.

Your home looks modest and neat. It does not look so lavish that a burglar would find it attractive. At the same time, it looks well cared for and as if the owner would take the care to install the proper security equipment.

Venus in the 3rd House

You are fond of poetry, charming, and able to communicate pleasantly. These are very positive attributes, but make sure that you do not go to the extreme of being swayed by the nice-sounding words of others if they happen to be of criminal intent. Use your abundance of practicality and intelligence to size up people and tell which ones are sincere.

You may be able to attract wealth through taking short trips and lecturing or playing music or showing your art. If you do this, have someone watch your home while you are gone and be careful of the type of persons you might meet in your travels. If you receive money, especially large sums, in your travels, arrange to have it deposited in the bank immediately rather than risk having it stolen.

There is likely to be wealth in your family, among your aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters. You, therefore, would have experience in how to be secure and safe with money, by having observed what precautions your relatives take.

Venus Conjunct Pluto:

(#) Your social and romantic relationships are likely to have a transformative effect on you. You, in turn, tend to have a powerful effect on others. It is very important that you recognize this and find positive outlets for your intense feelings. You could, for example, express yourself through music or art in which you would be very creative. You could enjoy excellent relationships if you took the time to get to know the other person and develop a relationship of trust first before taking deep emotional risks or expecting the other person to become deeply involved.

However, the important thing is not to ignore your deep emotions for too long or they will control you. You would then be more vulnerable to some kind of attack from someone, because you would desperately need an intense experience, even if it were a negative one. Therefore, learn how to communicate well with the opposite sex, so that your emotions can be regularly expressed on a safe, intimate basis. If you have a negative experience with someone of the opposite sex, work through your feelings about it rather than block off your emotions, because your emotions are too intense to ignore.

In addition, be careful regarding money. Do not make yourself vulnerable by having on hand money or valuables which others might want, unless they are well protected.

Venus Sextile Neptune:

(!) You have a rare fluidity for artistic and romantic expression. You could receive channeled visions which you could then turn into beautiful, inspiring paintings. You could also sing songs with a beautiful voice, especially spiritual songs or songs about the beauty of nature.

It is important for your safety and happiness that you pursue your special talents and share them with the world. That is because the same energies, if blocked or distorted, could make your receptivity accept negative, rather than positive, images and you would then be more vulnerable to victimization by aggressive people. Protect yourself psychically from this possibility by believing in yourself and your special gifts.

Chapter 6: Mars

Mars, Introduction:

Usually when we think of a crime we think of an act of aggression such as fighting, stabbing, shooting, beating, blows, bludgeoning, or arson. These crimes are all ruled by Mars.

In general, the metaphysical way to avoid being a victim of any of these crimes is to make sure that you are channeling the aggressive side of your personality constructively. That is because if you turn this energy inwards, rather than outwards into some activity, you will be using it against yourself. If you turn aggression towards yourself, others may tend to direct THEIR aggressive energies towards you too, because they are seeking an outlet for their own aggression. On the other hand, if your own Mars energy is flowing and being used in a healthy way, then others who are in need of guidance will follow your example and channel their aggressive energy constructively too. If you think well of yourself, you will create positive experiences for yourself. If you think negatively of yourself, you will attract negativity.

Mars in Capricorn:

You are very ambitious in your career - efficient, organized, disciplined and dutiful. You would act very calmly and reliably in an emergency situation or a situation of crime and you would not let your emotions run away with you. You would be capable of the kind of discipline and sense of duty required for police or military service. Or, you might rise to a top position in a company which produces items useful for crime prevention.

You tend to drive yourself extremely hard, probably because you were raised strictly by your father. While this approach produces the highest of outward success, you need to be sure that you are kind enough to yourself, so that you are not suffering inside in a self-damaging way. If you are, you could attract the same kind of treatment from others. Therefore, balance your success drive with sufficient self-nurturing. Resolve any angry feelings you may have towards your father in constructive ways, so that you will be free of that. Then you will achieve the success you desire and be free from crime too. Remember that success in the eyes of others begins with believing in your own success within.

Mars in the 6th House

You are not likely to be dealing with the criminal element because you are busy doing hard work, given your skill with machinery and your demandingness of precision. However, make sure that you have tolerance for others who are not capable of being as precise as you or of working as hard as you, because they may rebel out of the need to be more emotional or to assert their own type of authority.

You are an accurate bookkeeper or accountant and would be able to prevent fraud or theft, because you would keep track of all money coming in and going out with great thoroughness.

Make sure that you do not impose your strict rules about crime prevention or health care on others, because it may not be right for them, as it is for you, to approach these topics in such a precise, analytical way.

Mars Square Saturn:

(#) You need to learn self-discipline in order to be successful. That is because part of your nature is to rush right ahead into a situation impulsively while another part of you wants to put limits on yourself. Ultimately, with willpower and experience, this dilemma can be resolved, so that you will know when to act decisively and when to be patient.

In the meantime, you may come into conflict with authority figures whenever you try to rush ahead into something, because they are teaching you the discipline and patience which you unconsciously seek. You may even risk being treated in a sadistic or harsh way, until you learn how to direct your actions responsibly. Once you get a handle on how to do this, you will be capable of unusually great achievements, especially as a trained athlete, soldier, or skilled salesperson. So, remember not to get frustrated and to keep trying until you get things right. Then the positive sense of achievement will come from within, rather than the negative discipline from without, and so you will achieve the great potential of which you are capable.

Mars Trine Jupiter:

(!) You have a talent for raising funds, because you enjoy activities where you can spread goodwill and attract the generosity of others in return. They know that their donations will be put to good use. Your ability would be very helpful to organizations which are working to prevent crime or to integrate ex-offenders back into society.

In financial dealings, you have a knack for knowing when to invest and when not to. You do this by making sure that your actions conform to the greater good. You also go to the effort to make sure that those who are telling you that something is a good deal are telling the truth. Because you can identify unsound investments, you avoid crime and financial loss.

You have a great deal of get-up-and-go and are meant to be actively involved in causes for the greater good. It is important that you use this zeal for its intended purpose and you are likely to do just that.

Chapter 7: Jupiter

Jupiter, Introduction:

In the positive sense, Jupiter rules religious and philosophical beliefs, higher education, expansiveness, large-scale generosity, financial and material benefits and earned goodwill. If this type of energy is not flowing or if it gets wrongly diverted, it can turn into crimes involving large amounts of money or reliance on luck, theft of large items, or indulgent behavior getting out of hand.

To avoid becoming a victim of a crime associated with Jupiter, employ your optimism, goodwill and positive thinking. Faith can overcome crime on an individual level and also on a large-scale level through one's church, educational teachings, or inspired projects. In order not to become a victim of a large financial scheme, you can employ positive thinking to believe that you deserve to have the money which you have and to remember that you extended goodwill towards others in order to earn it. It is when you do not believe in your own prosperity that you are at risk of losing it. However, if you are in a situation where you know deep down that you have not earned the money you have and that you really have been too self-indulgent to deserve it, then you would be better off voluntarily giving a large amount of your money to charity than to have it taken away from you through a crime.

Here is how Jupiter energy works in your own chart:

Jupiter in Virgo:

You have a special talent for sifting truth from error. You have high moral values about honesty and trustworthiness and you are, at the same time, critical and analytical enough to determine whether others really are telling the truth. This talent begins with yourself, because you have high standards yourself and you expect the same of others.

Your ability in this direction would help to protect yourself and others from crime. First of all, you would associate only with others who are honest and avoid the criminal element. Secondly, you would be able to spot any dishonesty in someone else and make sure that they are disciplined and taught the proper values. Thirdly, no one would be able to put anything over on you, because if you are honest, their dishonesty would immediately stand out.

You would have good ability as an auditor or bookkeeper, seeing that larger amounts of money are accounted for properly. You would also make a good treasurer for a charitable organization as you could be trusted to carry out your duties accurately.

You are willing to serve others, for example, to care for their health or help them with their work. You could inspire students as a teacher or tutor and thereby lead them on a path away from crime.

Jupiter in the 2nd House

You are likely to be very successful financially. You are fortunate in speculation and you combine that with steady, hard work. You may be willing to give generously to charities which would prevent crime in one way or another. You are also influential in getting other persons of wealth to contribute. You understand the principle that what you give to others will be returned many times to you.

You are likely to own valuable land which you may choose to use for some spiritual activity, which would offset the lower vibration of crime.

You are extremely honest and you would be able to tell if anyone else were not being honest in trying to get money from you.

Chapter 8: Saturn

Saturn, Introduction:

In its positive meaning, Saturn rules discipline, order and recognition, but if the demands of the disciplinarian become too harsh or if the pressure to seek recognition is too great, then Saturn can operate in a negative way.

The types of crimes associated with Saturn are those of a sadistic, cruel or brutal nature. As Saturn governs limitations and rules, it also plays a part in crimes of confinement, drug enforcement, and crimes against authority figures.

The way to avoid Saturnine crimes is to enhance the positive qualities of Saturn within yourself. That is, accept that there have to be certain rules for society to work; attend to your career responsibilities, and carry out your duties as an authority fairly. Do not wear yourself down with too many rules; do not become a work addict; and do not be authoritarian. In short, take the responsibility for your own conduct and your own karma, so that others will not be inclined to fill that gap for you.

Here is how Saturn energy works in your own chart:

Saturn in Aries:

You like to act impulsively but you need to learn depth and patience also. In the long-run you need to combine the best of both patience and initiative.

You would have ability as a police officer working to fight crime, because in that profession, you could combine the ability to overpower offenders with quick, physical action and the ability to adhere to strict rules of conduct at the same time. You would teach law breakers that those who obey the law are on the side of the winners.

In your own life, you can best protect yourself from crime by standing up for your own rights but not looking for trouble.

Saturn in the 9th House

You are likely to travel for business. You need to be careful that your destinations and accommodations are safe and that you are not entering into high-crime areas. You also need to ensure that your home is protected from the criminal element, while you are gone and that your children are well supervised, so that they will not be on their own too much.

You are serious about your religious values and you apply them in your everyday life. You are exceptionally honest. You would, therefore, be able to tell immediately if someone else were dishonest or not of high moral values.

Your values are traditional. This is good because you have stability; however, be prepared to be flexible in situations where others may be inclined to rebel against tradition so that they will not oppose you in any unsafe way.

Chapter 9: Uranus

Uranus, Introduction:

On the positive side, Uranus rules freedom, individuality, original ideas, the link with the Universal Mind, friends and group purpose. However, if Uranian energy is blocked or distorted, its negative manifestations may result. These can include rebellion, crimes involving more than one victim or offender, crimes assisted by a friend or group, unexpected or unusual crimes, and crimes involving several of something, such as several shots or wounds.

In order to avoid becoming the victim of a crime influenced by Uranus, you need to make sure that your needs related to Uranian energy are being expressed. For example, if you need the freedom to be an individual and authorities are imposing too many rules on you, you may attract rebellious behavior from others who actually think they are providing you with what you need; they will regard their actions as part of a "cause". Therefore, you need to get yourself out of the situation where the rules are being imposed, for your own good. You may also need to seek out a group of friends who share your ideals, so that you will be less vulnerable. It may be that you need to see a universal purpose in the work which you are doing, because if you are bored with your activity, then you will unconsciously attract negative, sudden events, as a distraction.

Here is how Uranus energy works in your own chart:

Uranus in Virgo:

You are very intellectual and not likely to be dealing with those who are inclined to commit crimes. You are innovative about work methods and may be able to design a unique system for eliminating crime in your workplace, perhaps an electronic invention of some kind.

You are good at science and teaching and could interest students in more positive, interesting things than crime. You would also show them by example the good virtues of tolerance and hard work.

Uranus in the 3rd House

You are intellectual and a free thinker. You are likely to be among other persons who use their minds and read rather than get involved with crime.

You may write or speak about science and the occult. You would be a good astrological lecturer and could educate others about the use of astrology to prevent crime.

You would be good at telephone work and could organize a local crime prevention group by calling everyone on the telephone and explaining to them what it is all about.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto:

(#) You like to have many things going on at once with many people. You have the need for both excitement and depth of experience. Therefore, you need to find a positive outlet for this great energy and intensity. You might, for example, work on the cause of preventing crime in your community by holding meetings, distributing a newsletter and canvassing the individual residents to hear their ideas and concerns. You would also be effective at approaching the politicians about ideas which would prevent crime or even running for political office yourself.

In addition, you could be an intuitive healer or psychic, holding group sessions and getting the energy of the group to transform individuals or even to heal the planet.

The important thing is that you keep busy, working with friends on an important cause of bringing about positive change. In that way, you will be high above the level of any negative manifestations of this energy, such as being vulnerable to gang activity or sudden aggressive acts. These events would only be attracted to you if you did not have enough excitement and intensity in your life otherwise.

Uranus Sextile Neptune:

(!) You have a great deal of intuition and this helps you to see ahead as to what trends are forming long before they occur. You are able to protect yourself from crime in this way because, for example, if the neighborhood is becoming run down you have the flexibility to get up and move somewhere else.

You would be interested in the cause of preventing drunk driving and the harm caused by addiction and alcohol or drugs. You may join a community group of persons concerned about these issues or you may become involved in a political way. You are open-minded about the rights of individuals to do what they want with their own health but you are against having them interfere with the freedom of others when they are under the influence of an addictive substance.

Chapter 10: Neptune

Neptune, Introduction:

Neptune, in its positive sense, rules imagination, intuition, the creative faculty and spiritual destiny. If this type of energy is blocked or distorted it can result in negative manifestations such as deception, theft, escape or disappearance. Neptunian energy can be distorted by alcohol or drugs or by unconscious self-deception.

The way to handle Neptunian energy, so as to avoid the crimes associated with it, is first to acknowledge your creative, emotional, intuitive side. Our society tends to value logic and rational thinking, but there is a whole other realm of potential ruled by the right side of the brain. Exercises which enhance creativity and psychic and spiritual awareness are very helpful here. If you acknowledge this side of your being rather than try to make it "disappear", you will not attract crimes of illusion, such as theft or being kidnapped.

Remember, too, that it is okay to be sensitive and that sensitive feelings do not need to be denied through alcohol or drugs. These substances, if used to escape from reality, hide rather than bring out your true self. Even if your sensitive feelings are painful or uncomfortable, it is better to acknowledge them and deal with them, so that the repression of them will not weaken you and make you vulnerable.

Here is how Neptune energy works in your own chart:

Neptune in Scorpio:

You were born at a time when people tended to be intensely emotional, especially regarding sexuality, psychically receptive and secretive. Alcohol and drugs were a major cause of crime and these crimes included drug-dealing, killing and bike gang activities. How these trends influenced you as an individual would depend on the rest of your chart.

Neptune in the 4th House

You need to have security and not to worry about crime, so take practical action to protect yourself from it, such as having a security system in your home and living in an area where there is little crime.

You are psychically receptive and can sense if there is any danger. This ability can help to protect you from any possible harm.

You have strong emotional ties to your family and would feel more secure knowing that they have taken all possible precautions against crime.

You are protective of those in need but make sure that deceptive persons do not pretend that they are in need in order to gain your trust.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

(!) This aspect is characteristic of your whole generation, rather than just of you as an individual, so it gives insight into an overall trend of which you are part and in which you can do your part.

The trend is for there to be a favorable link between people's imaginative, creative faculty, intuition, and spiritual destiny, on one hand, and their ability to deal with extremes of good and evil on the other. In other words, if enough people meditate and channel positive energies in the right way, then the problem of crime can be eliminated in this generation.

The members of this generation have the potential to uplift their spirits from the escapes of alcohol and drugs and other denials of their true nature. They can express, rather than repress, their creative spirits and harmonize their inspirations with the divine good. They can heal the hurts which then surface, neutralize the karma from many ages past, which becomes clear to them, and they can create a whole new destiny for the future in which crime will not be a part. This new age can spring from the awareness that what we think is what we create and what we create is what we become. We have the power to choose and we can choose a crime-free society.

Chapter 11: Pluto

Pluto, Introduction:

The kind of aggression associated with Pluto is that of revenge, jealousy, long-standing anger or resentment. While Mars aggression is a quick flare-up which just as quickly dissipates, Pluto aggression is likely to be premeditated, extremely shocking, or very forceful. Pluto is associated with such crimes as homicide, extreme violence, extreme sexual attacks, and gang attach.

The important thing to understand about Pluto energy is that it CAN be just as positive as it can be negative. If the same intensity of energy were taken from these extreme crimes and directed towards a positive end, the results would be just as extremely beneficial as the criminal alternative would be destructive. Pluto energy, however, is never moderate, so if you have strong Pluto influences in your chart, be sure to maintain conscious control over them, so that the intensely GOOD results will follow. Your Pluto energy gives you a wonderful opportunity to transform yourself and others for the better. It can solve problems for the masses. Use this energy as it was intended, because if you bottle it up inside and the pressure builds up and eats away at you, you can imagine what kind of treatment you might unconsciously attract from others.

Here is how Pluto energy works in your own chart:

Pluto in Virgo:

You were born in a generation when there were great changes in the workplace. There were also revolutionary developments in alternative, holistic health care. How Pluto affected you as an individual member of that generation depends on the house and aspects of Pluto in your own natal chart.

Pluto in the 3rd House

You have a penetrating mind and are able to argue forcefully. For crime prevention, of course, it is important that you not anger someone with words to the point where they will want to get into a fight.

You could be successful in journalism, getting your message out to the masses. You would be interested in writing articles about crime and how to overcome it. This would be a good outlet for you, as you like to influence peoples' minds in a profound way and to make a lasting impression on them.

If you worked as a court reporter you would be able to handle transcribing notes of intense cases, such as homicides, because you would have the courage to do this. You would also make a good investigator.

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