Robbi Dyer


Robbi is the author of the Senior Report.

Currently a student of Psychology, Robbi Dyer first began her studies of Astrology and Metaphysics in 1969. Studying such methodologies as taught by the Rosicrucians and the Church of Light, Robbi has over 33 years of experience as an astrologer and consultant in several areas of metaphysics and mysticism, and as a lifestyle-change coach. While her preference is esoteric astrology and interpretation, Robbi also practices mundane astrology interpretation. Robbi has also worked with the Sacred Tarot and the ancient Mystery School teachings.

Robbi has been a published magazine writer for 17-years and also spent 7-years as a ghostwriter in the field. Today, Robbi writes two monthly columns for ASTROLOGY YOUR DAILY HOROSCOPE, and annually for PSYCHIC ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPE. She has appeared in numerous publications over the years and is proud to now be working with Cosmic Patterns, The Kepler Program.

Robbi was born April 17, 1951, at 3:47 AM in Crescent City, California, and was raised in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Michigan. She now lives in the southwest with her husband and two daughters.

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