Dr. Randall Roffe, D.C.


Dr. Roffe graduated with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1980. He studied astrology with David Cochrane from 1974-1976, practiced chiropractic in Florida 1980-1989 and California 1990-2000, and was an international medical team volunteer in Mexico City after the 1985 earthquakes.

He is an expert in the herbal medicine, history, and astrology of the Celtic and Native American people.

Dr. Randall Roffe, is the author of the AstroMed Report, AstroQuest Horary Report, Medicine Wheel Report, and Fixed Stars Report, that are add on to the Kepler, and Sirius programs.

Dr. Roffe is also the author of four novels and screenplays, as well as the books Kvniakati Tsulawi Native American Herbal Medicine Wheel, Multivariant Harmonic Resonance in the Twelve Meridians, and Harmonic Resonance Fields: Technological Advances Based on Kinderevich Unified Field Theory, Kozyrev Time-Space Flows, and Tesla and Moray High-Frequency Fields.

Dr. Roffe is also a translator from Russian to English of several physics and astronomy books. Dr. Roffe is currently the president of the Ukraine Chiropractic Association, and is involved in research in nuclear magnetic resonance and time-space flows.



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