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Forecast or Transit Reports for Kepler or Pegasus
Requires, Sirius, Kepler, or Pegasus

Some of the options that can be added to Kepler and Sirius provide features that are not interpretations. The ArtWheel Pastel collection, Asteroids CD, and Mega Atlas mentioned above are examples. There is also the Asteroid Signatures option which provides detailed information about asteroids, and the Talisman Images of the Picatrix which provides images based on the classic book, the Picatrix, which has been an inspiration and fundamental work to astrologers for about 1,000 years.  

Due to tremendous request from Kepler lovers, we have developed other optional add ons to the Kepler program; the ArtWheel Pastel Collection, Kepler Mega Atlas, 38000 Asteroids, and the Asteroid Signatures.


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