Nora Mercedes de Beus


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Jan.25, 1949 at 10:25 AM. For the past 23 years I have been studying and investigating Astrology in several countries. Some of my recent studies and work have been at the following institutions: CABA and Casa 11 in Buenos Aires, University of Salvador Buenos Aires and the Colegio Anchietano in Sao Paulo, Brazil (parapsychology studies), the Psychological Jungian Foundation and Psychological Lacanian courses in Rivadavia Hospital in Buenos Aires.

I published my first book in Spanish "Metodología Astroanalítica en la consulta Astrológica" in 1997.

I have participated in many pubilc lectures, meetings and events such as GeA, Carl Jung Foundation in Argentina, and radio and TV appearances.

I discovered Cosmic Patters Software at an ISAR Conference in Los Angeles, Ca .USA in October, 2000 and immediately began to use Kepler software. Since then I have been translating report options and features of Kepler into Spanish and now, at the end of 2003, I am honoured to be a distributor of Cosmic Patterns Software in my country.


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