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If you purchased the Kepler program or the Sirius program and at least one interpretive report option that are available online, then you have a web site on the Internet that provides a completely automated online chart service! On your online chart service are the report options that you purchased. Note that we have more than 40 report options to choose from. Most of these report options are available for this service but not all of them. Call us for details.


  • Your online chart service web site address is:
    (where "xxxxx" is your customer number.)

For example, if your customer number is 9876, then your web site address is Your web site will be created at the end of the week in which you purchased Kepler, Sirius, or report options.

• Of course, if you already have a web site, you can create a link to your automated chart service web site from your web site. Let us know when you have your own website so we can update your record to have this address. We update the online chart service web site once a week, every Friday night or Monday morning. If you have your own website and you give us the URL address, the next time we update our online chart service, your online chart service will have a link back to your web site.

• You do not need to have your own web site either. Simply put the URL address assigned to you on your business cards or literatures. Your customers can simply go directly to that page. Doing so, you do not have the overhead of web site maintenance monthly or yearly.

• You do not need to do anything to maintain your own automated online chart service. The entire operation of your web site is maintained for you by Cosmic Patterns Software. This automated chart service is operated by Cosmic Patterns, and Cosmic Patterns pays 40% commission to you for purchases that are made at your web site.

• Your web site will be updated weekly with new reports you add.

• A free chart wheel is also provided!

Details of how your online chart service works: The web site design, the products offered, and prices cannot be changed. There are no monthly or yearly fees for your web site. All of the maintenance, credit card processing, bank fees, labor, etc. is taken care of by Cosmic Patterns Software. The only payment that you make is on actual software purchase. For each sale of a report made on your online chart service web site you will receive 40% of the price paid by the customer in a check sent to quarterly (January, April, July, or October).

• Note that all of the health reports are not available in the automated online chart service. Some other reports, like the Progressed Report, Galactic Report, Lunar Return Report, and the newly released report options are also not available online.

IMPORTANT: Read this message before you consider using this service

In order to have this service, Cosmic Patterns pays for a co-located server, have a merchant account for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, and monitor the web site 24/7. All of these are not free. In order to have a merchant account, you have to pay monthly fees, there is a charge per transaction, and a % deducted per item sold, etc.

The amount of fees and labor cost that we pay monthly to provide you this excellent service adds up and rather costly. We also have an inhouse programmer that monitors the site for irregularity or problem in chart calculations reported by the users. If problem is found, then we fix the problem immediately. In addition to all of these expenses, we also pay royalty to each of the authors of each of the reports that are on your web site.

60% versus 40%: It sounds like we are getting more from this because we get 60% and you as the franchisee only get 40%. After paying for all of the monthly expenses however, plus doing all the technical support, etc., by the time we finished paying all of our overheard expenses just to provide this excellent service for you, we sometimes just break even. We sometimes lost money as well depending on the amount of sales we received per month. If the traffic is good, then we only get about 15-20% from what your web site has earned after paying all of the monthly fees. If our franchisee do not have enough sales monthly to cover all of our monthly expenses, then we have no choice but to pay all of the monthly expenses from out of our pocket. Regardless of our sales per month, we make sure that all monthly fees that we are required to pay are fully paid. Cosmic Patterns also guarantees that you timely receive your quarterly franchisee commission.

As a Franchisee, you earn more than we do because we guarantee you 40% of your sale regardless of what fees and other expenses we encore monthly. All you have to do is advertise then relax and wait for your commission check quarterly. So take advantage of this excellent service while you can!

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