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MIDPOINT WEIGHTING ANALYSIS REPORT by Michael Munkasey. Optional Report Option of Kepler, or Sirius. This report provides new insights into the natal chart using the Midpoint Weighting Analysis system developed by Michael Munkasey. Clear and detailed explanations of the promise and potential of your natal chart are provided. This unique natal report reveals the clear new insights into a person's character that are possible through analysis of the most important midpoints in the chart.

Michael Munkasey is a well-known astrologer and author who has employed his decades of experience and expertise to write this report. He developed the "Midpoint Weighting Analysis" system through years of research and study. Because this report is written in simple and clear English, you do not need to understand what a midpoint is to read this report. However, astrologers will also see how this pioneering new development by Michael Munkasey can show what traits are strongest in a person.

Adult Report by Horacio Valsecia SAMPLE PRINTOUT:

The Midpoint Weighting Analysis Report
by Michael Munkasey

Julia Roberts
October 28, 1967
12:16 AM
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Friend,

 This is a report about you and your potentials as shown through your personal astrological signature or chart. The date, time, and place you were born, or when an event was initiated, called the astrological signature, sets a unique pattern of energy into time and space. There is potential within this pattern, and when that potential is recognized, explained, and then used well, life flows much easier. It is important to recognize your inherent strengths and then work to maximize these in whatever ways you choose to live your life. Doing this will make you much happier than taking weak energies and trying to strengthen those.

 You are unique as an individual. Capitalize on that uniqueness in ways which can bring fulfillment and happiness into your life.

 This report should accomplish two things for you. First, it identifies your inherent astrological strengths as shown by the birth or event data provided; and next it explains the energy patterns associated with those strengths, while offering you guidelines and commentary on how to use those well.

 Time has qualities to it, and each moment of time is unique from all others. Your astrological signature in time carries such uniqueness. This uniqueness is shown through how the planets and the personal sensitive points in a chart interact. What makes this report unique is that the chart placements are not considered one-on-one, but the geometric layout of the planet and point patterns are examined for places of power and places of weakness. Once assessed, these are then sorted from strong to weak and commentary on the top such strong interactions are given in the conversational paragraphs provided.

 The chart evaluation is done through a technique I pioneered called the "Midpoint Weighting Analysis", or MWA. Midpoints are the combination of two planets or points, and they lie on an axis across the chart, not as a single point in space. Midpoints are the middle point between pairings. The MWA is both a technique and a computer program. The technique takes the geometric pattern within a chart and analyzes this for strength and weakness of qualities. The computer program then ranks these strengths and weaknesses. By identifying and explaining the stronger midpoints, much about life can be clarified.

 Why midpoints and not planets in signs or houses?

Interpretations of planets in signs or houses remains fairly one-dimensional. Interpretations of midpoints are multi-dimensional. Often a strong midpoint can be located into what appears to be an empty place in a chart. This is not something that is visual -- it is a part of an energy pattern. Thus, by using midpoints, and midpoint interpretations, you can get a clearer picture of your energy patterns and intended thrusts in life.

 There are many reasons as to why a midpoint can be strong or weak. You may have chosen your astrological signature because it represented a pattern of familiarity. Or, you may have chosen your astrological signature because it promised certain new situations, or having to revisit older unresolved situations. Or, you may simply have chosen the first available opportunity for an energy pattern without even realizing that you had choices, and thus wound up with a set of energies which are not so familiar or comfortable. Whatever your choices or reasonings, you are living in a fixed astrological energy pattern. Now it is your destiny, your obligation to learn how to use these energy patterns wisely.

 There is no significance to the sequential order of these interpretations. All are equally important. They represent your energy patterns. Read, ponder on them, and then put these to use in your life in the best ways you are able to do.

 Enjoy this personalized report. Many years of study and thought has gone into its preparation. Use the information provided to enrich your life.

Best Wishes,

Michael Munkasey

Copyright 2006

Quick Overview of Your Stronger Midpoints

 Listed below are your strongest midpoints as calculated by the Midpoint Weighting Analysis, along with a short commentary about some of the midpoint's qualities. The listed order is not important. These midpoints are ALL equally important in your life. There are 78 possible midpoint combinations using the planets and points in available, and only the midpoints that are strongest in your chart are described here.

 Jup/Sat: Looking beyond the obvious to effect business or commercial success

 Mar/Plu: Strong inner determination to pursue through any adversity

 Asc/MC: Easy conversations; striking up interactions with those you meet

 Ven/Ura: Generally not seen as being cooperative; one with their own agenda

 Mer/Nep: The power within dreams; visions or voices offering helpful hints

 Sat/Plu: Extremes of self-perseverance; working beyond ordinary limitations

 Jup/Nod: Camaraderie with like-minded friends; interests in political agendas

 Moo/Nod: Attracting and interacting with people in an ongoing basis

 Moo/Ura: Cultivating friendship with those you meet with on a daily basis

 Sun/Nep: Working any inner inspirations into outer realistic manifestations

 Nep/Nod: Learning about friends or contacts you can trust, and those not

 Plu/Asc: Able to be extraordinarily persuasive or intimidating to others

Your Midpoint Interpretations

 Given below is a more detailed interpretation of each of the midpoints listed above. According to the Midpoint Weighting Analysis, the themes, issues, personality characteristics, and likely behaviors described are very strong and important for you.


The Jupiter/Saturn Midpoint strong by MWA:

With this combination strong then dealing with contrasting opposites in all phases of life usually occupies much time and energy. There probably is little which happens in any part of life without some contrasting opposite action being imposed somewhere along the way. The balancing of two forces, contraction and expansion, can occupy a great deal of time and energy. It is in the overall management and direction of personal resources and energies while dealing with and balancing such situations that lessons about life and how to grow as a person are generally learned. There can be periods of great optimism and joy where much progress is made, but these inevitably may be followed by periods where the overall administration of efforts can become a time or resource consuming burden. Such burdens have to be tended to, as these simply are a part of the overall responsibilities being encountered.

When strong there is a need to temper restrictive practices or urges with sufficient leeway that potential growth is not cut off. Too much laxity is not good, nor is too much control or restraint. You are called upon to exercise your judgment about how to balance the forces of moving forward with the forces of placing control on how to move forward. This can occur within family life where issues of parental discipline are set against allowing freedom within the family unit to grow and learn. There rarely are any exact or clear answers to which paths to follow, only the unrelenting and continuous decision making which helps you maintain the proper balance so that all sides of each potential issue are adequately addressed.

There may be frustrating circumstances which need to be dealt with. These could continue for long periods of time, or they can be tempered with wise counsel and actions to allow adequate growth and freedom while still maintaining discipline. This can be especially true in educational or legal systems where contrasting forces on one side call for one consideration while their antagonists on the other side call for opposite actions. Thus the dilemma of how to adequately and fairly deal with opposing issues, such as classroom discipline vs. educational freedom can present many challenges. A good teacher will want to give students guidance, but then too a good teacher will want to impose discipline through testing and assignments. The balance between what reasonable students can easily absorb, and what becomes too heavy of a burden for them presents a dilemma the wise person must address.

Similar situations can arise with religious or personal freedoms, or the lack of religious or personal freedoms. When does dictated doctrine become so heavy and burdensome that it restricts a primary goal of lending direction for personal growth, leading toward a better understanding of the role of self as a conscious being? This combination ensures that no imbalance in any discipline imposed vs. the freedom granted dilemma can last for long. Eventually situations should arise which force change, and thus the shift of the emphasis from too much of one, and then the backlash of the other.

Jupiter/Saturn Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

A Lot of Discipline; Understanding Limitations; Realistic Assumptions

Potential with Employment; Judgments about Stability; Far-reaching Obstacles

Accepting Imposed Restrictions; Limitations on Luck or with Money

Philanthropic, Educational or Religious Requirements, Obligations or Duties

Lasting Doctrines or Philosophies; Increases Forbidden Practices, Activities

Additional Responsibilities; Rigidities within the Educational or Legal System

Disapproval from Religious Authorities; Political or Religious Conservatism

Far-reaching Losses; Conclusions based on Assumptions; Ceremonial Science

Holding Back on Favors or Handouts; A Lot of Coldness; Heavy Burdens

Expansion and Contraction Cycles; Instructions given through Short Lessons

Optimism amidst Sadness; Extensive Obligations; Coaching includes Discipline

Blessed with Enduring Consistency; Happy overall about Duties Assigned

Famous People who are STRONG in Jupiter/Saturn characteristics include: Carl Sandburg, Benjamin Disraeli, Bob Hope, Harry Shoaf, Gen. Charles Gordon, Henry Kissinger, Evel Knievel, Edward R. Murrow, Billy Rose, Louis Pasteur, Jimmy Carter, Erwin Rommel.

Famous People who are WEAK in Jupiter/Saturn characteristics include: Enrico Fermi, Rupert Murdoch, Bobby Fischer, Maurice Ravel, Dr. Tom Dooley, Anne Murray, Alexander Graham Bell, Olivia Newton-John.

Notable Events with Jupiter/Saturn active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Franklin D. Roosevelt's First Election, First Medicare Patient Applies, James Meredith Enrolled at U. Miss, (Lee's Surrender at Appomattox).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Jupiter in the 10th House, Saturn in the 9th House, Saturn in the 12th House, Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Sagittarius, Saturn in Pisces, Jupiter square (anything), Saturn trine (anything).


The Mars/Pluto Midpoint strong by MWA:

Arising in life are situations which cause you to take a stand to effect change, no matter how difficult that can be, or what potential losses you may have to absorb along the way. This combination is about turning portions of your life, or situations you may be involved in, around. Sometimes things happen, rules are imposed, or things happen around you which test the limits of tolerance. When that happens then deliberate action needs to be taken to correct the circumstances, and restore some measure of social or psychic sanity. This combination offers such resolve. You may tolerate long periods of acquiescence or acceptance, and then one day something happens which causes you to internally shout "Enough!" Then the road to change begins, and that is not always easy. This is not so much about destruction, as it is about regeneration.

There can be tremendous depth of inner power with this combination strong. This inner power is there to take, develop, grow, mold and use to advantage. You may need to use it in sports or athletic situations, in artistic performances, standing up to difficult or oppressive situations, refusing to yield to criminal or malicious forces, etc. Whatever the situation, here you can find the inner strength and resolve, courage, to stand up to whatever is happening, perhaps even moving beyond previous physical boundaries.

There usually is a strong pull to strip events or situations down to their basics, and then start anew in rebuilding them. This transformation may be done quickly, or it may take a lifetime, even more. When events conspire which seem to get out of hand, or which are obviously counter to social growth and development, then the powers here lend inner strength and fortitude to stand up and effect whatever changes are necessary to right the situation.

Times or events may come where you need to test the trustworthiness of people or situations. You may probe with small psychological or verbal thrusts, and then depending on the response received, try another thrust. This may happen many times over until you are assured that the persons can be trusted, or that the situation you are assuming or going into is safe for you. Should there be a let down from a person, or a person who does not keep up with their intended or promised potential, then it can become quite easy for you to walk away from that person or situation. Getting to the depths, finding out the reasons behind what is happening and why, are important parts of this set of energies.

Each person has a set of internal energies, which Eastern Philosophies refer to as "Chi" (spelled in various ways), or Kundalini. This inherent internal energy is yours to use. Developing, nurturing and using this wisely can allow you to effect feats of personal growth and transformation which lie far beyond normal human qualities. Practices like Yoga, T'ai Chi, Meditation, etc., can help in this manipulation and usage. When used and developed well this inner power can help you overcome almost any situation.

Mars/Pluto Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Getting to the Depth of a Situation, Resolving Same; Toning Down Aggressions

The Courage to Face Hostility, or Degrading Conditions; Sexual Passion

Building, Cultivating and Drawing upon Chakra and/or Chi Energies

Hard, Difficult Physical Routines; Elimination of Anything Unwanted

Uncovering, Standing up to Disloyalty; Sexual Regeneration; Kundalini Power

Diminishes the Impact of Complaints; Noisy Retaliation; Hostile Quarreling

Difficult or Disastrous Situations, and then Working to Turn these Around

Active Disapproval; Noisy Punishments; Loud Cursing; A Driven Fanatic

Turning Difficult Life Situations Around; Modification of Personal Behaviors

An End to Aggressive Stances; Showing Courage in the Face of Terror

Fights for Power and/or Control; Efforts to Define Self through Such

Psychological Analysis; Building and Testing of Trust or Worthiness

Famous People who are STRONG in Mars/Pluto characteristics include: Arthur Ford, Gen. Joseph Joffre, Paul Cezanne, Stephen Sondheim, Rudolph Bing, Stephen Crane, Bob Hope, Ada Lovelace Byron, Gen. Ferdinand Foch, Marlon Brando, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Steinmetz.

Famous People who are WEAK in Mars/Pluto characteristics include: Manly Palmer Hall, Drew Pearson, Henry Winkler, Walt Whitman, Stephen King, Jack Paar, Mary Martin, Audie Murphy.

Notable Events with Mars/Pluto active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): First Medicare Patient Accepted, Mount St. Helens Eruption, Watergate Burglary Uncovered, Transcontinental Railroad Completed, (South Carolina Secession).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Mars in the 1st House, Mars in the 8th House, Pluto in the 1st House, Pluto in the 8th House, Mars in Aries, Mars in Scorpio, Pluto in Aries, Pluto in Scorpio, Mars semi-sextile (anything), Pluto semi-square (anything).


The Ascendant/Midheaven Midpoint strong by MWA:

Focusing on growing as a person through increasing your awareness of others, or what is happening around you, becomes very important. As you become more aware of what is happening, both through your immediate environment and also indirectly from feedback through others, you learn how to grow and develop. It is up to you to assess all situations, be they interaction with others or the effects of events, and determine how you can allow these to impact your life and/or livelihood. You need to become aware of how you use your time and personal energy to respond to general social or specific other's demands. Learn to recognize how your responses and emotions affect others. Through such assessments you need to integrate experiences into self so that you can become a better overall person.

You should focus on developing your social skills when interacting with others, as this can help you realize how to become more well rounded. Family members, friends, acquaintances, people you casually meet, interaction with children and spouse -- these all become important factors in creating situations which then help you realize how to mature and develop perspective on life. Such interactions may not always be pleasant, but it is through these that you can see life through the eyes of others, and hence gain perspective about how you affect others through attitudes, emotions, demeanor and/or personal bearing.

Learn to assess social situations and events with clarity. There may be a tendency to hide or block unpleasant or distracting situations from mind, but eventually you will need to go back and examine these with the intention that you can learn from them. Even if harm or psychological pain has been inflicted your lesson is not so much why this was done, but more how you can learn from the experiences and through them grow to be a better overall person. The important idea here is for you to mature through life's interactions and events.

It becomes important for you to build and nurture your reputation and integrity. This can best be done by adopting and using social skills which create "win-win" situations in all ways. Placing an emphasis on what only you, the self, gets out of a situation may not necessarily be your best approach to understanding and then working with others. This combination is about your need to grow as a person, and anything that you can do through increasing awareness of how you impact others, taking educational courses in understanding people, working with others to achieve common goals, should eventually help you to become more psychologically integrated.

An awareness of the environment, and concern for environmental issues may arise as you go through life. This awareness may be superficial, or it may come to dominate your time and energy. You need to develop attitudes about how you use others, resources, space, and even time -- always looking and doing self-assessment so that your use of such helps you mature. Time is your one variable, and learning to use it wisely should be a primary goal for you.

Ascendant/Midheaven Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Assessing Situations with Clarity; A Constant Focus and Awareness of Self

The Development of Character through Daily Situations; Mental Impressions

Aging Gracefully; The Mastery of Daily Personal Habits; Notices Behaviors

Familiar with Conclusions; Attunement to Interpersonal Reactions

Represses Ambition; Caught in the Traps of your Own Opinions, Observations

Maturing through Events; Learning and Growing through ongoing Interactions

Realizations about your Status; Honest Assessments of Interpersonal Events

Personal Self-Concepts; A Focus on Family and their Needs; Needs of the Soul

Environmental Impact; The Importance of Developing Personal Prestige

Psychological Fulfillment; Your Influence upon the Local Community

Expertise and Reputation; Using Social Interactions for Personal Gain

The Role of Early Family Life in Helping You Develop as a Well-rounded Person

Famous People who are STRONG in Ascendant/Midheaven characteristics include: Steve Wozniak, William K. Douglas, John Dillinger, Moshe Dayan, Stonewall Jackson, Georges Seurat, Vittorio DeSica, Jackie Robinson, Elton John, Bob Fosse, Fidel Castro, Enrico Caruso, Grant Lewi.

Famous People who are WEAK in Ascendant/Midheaven characteristics include: Jack Nicklaus, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Cezanne, Arthur Ford, Maurice Ravel, Sir Laurence Olivier, Ritchie Valens, Marc Edmund Jones.

Notable Events with Ascendant/Midheaven active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Alaskan Earthquake, James Meredith Enrolls at U. Miss., Lindburgh Lands in Paris, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, (Franklin D. Roosevelt's First Election).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Look to the Sign and House Placements for the Rulers of the Asc and MC.


The Venus/Uranus Midpoint strong by MWA:

There can be a need for distancing self within interactions with others, preferring to remain somewhat aloof while you survey what is going on, and before making any social or emotional commitments. This cold aloofness can be quite attractive to some, but others may find that you are not responsive to their needs. While neither view is good or bad, there needs to be some self-realization that sometimes you can appear to be distancing yourself in interpersonal interactions, while you yourself may have no idea that this is how others are interpreting your levels of interest. This trait can be good if you wish to remain interested but detached in ongoing social situations, or it can be harmful if you wish to become more involved when others interpret your interests as being too cold or aloof.

You probably have strange ways of dress or mannerisms, at least in the eyes of others who see and interact with you. You may not see yourself as different, but others can be quick to pick up on your unique ways and mannerisms, modes of dress, ways of greeting and approaching others, etc. You may come off as the eccentric scientist, the oddball inventor, and should you care to nurture this persona, it can become a defining part of who you are. While some marks of individuality can serve to set you apart from others, too much individuality can also become socially isolating. Thus, the choice is yours as to how you prefer to have others see and think of you. There is nothing good or bad in any of this, only the extent to which you intend to remind others that you are not like them, and enjoy being somewhat different.

There should be a strong interest in scientific fields like computing, electricity, magnetism, mathematics, etc. This interest can take you into their application in fields of social interactions, such as the use of computers to measure attraction between people, or, working on inventions which can help ease the lot of daily life, like anti-gravity machines, new forms of non-polluting energy, etc. The use of astrology as a tool for assessing how events or people react in the physical world should also hold an interest which is fascinating and absorbing. People who tend to attack or belittle your interests or efforts should find that you are more than able to defend yourself and your interests. Quick reactions not only to new ideas, but to attacks by "the uninitiated" on potentially helpful inventions or breakthroughs would probably be met quite forcefully by you.

You should have a good taste for fashion, but mostly for fashion statements which set you apart. Your choice of color and clothing can make you seem different, unique even. But these can become your way of simply telling others that you are who you are, and they can remain who they are. You probably do not view yourself as eccentric, but others may. It remains important for you to express yourself in your own way.

Venus/Uranus Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

A Different Way of Working with or Appreciating Money and/or Finances

A Resourceful Lover; Indifferent to using Beauty Aids; Silent Reversals

High-strung Personalities; Intrigued by Astrology; Offbeat Mannerisms

Appreciates Peculiarity; Resents Rudeness; Enjoys Being a Renegade

Background Manipulations; Abnormal Temptations; Unique Gratification

Values Friendliness; Sudden Jealousies; Changes made with Love; Odd Patterns

Glamorizes Experiments; Adding Excitement to Layouts and/or Designs

Different forms of Attraction; Pleasing Surprises; Demands by Inventors

Harmonious Designs for Computing Machinery; The Astrology of Attraction

Offbeat forms of Astrology, Scientific Investigation, Electronic Devices, etc.

Inflexible Manners or Social Adaptation; Bizarre Fashion Statements

Respect for New Technologies; Feeling Comfortable with Ongoing Changes

Famous People who are STRONG in Venus/Uranus characteristics include: Albert Schweitzer, Benito Mussolini, Stephen Sondheim, George Patton, Alexis Carrel, Carl Sagan, Edna Ferber, Sir Alexander Fleming, Stephen King, Rex Harrison, Vida Blue, Pierre Renoir, Jean Houston.

Famous People who are WEAK in Venus/Uranus characteristics include: Drew Pearson, Sally Ride, Dr. Tom Dooley, Jeddu Krishnamurti, Henry Kissinger, Mick Jagger, Moshe Dayan, Sean Connery, Ernest Hemingway.

Notable Events with Venus/Uranus active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Richard Nixon's Resignation, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, First Medicare Patient Accepted, Franklin D. Roosevelt's First Election, (Lewis & Clark Expedition Starts).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Venus in the 11th House, Uranus in the 2nd House, Uranus in the 7th House, Venus in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, Uranus in Libra, Venus 1/11 (anything), Uranus sextile (anything).


The Mercury/Neptune Midpoint strong by MWA:

This combination enhances your ability to see different and various possibilities within life situations. As these come into awareness, your thinking may lead you off in directions which seem outlandish but probably have some basis in reality. It is through such dreams or inspirations that important breakthroughs have been made. Little can or will be accomplished without the dreams which originate the investigations and analyses which help shape any final outcomes. This ability to envision first, and then work through what is practical and what is not practical, is an important part of this combination, and when used well can lead to many breakthroughs.

You should have a strong interest in the mystical side of life, and do much thinking on the implications of what goes on in non-material realms. In a way you have the ability to lift your mind out of any physical or daily concerns, and look at the countless possibilities which describe alternate ways or approaches in life. Not everything is tied to the physical reality of hands-on nature, and your ability to see beyond this physical-only existence and grasp the possibilities which lie beyond is enhanced. Through such insights you should be able to see paths and ways which others can not see when it comes to solving problems. This ability can help others come to you for advice and counsel when they are stuck with seemingly impossible to solve problems. You need to remain aware, though, that any advice you offer when asked should have some practical side to it, and not just be totally vague.

When this combination is strong there can be a tendency to get caught up in frauds and deceptions, or to generate such on others. Your intentions may be honorable, at least at first, but somewhere along the way you should realize that you may be taking advantage of the good nature of others. When this happens you need to effect any corrections or adjustment necessary.

You may have a better than average psychic sensitivity, and through this "see" or "feel" things, emotions, visions, etc., which may be prophetic, or may simply be a reflection of personal thoughts or wishes. This psychic sense can serve you well, keeping you away from situations or people which could cause physical, psychic, emotional or economic harm. As you feel this trait developing take time to nurture and understand it. This can lead to insights while doing daily tasks, work assignments, looking for lost items, finding financial investments, seeking people who can help with bringing dreams and visions into reality, etc. Develop this trait well, but be aware that it can be easy to deceive yourself, and force into your mind what you wish to see or hear, as opposed to what should be coming in from other-worldly sources. Not all other-worldly sources may have your best intentions as an goal, and you need to be aware of being mislead and taken off in counter-productive directions. Thus there is both good and potential harm here if you can not or have not learned to use these energies with discretion.

Mercury/Neptune Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Inspires a Skeptical, Questioning Approach; Thinking up Fantasies

Closes off Conversations; Pointless or Fruitless Information Searches

Inspiring Ideas for Presentation of Information; Fraud and/or Guile

Hazy Thinking, Incomplete Thoughts; Fabrications due to Drug Usage

Intellectual Hyperbole; Ideas having Overblown Theoretical Inspirations

Confusing Notices; Imperfect Therapies; Ingenious Hidden Meanings

Curiosity about Illusions, Phantoms, Other-worldly Entities or Existences

Secret Codes; Insights into Code Breaking; Detrimental, Insincere Thinking

Misguided by Crafty Approaches; Drowning in Information; Baffling Calculations

Convoluted Fabrications; Twisting Information around in Unintended Ways

A Lessening or Disregard for Tense-building Situations; Chemical Concoctions

Illustrations for Dreams or Fairy Tales; Rationalizes for Deceptive Purposes

Famous People who are STRONG in Mercury/Neptune characteristics include: Carl Sandburg, Audie Murphy, Stephen Sondheim, Olga Worrall, Steve Wozniak, Tom Jones, Richard Strauss, Marc Edmund Jones, Arthur Ford, John McEnroe, Sir Laurence Olivier, Rex Harrison.

Famous People who are WEAK in Mercury/Neptune characteristics include: Steve Allen, Robert McNamara, Albert Speer, Joachim Von Ribbentrop, Sally Ride, Albert Camus, Earl Warren, Jack Paar, Charles Addams.

Notable Events with Mercury/Neptune active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Alaskan Earthquake, Kent State Shootings, George Washington's Inauguration, Bolshevik Government Seizes Power, (Woman's Suffrage Amendment Approved).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Mercury in the 9th House, Mercury in the 12th House, Neptune in the 3rd House, Neptune in the 6th House, Mercury in Sagittarius, Mercury in Pisces, Neptune in Gemini, Neptune in Virgo, Mercury novile (anything), Neptune quintile (anything), Neptune decile (anything).


The Saturn/Pluto Midpoint strong by MWA:

When there is a need to persist through any adversity or unfriendly circumstances, as in business, military or athletic situations, or when embarking on untried efforts whose outcome remains in doubt, this combination adds determination, stability and persistence. These energies help with the organization, administration, planning and management of any and all efforts. When needs for disciplined or controlled approaches are called for, this combination provides added emphasis to creating and also sticking to a routine or set of routines which can see the effort through to the end, regardless of the physical, emotional or similar costs. Once set in motion, undertakings using this combination tend to last, and they also usually come to effective conclusions. They may start off slow, and even to some ridicule of derision as to the expected final outcome, but when completed they usually exceed expectations and produce useful outcomes.

Though generally conceived to be a difficult combination, and one which demands much from people having this strong, it can also lend an inner organization and attention to detail which in the long run can save much time and overall effort. This is not a flashy or socially impacting combination, and people with this strong natally can come off as being out of step with the rest of the world when it comes to social awareness or political intrigue. But those with this combination strong could probably care less about such, as they generally remain focused on specific goals and outcomes -- like those measured in time and money savings. There generally is an economy of purpose kept in focus here, with results on practical and completed outcomes.

This combination can be quite good at adding personal discipline to your lifestyle. When there is a need to abruptly turn parts of life around, like going on a rigid diet or demanding exercise regimen, these energies can help you persist through any physical or mental pain along the way. When preparing for an upcoming test of will or determination, this is a good set of energies to have strong. There is no guarantee of success. What is promised is that the overall approach taken will be sincere and persistent. There may be unusual approaches and deviations from norms to get from here to there, but regardless of the tactics used, there should be an eye on an eventual outcome.

Many losses or limitations can be encountered with this combination, but these generally only serve to spur you on with whatever it is that needs to be accomplished. While others are saying "this can not be done", or, "this may not be safe", or, "you can't do this because you don't have the guts," then with this combination strong the overall effort will probably be made, and whatever the effort, persist through to the end. There are many undertakings in life, both with personal goals, such as achieving an athletic level of competence or persistence; or with the creation or actualization of difficult engineering or scientific efforts; where this combination can lend the added energetic support and encouragement to achieve finality.

Saturn/Pluto Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Any Degeneration of Respect; Cautious Cover-ups; Insidious Oppression

Lasting Poisons or Contamination; The Taking Away or Rights or Freedoms

Cold Brutality; Economic Transformations; Disasters involving much Sadness

The Wearing Away of Institutional or Conservative Dictates; Lasting Terrorism

Extreme Limitations; Shortens the Time Line on Treacheries; Battle Losses

The Transformation and Alteration of World-views which tend to be Confining

Cautious and Stealthy; Responsibilities for Retaliation and/or Hostilities

Changes which are Slow in Coming but Inevitable; Serious Attacks on (whatever)

Strong Internal Discipline to withstand Change or Attacks; Domination Issues

A Weakened or Diminished Economy; Changes in Power Structures or Alignments

Restraints on Corruption or Criminal Practices; Lasting Penetrations

Economical Ways of Effecting Death; Serious Scientific Studies on Dying

Famous People who are STRONG in Saturn/Pluto characteristics include: Gen. Joseph Joffre, Scott Carpenter, Olivia Newton-John, Albert Camus, Johnny Carson, George Patton, Nikola Tesla, Ulysses S. Grant, Erich Maria Remarque, Jean Cocteau, Billy Rose, Winston Churchill.

Famous People who are WEAK in Saturn/Pluto characteristics include: Richard Alpert, John F. Kennedy, Richard Byrd, Benito Mussolini, Gustav Dore, Edna Ferber, Laurence Olivier, Jean Paul Sartre.

Notable Events with Saturn/Pluto active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Kent State Shootings, Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, Alaskan Earthquake, Pearl Harbor Attack Begins, (Franklin D. Roosevelt Wins First Election).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Saturn in the 1st House, Saturn in the 8th House, Pluto in the 10th House, Pluto in the 11th House, Saturn in Aries, Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn semi-sextile (anything), Pluto square (anything).

Jupiter/N. Node

The Jupiter/Node Midpoint strong by MWA:

Accessibility to people and their talents is an important key here. This combination helps open doors for you in locating just the right people to help or those who can supply information. This combination brings a talent for finding not only the people you need for a task, but also opens accessibility to them. The people should be available when you need them, and this is a bonus. You should have much luck with locating and finding answers to questions, opening doors and channels to pathways which are important, and starting interchanges of contacts and information which can prove important.

At meetings when asked to present your opinions and ideas, this combination can help others be more sympathetic to your approaches and ideas. Your counsel can be generally well received. New partnerships or alliances can be formed due to your incentives and suggestions. You can seem to have a way of working well with people of different cultures, learning languages and customs, being up to date on foreign interests, being ready to travel at a moment notice, etc. This should be well noticed by the people for whom you work, and can be an admired trait. Your ability to put strangers at ease when they are in new situations can be most helpful.

Searching for ideal relationships in business and romance can occupy a large amount of your time. You should be able to amass a large number of contacts amongst a variety of people, so that when you or someone wants or needs to know who can do what, you often are the person they are referred to as a starting point for who to contact first. You can even make the initial contacts, opening doors in ways that others may not be able to do. Your knowledge of connections, abilities, and contacts serves as a fortunate opportunity for you to increase your reputation and acumen.

When adverse situations of life are encountered your ability to draw on the resources of others can help you greatly. Despite adversity you can usually come out well in such situations. You may feel pessimism, but helping to wipe this pessimistic feeling away from you is the potential help available from your many channels and contacts. You may have a destined link with being able to reach just the right people during your times of need, and thus come out well despite what might have seemed like a misfortune.

You may find interests in philosophy, education, religion and/or religious thought. You can find yourself going through many diverse ideas in order to locate one that is right for you. Finding one, testing it, growing beyond it, and then locating another can occupy large parts of life. This searching becomes a learning and growing process. Part of your destiny is to acquire knowledge as well as friends and contacts, and learning diverse approaches and thoughts is a part of this. Perhaps you will stick with one set, maybe go through several. Whatever happens this can become an important part of life.

Jupiter/Node Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Helps Ensure Accessibility; Bolsters Ties to Others; Luck along Life's Path

Increases Possibilities for Separations; Eases Separations; Pious Greetings

Advocates Publicity; Adds to or Expands upon that which helps Connections

Fortunate Performances; Successful Sexual Liaisons; Seizes Lucky Opportunities

Errors during Meetings with Others; Attracting the Wrong People; Wide Roadways

Good Fortune Despite Layoffs; Gets Counsel on their Karma or Destiny in Life

Humanitarian Links; Persuasion to Focus on Life's Aim; Connections to Money

Luck during Dismissals; Wise Partners; Happy with the Way their Life is Going

Understanding Bureaucratic Interactions; Charitable Acts which Turn out Well

Too Much Consolidation; Biased Presentations; Reasoning about Various Options

Seeking the Ideal in Relationships; Always a Better Partner Available

Comprehends Life's Aim; Takes the Larger View about how Life should Progress

Famous People who are STRONG in Jupiter/Node characteristics include: Franklin Roosevelt, Bjorn Borg, Arthur Ford, Israel Regardie, Paul Joseph Goebbels, Paul Cezanne, Paramahansa Yogananda, Alan Leo, Richard Strauss, Tommy Smothers, Henry Mancini, Charles Kettering.

Famous People who are WEAK in Jupiter/Node characteristics include: William K. Douglas, Amadeo Modigliani, Robert Redford, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jimi Hendrix, Jacques Cousteau, Jimmy Carter.

Notable Events with Jupiter/Node active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Mt. St. Helens Explosion, South Carolina Secession, Kent State Shootings, Lewis & Clark Expedition Starts, (Woman's Suffrage Amendment Passed).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Node in the 9th House, Node in the 12th House, Node in Sagittarius, Node in Pisces, Node trine (anything).

Moon/N. Node

The Moon/Node Midpoint strong by MWA:

Daily preoccupation with the needs to keep life moving ahead in a more or less steady fashion, while juggling the demands from family and others for time and attention, should be strong here. Working through and with any responsibilities taken on to keep family and business moving forward becomes an important issue with this combination. There can be a constant need to balance your time and efforts between these two issues. Then too the reassessment of where and how to place priorities as such areas of life coincide or conflict, also can become an important area for learning about maintaining the balance of self against the needs of life. As friends or co-workers place demands on self and time, these have to be weighed and balanced against your family and also personal interests. Achieving a balance to keep all such factions satisfied is an important lesson within this combination.

There should be an innate sense about understanding the needs and moods of customers, or just people requesting information or services. This can be a good quality for anyone involved in commercial or financial activities, but even with such innate feelings, the application of these instinctive attributes needs to be recognized, understood, and honed. Just because you have "feelings" does not mean that such feelings are correct, or can lead you on to success in all instances. Learning how to control and read the "feelings" and impressions you receive about what customers or others really want can take time and practice. Learning to recognize what will or will not work, or what may not be feasible, is also necessary. However, as this skill is developed and understood, much good can come of it, because then future thrusts for life and/or efforts in general can be tailored to the trends you see as becoming important. For people running a restaurant, a business making products, or, even a service oriented business catering to people's needs (like advertising, temporary help, a service trade, etc.), this attribute can help define more productive ways for operating.

Important within this combination is meeting and interacting with people. There probably are some important reasons why you meet and interact with the people you do. Such reasons may go back in time to incidents long forgotten, or not presently recognized in your immediate consciousness. The same goes for information which seems to come in from some place, somehow, which strikes a note of recognition deep within self. Learning to recognize such "feelings" about who or what is important, and then what to do with the people or the information, is also a part of this combination. People may attach to you, calling you "friend", when you really don't want or feel a need for them. But there usually is some reason for their coming into your life, some lesson they are here to open you to, or to teach you. You need to become aware of who or what is happening in your life, and the overall importance of how you assign time and energy to resolving and/or understanding such events.

Moon/Node Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Instincts for Attracting Others; Karmic Ties concerning Mothering; Family Ties

Everyday Habits; Frivolous Greetings; Concerns Weigh about Karmic Duties

Connections to, Understands the Common People's Attitudes and/or Needs

Understanding the Needs of Customers; Uncertainties Introduced by Fate

Discovering New Friends; Sensitivity to Supporters; Fated Romantic Ties

Recurring Sets of Opportunities; Bureaucracy Affecting Everyday Life

Access to Addictive Substances or Activities; Repetitive Actions, like Games

Collective Fantasies or Daydreams; Sentimental Interchanges, Meetings

Water Canals or Channels; Repetitive Daily Routines around the Home

Relationships which no Longer Satisfy or Fulfill a Need; Fated Connections

Impressions Made at Contact with Others; The Inevitability of Change

Awkward Feelings During Meetings; The Ups and Downs of Fortune or Luck

Famous People who are STRONG in this midpoint's characteristics include: Bob Hope, Vida Blue, Tom Jones, Dave Garroway, Al Unser, William Butler Yeats, Giacomo Puccini, Alexis Carrel, Jack Schwartz, Steve Wozniak, John Glenn, Sam Sheppard, Jean Paul Sartre, John Paul I.

Famous People who are WEAK in this midpoint's characteristics include: Carl Sandburg, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Benito Mussolini, David Frost, Willie Mays, Marc Edmund Jones, Ferdinand Foch, Anne Murray.

Notable Events with this midpoint's active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Alaskan Earthquake, Watergate Burglary Discovered, Challenger Explosion, Kent State Shootings, Richard Nixon's Resignation, (USS Maine Explosion).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Node in the 4th House, Node in Cancer, Node conjunct or opposition (anything).


The Moon/Uranus Midpoint strong by MWA:

This midpoint brings on feelings of not wanting to be classified in any way. You want to remain as your own person, unique and apart from the crowd. You enjoy mixing with people, but not to the extent that labels can be put upon you or your interests, goals and desires. You wish to be viewed as your own person, aloof from others, yet interested in them and their welfare. You probably grew up in a non-traditional household. In some way the nurturing parent either exhibited or encouraged uniqueness and individuality. As a part of this an interest in fixing things, mechanical or electrical ability, computers, etc., probably played a role. You may now, or may have, spent many hours playing games, wasting time, on interactive computer programs.

There can be periods of emotional instability, usually brought on by pressures to conform to what other people think you should do, or how you should act. You need to be able to place yourself in situations where you remain independent from the rules and regulations which govern others -- yet at the same time you probably desire to not alienate friends or employers. As long as you have the freedom to run your own agenda, you will remain fine. If pressured to conform, then emotional upsets can ensue. You do not like being called a rebel, but then you do not like being seen as the corporate person.

You probably have an internal feeling for music, rhythms, and the flow of energies. This can be useful if you tinker with electrical devices or electronic music. Adding in bits of dissonance, some disharmony, to emphasize certain emotional points you wish to make could become a trademark. You may have an innate understanding of how mechanical and electrical devices work. This can come in handy when you are called upon to repair devices or processes which do not work, have broken, or do not do as intended. Your innovative approach to correcting such matters should bring you much pleasure -- as will the appreciation earned from others for you abilities here.

You probably have an interest in astrology, and its application to people and their interactions. You should be able to feel the rhythms and pulls of planetary interactions in ways which others can not. These insights may come as flashes of inspiration, of simply exist as a way of life for you, entirely natural and a part of daily routine. With this knowledge and insight you should be able to gain additional knowledge about life's purposes.

Your daily routines are not consistent. You do what you want when you want, and that is the optimum lifestyle for you. You enjoy romantic surprises, and can often make others happy with your shows of appreciation, despite the fact that they may be somewhat offbeat and unusual. You should have a good appreciation of history and the flow of historical events. You may collect memorabilia about unusual or out of the ordinary matters. The strange and usual attracts you in ways you find satisfying and fulfilling.

Moon/Uranus Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Remains Aloof from the Masses; Memories of a Revolutionary; Agitated Emotions

Innovative Females; An Unusual Household Daily Routine; Romantic Surprises

Feels Pressured; Has Forebodings, Psychic Insights; Cheap, Basic Computers

Classical, or, Lunar Astrology; Moody and Contrary; Reserved and Bashful

Oddball Friends; Independent Companions; Doubts about Friendships

Accidents involving Water; Accidents in the Marketplace or House

Intuitive Shocks, Revelations; Encounters Sudden or Unexpected Weaknesses

Hoards Equipment; Anything which Excites the Imagination; Fosters Innovation

Dissatisfaction with Everyday Routines; Unusual Mothering

Electronic, Mechanical Merchandise; Does not want to be Mediocre

Alienation of/by the Common People; Unexpected Customer Demands

An Extraordinary Romance; Rhythms, Moods which Bring on Tension

Famous People who are STRONG in this midpoint's characteristics include: Vittorio DeSica, Ivar Kreugar, Bob Newhart, John Fremont, Billy Rose, Yehudi Menuhin, Jack Paar, Albert Einstein, Muhammad Ali, William Butler Yeats, Arturo Toscanini, Rosanno Brazzi.

Famous People who are WEAK in this midpoint's characteristics include: Henry Winkler, Burt Reynolds, Ira Progoff, Georges Seurat, Jochim Von Ribbentrop, Burl Ives, Ben. Mussolini, Alan Leo, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Notable Events with this midpoint's active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): First A-Bomb Explosion, Kent State Shootings, Watergate Burglary, Pearl Harbor Attack Begins, George Washington's Inauguration, (Wright Brothers First Flight).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Moon in the 11th House, Uranus in the 4th House, Moon in Aquarius, Uranus in Cancer, Moon 1/11 (anything), Uranus opposition (anything).


The Sun/Neptune Midpoint strong by MWA:

Powerful inner mental imagery helps formulate dreams, dreams which can become reality if you have the persistence to see them through. One of the primary combinations for a visionary person, this combination can bring tremendous insight into the various possibilities along life's path. The formation of ideas, and the bringing of dreams to reality are two different qualities. You probably have tremendous insight into possibilities, but at the same time can have difficulty focusing on everyday tasks or responsibilities. There can be areas of personal existence which go completely ignored; perhaps totally impractical ways of living -- yet behind this personal untidiness can lie the most beautiful dreams and possibilities.

There probably is a strong urge to help those more unfortunate, from people to animals to causes. It can become quite easy for you to become involved with people or situations which have lofty ideals and goals, but are not always able to produce practical or workable results. This may not matter to you, and the possibilities and potentials within the dreams you are pursuing can lead you on for years and years through wonderful and enthusiastic pursuits of some vague, yet possible glory.

This combination can bring situations and inner assessments which make it quite easy for you to mislead yourself, and if your powers of persuasion are strong enough, then others too. Like the Pied Piper, you have inner qualities which others see and hear, and then are drawn to follow along with you as you pursue these possible and impossible dreams. The chasing of rainbows can be more exciting than the capture of any prize at their end. Yet it is this chase, the romantic pursuit of imaginative figments, which generally occupies central stages in life. Such imaginative power can lead to outlets involving the playing or creation of music or art, writing, religious inspiration, seeking lost treasure, adventures in exotic lands looking for the sources behind legends, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Life may consist of a series of back and forth efforts. Energy in one direction can be expended only to find that something blocks the way. No problem, there are other inspirations to pursue. Perhaps a relaxing time with friends, and discussions about possibilities. Perhaps the pursuit of the promise of places with Shangri-la potentials. Perhaps the founding of communities which promise some betterment for self or mankind. Perhaps the undertaking of religious or magical exercises to expand consciousness and awareness. Perhaps developing inspirational talks, books, etc. Anything which can bring your inner inspirations into a reality for others to try, use and even personally grow from. Yours is the task to present dreams and visions to others so that their environments and lives can be enriched.

There can be a powerful pull to using drugs to heighten inner senses. While it is not always necessary to use drugs, and self-development can work around those, sometimes drugs can short-cut personal development practices which can take years. If you use drugs to help escape the realities of life, then you should also make yourself aware of their potential downsides.

Sun/Neptune Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Subtle Displays of Power; Idealizes Self-importance; Lively Inspirations

Ineffective Commitments; Misleading Motivations; Disorganized Enterprises

A Preference for Escape; Techniques to make the Invisible Visible

Physical Incapacitations; Gambling on Speculations; Denial of Self

Behind the Scenes Support; A Complicated Character; Lively Fairy Tales

Inspires Influential People; Uses Drugs to Motivate; Convoluted Days

Hidden Meanings behind Passions; Exciting Special Effects; Elegant Fantasies

Circumventing Authority; Convincing Mysteries; Effective Disguises

Uncertain Interest; Vague Commitments; Self-Delusion; Exciting Rescues

Careless with Health; Brilliant but Convoluted Ways or Approaches

Enjoyment centering Around Magic and Deceptions; A Lively Interest in Frauds

Motivations with Hidden Meanings; Cartoon Creations; Physical Subtleties

Famous People who are STRONG in this midpoint's characteristics include: Jean Cocteau, Shirley Jones, Stephen Foster, Mario Andretti, Paul Newman, Vittorio DeSica, Ellen Burstyn, Stephen Crane, Sir William Crookes, Jimi Hendrix, Lawrence Welk, Earl Warren.

Famous People who are WEAK in this midpoint's characteristics include: Steve Allen, Marlon Brando, Carl Sandburg, Willie Mays, Gen. Joseph Joffre, Elton John, Thomas H. Huxley, Arthur Ford, Hank Williams.

Notable Events with this midpoint's active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Lewis & Clark Expedition Starts, James Meredith's Enrollment at U. Miss., George Washington's Inauguration, Pearl Harbor Attack Begins, (Apollo 11 Moon Landing).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Sun in the 9th House, Sun in the 12th House, Neptune in the 5th House, Sun in Sagittarius, Sun in Pisces, Neptune in Leo, Sun novile (anything), Neptune conjunct (anything).

Neptune/N. Node

The Neptune/Node Midpoint strong by MWA:

Many dreams and inspirations may come to you throughout life, but accessing these and trying to make meaning out of them may not be so easy. This combination helps you to make the connection to dreams which may have persisted in one form or another since early childhood, to whatever mental or physical world processes are needed to bring such dreams into a more concrete reality. There can be tremendous inspiration in such emotional feelings and indications, but accessing these and helping to define and construct ways in which they can come into reality in a physical world way may not be so easy. This combination helps you become aware of these dreams and possibilities, and at the same time offers you insights into creating a physical reality from them which can have meaning for many others.

Times can arise when needs to re-assess the roles, meanings and connections behind your friends, associates or obligations to enterprises. As these are examined and reviewed then the role of each needs to be thought out as to whether they are helping or hindering various roles in life. Perhaps these ties or connections need strengthening. Perhaps their intended roles require review or reassessment. Perhaps they need to be abandoned entirely and new connections sought. Whatever the underlying reasons, this combination helps you make such assessments while considering alternative possibilities.

There can come times when it is necessary to pull self into spaces where assessments about various situations of life can be made. Religious practices call this "retreat", or taking the time in a structured way to simply be with self and self's thoughts or ideas, to make sense of these. Withdrawing and reassessing life's situations can be psychologically healthy, and when done at times and in ways which are constructive, may lead to many breakthroughs along with increased clarity about personal or life direction and tendencies.

Any system or person is only as strong as their connecting links, or the physical, mental or emotional interconnections which hold such together. When this combination is activated there is a call to carefully examine such connecting pieces or linkages amongst associates or the interconnecting parts of systems to ensure that any possibility of weakness, corrosion or decay is uncovered before future damage can arise. Often it is the little and overlooked connections where assumptions are made about their reliability or functionality, while more concentration is placed on the larger or more important components. While these larger components may do well, the connections amongst them can present problems, and this combination asks that all such be considered and reviewed.

Connections within chemical processes are highlighted here. Especially molecular interconnections which need to be broken and then recombined, such as those in distilling or fractionating processes. The combination of chemicals within the body, including the possible introduction of potentially poisonous substances which can bring some mental relief from daily anxieties, needs to be assessed. Understanding how chemical substances react or interconnect, both within the body, and also outside in commercial undertakings is a part of this combination.

Neptune/Node Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Connecting to your Dreams or Other-Worldly Possibilities; Evading Criticism

Hidden Meanings within the Disorder of Life; Pursuing Obscure Opportunities

Confused by Life's Aim; A Flawed Sense of Destiny; Awkward Separations

Misunderstands Ties to Others; Misleading Presentations; Mystical Associates

Childhood Inspirations; Ill-defined Relationships or Ties; Drug Connections

The Mysteries of Karma; A Mysterious Destiny; Various Options within Dreams

The Inevitability of Ending Agreements, Ties, Alliances, and/or Bonds

Your Lot in Life Shrouded in Confusion; Chemical Combinations; Doubtful Bonds

Mixing Chemicals, Oils, Gases; The Breaking Down of Chemical Compounds

Ineffective Partners; Complications Raised by Bureaucracies; The Wrong Road

Degraded or Weakened Connections or Connecting Pieces; Collective Fairy Tales

Mistaken Substitutions; Bewildered by Many Possibilities; Spiritual Partners

Famous People who are STRONG in Neptune/Node characteristics include: John Lennon, Charles Steinmetz, Israel Regardie, Stephen Foster, Earl Warren, Dick Gregory, Rex Harrison, George Patton, Vida Blue, Liberace, William Butler Yeats, Carl Sandburg, Sir William Crookes.

Famous People who are WEAK in Neptune/Node characteristics include: Dr. Tom Dooley, Marc Edmund Jones, Hugh Downs, Norman Mailer, Olivia Newton-John, Paul Newman, Albert Camus, Mark Spitz.

Notable Events with Neptune/Node active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Richard Nixon's Resignation, Alaskan Earthquake, East Coast Power Blackout, Woman's Suffrage Amendment Enacted, (Lewis & Clark Expedition Starts).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Node in the 9th House, Node in the 12th House, Node in Sagittarius, Node in Pisces, Node novile (anything).


The Pluto/Ascendant Midpoint strong by MWA:

Concentration upon what is happening around you to the extent that you become able to focus solely and entirely on just one event or person is helped by this combination. Perhaps situations arise where such focused concentration becomes necessary, such as in combat or athletic situations, or when formulating an idea or creating an artistic masterpiece. This combination can be used to help you learn mastery over what can become a very important characteristic. Whenever intense and focused concentration is called for as a personality trait, these energies help with the development and use of such attributes. Perhaps a person notices interactions, and then intently focuses on the implications of such interactions as they continue to unfold around them, only to later use the impressions gathered as part of descriptions of humanity and human life. Perhaps an athlete or soldier needs to focus intently on what is happening at the moment so as to not only take advantage of an opportunity, but also to be prepared for any and all eventualities. There are many such ways this combination can assist.

Interaction with people who have criminal or evil intentions can result with this combination. Perhaps their approaches are masked in religious or philosophical ideals which appeal, but their underlying intentions may still be rooted in promoting the destruction or transformation, even by violent means if necessary, of situations or institutions in the environment. It is always good to test people's intentions over time, and not to just listen and blindly accept what is said without also noticing and analyzing their actions as they proceed with their explanations and demonstrations. While some transformative processes can be good, and change can be necessary, the sole purpose of effecting change only to destroy the old or existing ways needs to be carefully examined as to whether such actions fits your purposes.

One important asset here is the help you may receive in learning to analyze and interpret people's intentions. Other's intentions can be directed at you, at a group close to you, at society in general, or at objects of institutions. As opportunities are presented throughout life, you need to learn how to assess and analyze the implications of what can or will happen if extremes of these actions and intentions are carried forward. The development of such foresight is one of the lessons of this combination. You may work a good portion of your life doing a certain activity, or within a certain environment, only to learn later that such activity was physically harmful or that environment toxic to body or psychological development. This combination can help bring the necessary impetus to study and understand situations as they develop and before they may create some future problem.

The use of punishment as a stimulus to progress is a part of this combination. You need to carefully look at the balance between the proverbial carrot and stick; or the trade-offs between rules with defined punishments, and the encouragement which comes from kind words and sage advice toward effective completion and/or perfection of intention.

Pluto/Ascendant Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:

Developing Opportunities as Presented; Eliminating Emotional Responses

An Intense Mental Focus; Stubborn Mannerisms; Controlling Impressions

Personal Transformations within Day to Day Interactions; Lessens Influence

Noticing the Effects of Privacy; Testing Other's Attitudes and Intentions

Clarifying Opportunities; Concerns over Environmental Pollution, Contaminants

Depressing Emotional Reactions; Betrayed by Facial Expressions; Power Mode

Permanent Marks; Revision of Personal Attitudes or Tastes; Dark Clothing

Complications within the Daily Routine; Hostile Locations; Secret Choices

Familiarity with Birth and Death Processes; Evil or Hostile Intentions

Complicated Realities; The Impact of Destruction; The Closing of Options

The Interaction between Good and Evil; Arising from the Depths of Personality

Destruction of Relationships; Disposed toward Using Punishment as a Stimulus

Famous People who are STRONG in Pluto/Ascendant characteristics include: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Steven Spielberg, Maurice Ravel, Muhammad Ali, Willie Mays, Liberace, Norman Mailer, Paul Joseph Goebbels, Vida Blue, Henry Winkler, Gus Grissom, Rupert Murdoch, Cheiro.

Famous People who are WEAK in Pluto/Ascendant characteristics include: Ulysses S. Grant, Tom Jones, Jean Francois Millet, Alan Alda, Ernest Hemingway, Georges Seurat, Olivia Newton-John, Ivar Kreugar.

Notable Events with Pluto/Ascendant active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Ramstein Airshow Crash, Transcontinental Railroad Completed, Wright Brothers First Flight, Lindburgh Lands in Paris, (Lee's Surrender at Appomattox).

Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Pluto in the 1st House, Aries on the Ascendant, Scorpio on the Ascendant, Ascendant semi-sextile (anything).

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