Michael & Jeanne Baruch




Michael & Jean are the author of the Lunar Phase Report that is included in the Kepler, and Sirius programs.

Michael & Jeanne live in Prescott, AZ where they own and operate Awakenings, Inc., an astrological chart and report service and a distributorship of metaphysical software, along with a full time astrology practice. They also work in graphic arts, ceramic sculptor, pottery and painting. Interested in astrology since teenagers, their studies took an experiential slant when after meeting they found they were born just 12 hours apart. Michael was born on January 21, 1951 at 8:13pm in Bronx, NY. Jeanne was born on January 22, 1951 at 8:16am in Melrose, MA.

Michael and Jeanne find astrology to be an awakening tool bridging the gap between the seen and unseen, helping to provide more opportunity for individuals to get more synchronized with universal principles. Michael and Jeanne has contributed the "Lunar Phases" information of the Kepler program.

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