Louise Blaise


Louise Blais is Cosmic Patterns French professional translator. She translated most of our report options in French.

Louise has been interested in metaphysics as long as she can remember. She was born on August 31, 1955, 9:28 P.M. in Dolbeau, Quebec, Canada. French is her native language. She was born in a small village in Quebec where nobody could speak English.

Louise was 12 years old when she started studying astrology, in order to better understand the world and herself. Her search for meaning has lead her to the study of many religions, philosophies, quantum physics, and various forms of energetic therapies. As a certified hypnotherapist, she had the opportunity to conduct hundreds of past life regressions and to compare the result of these sessions with the astrological chart of her clients in order to verify for herself the validity of karmic astrology. She finally decided, in 1989, to go public about astrology and opened her practice, workinkg full time as a professional astrologer.

In her opinion, astrology is a wonderful system to study the archetypes of the collective consciousness and the cycles of time. Her main focus now is on the mechanics of conscious creation, and how we can work with all the influences (karmic, astrological, genetic, etc.) to design the reality we want in our lives. She is offering workshops regularly on this subject.


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